Two New Quilts, 12-6-22

Remember the Blue and Gold quilt I was working on? Finally finished and took several pictures in the grove. Since I couldn’t decide which one to use, I’m showing you several.

Love the blue sky and gold field in the background
Blue license plate just matches
Hazel helped
Mollie helped, too

And then Color Parade – which got huge because I wanted to use ALL the fabric I had.

Both patterns are now available for $5.00 each – very casual patterns because these are very easy designs.

I also made a small table runner shown on the left. The runner on the right is the Merry Medley Tablerunner.

Tony fixed the longarm yesterday and now I’ll catch up. Look at these beautiful stitches!

My friend Sally sent this picture of her senior cat who claims this doll bed the minute she sees it under the tree – every year!

Did you read the comment left by Vicki Ibarra, a regular reader and commenter? We go way back – go back and read it.

Reader quilts:

Time for chores – not that anybody in the barn really cares.

41 thoughts on “Two New Quilts, 12-6-22

  1. Kathy Hanson, Rochester, MN

    I LOVE your quilts and your helpers add a lot too!! The reader quilts are wonderful, what talented people we have reading this blog! I am behind, I have the red quilt for December on the design wall – not finished, have a simple quilt at the quilter’s as it is a Christmas gift for Jerry (my husband) but we have managed to be sick over the Thanksgiving holiday as have my daughter and her partner. So, not much has been getting done. Hopefully soon I will have something to show again!

  2. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Always such beauties from your followers! I do enjoy seeing all of them. Love the cat in the bed for sure!❤️❤️
    Thank you for continuing to do this and all the sharing you do!

  3. Debbie Cornella

    Congratulations on all your productivity!!!!! Everything you finished is beautiful!!!!! The quilts by readers are all wonderful too! How wonderful so many have finished so much! Merry Christmas!

  4. Kathy in western NY

    Wonderful quilt show from readers!!! So inspiring always to see what your people make. Course the doll bed and kitty is adorable. And nice job Mary getting your quilts completed. I also have to say that I loved seeing Connie’s fresh start quilt all sewn on the Martingale blog!! Red is one of my favorites to see in a quilt so it is stunning and king size no less!! Thanks for sharing that Connie and mentioning our beloved fabulous blog here full of friends and fun.

  5. Pat Smith in Florida

    It never ceases to amaze me how much quilting you get done with so many other demands on your time on the farm. Maybe you don’t sleep much at night? Beautiful quilts and such willing helpers! Also love the cat on the doll bed!. Vicki in Seattle has such a beautiful snowy backdrop for her quilts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat Smith – I don’t sleep well at all – it’s a vicious circle. I can’t sleep at night but the next afternoon I am so tired I want a nap. So I have a nap which keeps me awake till after midnight! Never ending. I swear I’m going to move a sewing machine to my bedroom so that if I want to get up, I won’t get 3 barking dogs up, too.

  6. Diana in Des Moines

    What a great post today! Loved ALL the quilts, the puppies and the kitties are my favorites!
    Vicki is right – the more color – the more interesting the quilt! All I make lately are scrappy quilts. Need to use up all that fabric I stashed!
    looks like snow is coming your way, stay warm!

  7. Vicki Ibarra

    For all the readers: Mary made a comment about our shared history. I briefly summarized it in the comments to her December 1 blog. If you read it, you will learn that among many things, Mary was my piano teacher when she was in high school. Yes, high school.

  8. MaureenHP

    Your quilts are such wonderful eye candy! O especially like Color Parade and the ones with snow.
    Thank you, Mary, for an inspiring year of quilts!

  9. Gayle Shumaker

    I so enjoy reading your blog. I frequently want to comment but wait to try to put together a cohesive comment and not ramble or miss part of what I wanted to say. This has taken me several hours.
    Blue/ gold #1 picture does have the nice blue sky and gold but it totally overshadows the quilt. I think the picture with the license plate showcases the quilt. For Color Parade picture #2 also shows the quilt the best. The background adds interest without overshadowing the quilt. There are a nice selection of readers quilts, several have made me save pictures to try to figure out how to make make them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gayle – never wait to comment! We’re all friends here and you can say pretty much whatever you want – except politics! We will never discuss politics.

  10. Ginny

    Beautiful quilts, one and all.
    Your barn babies care that you do chores, they bring you joy and depend on you.

  11. Kathy Buteau

    Gotta love the cat on bed. They sure have their way with humans. Thanks for the blog and happy holidays to you and yours

  12. Jan Hebert

    I love that kitty in the doll bed, so sweet! And I just finished reading Vicki Iberra, that is a long time to know one another! I love that you were her piano teacher! Wish I lived close enough that you could teach me, haha. Such a great picture of the birds in the tumbleweed, that is precious. My husband just mentioned that he’s surprised there are tumbleweeds in Iowa, as it’s all cornfields – where do they come from? Molly is a beautiful big girl; do you know what breed she is? Jan in MA (where it’s 52 degrees and the sun is just starting to come out after a morning of gloominess!)

  13. Launa

    Thanks for showing so many pictures….Imagine Seattle with so much snow. The streets used to not get plowed!
    Well, we have more than our share of snow up in my area of Idaho! About 30” ! Hiway 93 is plowed!

