Cold Saturday, 12-3-22

Very cold today – below zero wind chills when we got up but now that the chores are done I can watch soccer, football and basketball while I sew. Supper is leftover roast beef, carrots and potatoes so the day is mine. What would the world be like if the everyday running of the household were left to the men?

Netflix – I also watched From Scratch and enjoyed it. Yes, 1899 ended up weird and I liked the first part better than the last couple of episodes – pretty stupid if you ask me. I liked Inside Man but disturbing.

Wind in our area last night gusted to 50-55 mph! It was roaring out of the northwest – much better today.

I’ve got a bunch of reader quilts today – here we go!

And one reader is working hard on her QuiltAlong Fresh Air blocks!

This is Keeper and Aviv – they are great friends now and Aviv will be back on Monday. Simka was not happy here – she sat by the gate and cried for Cathy – I felt so bad for her. She might stay home on Monday – she’ll probably be happier. We’ll see.

40 thoughts on “Cold Saturday, 12-3-22

  1. Jan from SW Iowa

    WOW!! SO many beautiful quilts made by so many talented quilters!
    Thank you all for sharing!

  2. Sandi

    Your readers have been super busy!! Beautiful quilts, it makes me want to get busy. I always love seeing pictures of the different animals. Hugs,

  3. Carla

    Wow. Wow. Wow, what a quilt show! Inspiring! We’ve got high winds here as well, which canceled out the warmer temperatures. Today may be the last chance I get to wrap the trees I planted last spring.

  4. B. J.

    What a great show of reader quilts today! Love to see them. How nice to have your chores done, dinner taken care of and you can watch sports and sew.Enjoy every minute of your day.

  5. Suzanne Golden

    Love the quilt show, sure wished I was quilting instead of packing. I will probably not get back to the fun until early summer. Enjoy your day of quilting.

  6. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Well, that was a fun quilt show… moose and bear and all manner of fun! I liked the quilt with the pines in the lower corner, a quiet quilt with feeling.
    The Irish chain with the cardinals, so softly winter.
    And oh my gosh, all the animals in “apartments” and a little mouse hole in the front door, now that was clever!
    I also really like the little Christmas colored flower baskets, a bucket list block for me.
    Wind… golly, we are getting 50/60 mph today after having the same two days ago. After all the snow damage, now wind damage. We’ve lost part of a maple tree and part of our oak. The town planted oaks in our neighborhood 47 years ago. Most people took theirs out when they became leaf nuisances, and they are, but ours is a glorious pin oak. People stop and look at it all the time. Cars park in front of the house, people get out and photograph it, it’s gorgeous.
    This year we’ll have to hire a trimmer to take out the dead stuff and trim it up a bit higher. You can’t fully see the house, which I rather like, it gives tremendous shade on the western side of the house (much needed in August), but we know, for the most part, what’s breaking off must be weaker branches. Better to pay someone to trim than to have someone get hurt. The wind is so terrific we can leave our car out for fear a branch will fall on it.
    Most of the gifts are wrapped, stockings are stuffed, the tree is trimmed, rooms are decorated, the Christmas roast is in the freezer, menus and recipes are set…I’m ready for some sewing time!
    Beautiful job, ladies! You’ve been sewing for me!

  7. Lois Ann Johnson

    I loved seeing all of the beautiful quilts today! Is Keeper getting bigger? I saw that photo of him today and he looked “all-if-a-sudden” larger than i had remembered. The U. Methodist Church here in town had their annual “Joy in My Heart” coffee, which kicks off the Advent Season. I was invited by some old friends to come join them and it was a lovely way to start off the season. I don’t especially like this bitterly cold weather we are having and neither does my Bailey. She usually enjoys being outdoors, but when the wind chills are below zero, she does her business and gets right back inside! I have no good leftovers like you do, Mary, so tonight I am contemplating a pizza for supper from Casey’s! They even deliver so I wouldn’t have to go out in this arctic weather! Have a great weekend doing what you love to do!

  8. Jeanine from Iowa

    Boy, that was a lot of quilts. Thanks to all that sent pictures. We enjoy seeing them so much. It was real windy here in the night as well, but thankfully it has died down some today. It looks pretty out with the sunshine, but don’t let that fool you! I enjoyed seeing all the quilts again.

  9. Sue In Oregon

    What a great quilt show today! So many wonderful quilts. The bear quilt, though, is hilarious! Oh, How I would like to make that for my husband. He would love it.
    I made those chicken blocks long ago. I just dug the quilt out yesterday and it says Hen Party ’95. Labeled just like that.
    I think Keeper looks bigger now too. He will be a very tall dog, I bet. Sweet personality though, huh?

  10. Barb Onnen

    Do not like this cold! We are spoiled here in Iowa. Love the four red/green basket quilt. How big is it?

    1. Debbie G in SE WI

      I made the Christmas baskets. Shown as I sent it, it is 16” square. I added half squares to the top and the bottom that made it 16” x 20”. It’s in Paula Barnes’ new book Tucked Away Treasures. It fits perfectly in the table by my front door. Thanks for asking.

  11. Sandra McPherson

    Hi Mary, great quilt show! I used to see the 4 chicken quilt advertisement in quilters newsletter many years ago, one day may make it, but don’t hold your breath! Officially summer in New Zealand but windy and cool still, sewing Santa sacks for Stella and Luna, then finish a cloth doll for Stella. Still got to get my Xmas trees out, just a simple quiet Christmas for us, bar be que, some ham and salads, hopefully outside while the kids run round the garden! Take care everyone, keep warm, best wishes from Sandy

  12. Vicki Ibarra

    Great quilt show. The quilt with the pines or the pine silhouettes in the bottom left corner leads me to think I should try applique again. The trees are quite striking. And the variety of colors across all the quilts means we all like to “play” with color. Love it!

  13. Robin Ciuffetti

    What a beautiful quilt show today! I love how the black just pops with all the colors. Bitter cold here in Northern Minnesota today too and that wind, whew… glad our 102 year old house was built for the wind. Thanks for all you do

  14. Deb in Idaho

    I didn’t care for The Inside Man. The Good Nurse was very interesting,so you can watch it on Netflix. Love seeing all the quilts. Gives me such inspiration. We’re getting snow tomorrow so windy and cold today, but not as cold as you. Stay warm and quilt on

  15. Jackie in NY

    Your wind blew its way to upstate New York today! Brr! There are some really fantastic quilts in the show today! Wowzer!

  16. Janet S

    Great quilt show today. Mary, I agree ‘Inside Man’ was disturbing but I couldn’t stop watching. On another note, I have a book to recommend called “The Day the World Came to Town” by Jim DeFede. It is all about planes being diverted to Gander Newfoundland during the 911 tragedy. Even though it started with the worst event ever, it’s about a town opening their homes and hearts to strangers from all over the world. It’s wonderful and true. Tomorrow, more football.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Several ladies were coming to a sewing camp at the Country Threads barn when the planes hit. They had very interesting stories to tell about even getting to Country Threads. They were all very interesting. What was best was because of the air base, the people in the town had a plan on what to do if a dire emergency happened. They were ready and did a wonderful job. We will never forget.
      Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  17. Erin

    Your readers have been busy! Thank you for sharing all these quilts!
    Stay warm and healthy!

  18. Charlotte S in northern California

    Wonderful quilt show today and such variety. Lots of talent out there!! We have had a steady rain all day.

  19. Susy from San Diego

    Lots of wonderful quilts today, as there usually are. Many great quilter’s out there.
    Thanks everyone for sharing.

  20. Joyce from NY

    Beautiful quilt show. Went to local town Christmas event & was in the 40’s then it poured. Later went with my kids & grandkids to cut down a Xmas tree, the sun came out & the temp went down & wind started blowing, brrr!

  21. Elle

    The quilt show is wonderful. I love all the quilts. There are so many talented and inspiring quilters in this group. I won’t get to sew this week because I have several tops that I will be quilting for Christmas presents.