    Loved the cat in cozy doll bed under the tree! Our Border Collie has very thick fur and likes to sit in her old leather like chair if the sun is shining there on the upper deck.

  14. Charlotte Shira

    Amazing pictures today!! I’m so inspired by all the quilts. I love the blue and gold and the color parade and all the readers quilts. The cat under the tree is too cute. My daughter has cats and they love to lay under the tree. Love the birds in the tumbleweed!

  15. Mary R. in Louisiana

    Mary, your new quilts are amazing and I want to order both. Are they available in your shop or do I order from you directly? All the readers quilts are inspiring! Wish I could get mine together as fast as some of ya’ll can.

    I don’t have any animals at this time, but a do have a very friendly orange cat named Pumpkin that visits me all the time.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary R in Louisiana – please order from me – the shop is also me. Address found by our picture. The shop is located on my farm so your order will always reach me. The retail shop closed in 2014.

  16. Marsha in MI

    Love the gold & blue quilt and your photo settings.

    The quilts with snowy background are stunning!

    The kitty in the dollbed reminds me so much of my kitty Shadow. She was a sweetie!


  17. Kim from TN

    I love reading all the comments left by your readers and seeing all the gorgeous quilts they share with your blog. I read Vicki comments and wow, she has known you a long time and her memories of her visits to your shop sound so familiar. I didn’t know that you taught piano from such a young age, how marvelous. I had an aunt who lived alone on the cedar river near Osage. Her home is gone now but my memories of visiting her are fresh. She outlived 3 husbands and could fish and hunt better than most men in the community. She also smoked cigars and wore bib overalls. I have her treadle sewing machine and I still sew on it and it takes me back to her home, and my memories of time spent together.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – now THOSE are some great memories! I was an accomplished pianist in high school but that has diminished over the years with arthritis and lack of practice because a teacher isn’t holding a gun to my head – ha!

  18. Donna Sproston

    I bet those barn animals would let you know it if you neglected your chores! Love the quilts today, especially your blue and gold. Got a seventh clean bill of health at Mayo yesterday and thought of you as we walked by their grand piano. It is still waiting for you to play it. My husband has been tempted but he says he is too shy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – congratulations on that clean bill of health!!!! I, too, am way too embarrassed to play that piano in front of all those people. There are probably lots of people who feel like your husband and I do. Can you imagine that I still get nervous playing at church? After 64 years????

  19. Diane, Squeak and Buddy in Central Ohio

    The setting for Vicki’s quilts is beautiful and so are all the quilts! I love your blue and gold and colorful one! Great way to use scraps. My husband made beds for our grand daughters’ American Girl dolls. Maybe he’ll make Squeak and Buddy each one😹😹. Musty, but in the mid 40’s here today. Working on house decorating and quilting. BUSY!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I keep meaning to ask if Squeak and Buddy are getting along better.

  20. Linda from MN

    I love Sally’s picture of the red and white tree skirt. I have a red and white small quilt that my grandmother made probably sixty-plus years ago. I never thought to use it under the tree. What a great idea!

  21. Jo in Wyoming

    Speaking of playing the piano…are you going to have a Christmas program at the church this year! It was beautiful in the past.
    I love seeing all the quilts today. Snow in Seattle really sets the holiday mood.
    The wind has been blowing and blowing this week. We didn’t have much moisture this year, so not too many tumble weeds blowing around.
    I envy those that can fall asleep and stay asleep. I know exactly what dilemma you having.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – yes, our cantata is Dec 11 – I’ll see if I can record on my phone. We started practicing in October and tonite we are performing at a senior center as our final practice. I was ready to get up at 5 this morning but I made myself stay in bed. I don’t have time for a nap today!

  22. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    There is lovely beauty in this post, Mary. I love your blue and gold quilt, because it is calm and soothing. The second one is amazing for all its bright colors and vibrancy-love it, too!
    The readers’ projects are equally great and make me want to head to storage for my Christmas fabric. I do enjoy seeing the senior cat in bed under the tree. We had an antique baby cradle in our living room. Our two cats could really get comfy in it. 🤗
    Thanks so much, Mary. Stay warm and safe. 🥰

  23. Linda

    You Color Parade quilt turned out so cute! I will admit I couldn’t see it as blocks but love, love, love the finished quilt. It will go anywhere with anything. And your helpers are super sweet as well.

    The senior kitten on the doll bed is precious, reminds me of my lost Mammy cat. You could tell she was senior just by looking at her adorable little face. I would have to leave that doll be out year round just for that kitty.

    Thank you for the lovely pictures, such a nice boost on a dreary morning.

  24. Wendy from Cape Cod

    Once again, thanks for brightening my day with beautiful pictures Mary. That cat in the doll bed under the Christmas tree is just precious! Love it!

  25. Susan K in Texas

    My old kitty Cocoa used to love sleeping in a doll bed. I love the red and white tree skirt and doll quilt.
    So many neat quilt pictures today. I enjoy the different backgrounds in them. That snow is beautiful but I’m sure glad it’s not here. Your blue and gold quilt is a beautiful color combo. And color parade is a fun quilt.

  26. Sandy in Indiana

    Such talent!
    Love all the posts today & especially Vickie in Seattle…such beautiful quilts in a beautiful setting!
    and the kitty on the doll bed!

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