    Thank you for sharing.

  22. Ginger S

    Beautiful quilts and sweet dogs. Doesn’t get much better. Janet S, I loved that book and would highly recommend it. Stay warm everybody.

  23. Jo in Wyoming

    Wow, the quilts are a wonderful variety of patterns, colors and themes today, thanks to all. The Fresh Start blocks are very pretty.
    We had snow squalls yesterday. 60 mph winds coupled with snow 10-15 minutes duration. 4-5 times all day.
    Today was clear, cold, but no wind. What a change!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – yup, you could predict our weather and I in turn could predict Kathy’s weather – ha! It really was a wonderful quilt show, wasn’t it?

  24. Kathy in western NY

    Yep your winds came through here very fast and furious. A gust picked up a vinyl garage we had way out back covering a canoe to be restored and carried it over our fenced in yard like it was a hot air balloon. It’s been staked in the ground all this time but it’s been warmer and then we got rain so it didn’t hold. My husband also had metal bars cabled to it that I could see dangling so that scared me If it had traveled any further. Thankfully it came down and wedged between our above ground pool and a privacy fence. We both got it secured enough for him to zip open the door part to avoid any further wind tunnel. I had meatloaf in the crock pot so thankfully we didn’t lose power today.

    It was a nice quilt show and people have come through to keep us all inspired.
    I see Candy sewed your Sea Glass Stars pattern from Scrap School book which has been a UFO for me.
    I cut out 6 blocks and stack them up on boards to work on when I sew for the day at a friends house once a month. I keep cutting strips to finish them. Now that my Christmas decorating is done, I need to do some shopping and then work on cutting Fresh Air blocks. Life is never dull. Tomorrow going to a quilt exhibit at a local university and then go to a quilt store.

  25. Patty from Ohio

    It was so gusty here in Ohio last night too. I had to rescue several outdoor Christmas ornaments. I love the quilt show- many talented people. Thank you Mary! I love your blog- it’s like reading a letter from home!

  26. Jean

    What a great quilt show today! I would just love to get ahold of the moose quilt pattern. No name on the quilt. Darn. Anyone know the patter?

  27. Bea

    Hi Mary
    I love the quilts. Just beautiful!!!!
    It’s 82 here, praying for a cold front!!

    Thanks for your blog nothing better than coffee and reading your blog
    I love all the animals. Please post a picture this year of the barn on Christmas Eve
    What a Joy!!
    God bless you always!!!❤️😻

  28. Chris in Alaska

    What a quilt show !! Beautiful and so many Christmas themed . Of course the moose and bear are my favorites:)

  29. Chris in Alaska

    I found a similar moose quilt on Pinterest .It’s called Here Come the Moose by Boulder Creek Designs . I just might need one too !

  30. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    Lovely quilt show today!Saw three must make quilts two are yours and Connie’s, they are both on the cover of your last two books, and one of Terry Atkinson Designs! It is 46* sunny degrees here in Southwestern Minnesota! I love it ! Hardly any snow either.

  31. Susan K in Texas

    What a quilt show today! So many beautiful projects! The bear quilt is a hoot! The little one standing by the animal quilt doesn’t know yet what a special quilt she has. Too cute!
    I’ve been busy quilting and binding. After one special quilt gets delivered I’ll send pictures.
    We’ve started decorating but have a busy calendar this week. Hockey games today, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week. Have to meet MIL at her assisted living for a doctor visit Monday and then Thursday is her 88th birthday so we’ll take her to lunch. Church Wednesday evening.

  32. Li

    If you have not seen it already may I suggest “Attorney Woo” on Netflix. May be on Amazon Prime, the “Jesse Stone” Series of movies.
    Jesse Stone Night Passage 2006 (prequel to Stone Cold)
    Stone Cold 2005
    Death In Paradise 2006
    Sea Change 2007
    Thin Ice 2009
    No Remorse 2010
    Innocents Lost 2011
    Benefit of the Doubt 2012
    Lost in Paradise 2015

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