Color Parade, 12-7-22

I didn’t explain as much as I should have yesterday about this quilt. I really want to try this with leftover strips – I think it would be great. I used a collection of fabric called Color Parade from many many years ago. Can anybody date this?

The cutting for this quilt works perfectly with a layer cake! So many of us have layer cakes in our fabric collections because, like charm packs, they’re just so fun to buy and then imagine what we’ll make with them. Right?

Here’s a close up of the blocks.

And just to be very transparent – I had lots of this sewn last summer and sewed the blocks together last fall. Then I had trouble with the longarm so it didn’t get quilted until this past week. You think you have lots of UFO’s! Now I need to move on to my black project for the month of December. Is anybody else joining me?

Jo asked about our Christmas cantata at church – yes, it’s scheduled for December 11 and tonite we’re performing it at the local senior housing facility. I will try recording it on my phone Sunday night.

Our music director at school taught me to be an accompanist when I was in junior high and he taught me well. An accompanist does not lead – an accompanist follows and thinks ahead. An accompanist does not hesitate if she makes a mistake because the singers are still singing. An accompanist must know how to COUNT the music perfectly or everybody sings it wrong. Everybody period. I don’t make it a practice to brag but I will this time – I am a great accompanist.

Somebody asked if Keeper is getting bigger and the answer would be yes – he’s tall and lanky and I have no idea how big he will get! Hazel went to the vet yesterday because I am worried about how she eats and her lack of interest in going outside with me. My vet and I have decided she is a diva and not a typical terrier and she has gained 2 pounds!!!!!! since October. Yikes! She and I both need to go on a diet. She takes pouting to a new level.

Ok, now I think I’m caught up – I was in too much of a hurry yesterday and didn’t give you details.

My electrician is coming this morning to fix that out of control ceiling fan – thank goodness as I am sick of it.

39 thoughts on “Color Parade, 12-7-22

  1. MN Jo

    Good morning Mary. Your post this morning on Hazel made me laugh. My Tucker is a world class beggar, and thinks it’s supper time at 2:00 since the time change! To get away from him I go up to My Lady Loft and quilt. Trust me, he’s not starving! MN Jo

  2. Holly

    I know many people like Hazel. The shorter days are the problem. Right there with you on making that quilt top, yes have a layer cake that has since molded if it was a real cake. Let’s do this.

  3. Launa

    Our Border Collie, Pepper, is still needing her meal on Daylights Saving Time! She had gained a few pounds, but is now dieting a tad!
    Guess I should try a Layer Cake sometime. I recently bought a fat quarter pack of Redwood Cupboard and now with holidays coming have other things taking up sewing time!
    Was 14o out up in Idaho this morning! Just the old snow ⛄️!

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    You all have made me laugh today!!
    We had a dog once, on a walk, if she wasn’t the first, she sat down and refused to move till we all got behind her. Yes, dogs can become divas.

    Great news…the jail is getting NEW sewing machines. I’m over the moon.
    All the same bobbins, needles, threading, power cords. I’m so excited.

    So far, only a breeze today…life is good.

    1. Sue in PA

      Jo in Wyoming, what kinds of things do you teach the ladies to sew? Do you ever need donations of fabric or other things, like thread? If so, what kinds of fabric, colors, etc? We lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming back in the 80’s on F.E. Warren AFB when my husband was a missile officer. We loved our four years there, especially since we were “close” to family who lived in Colorado Springs. We felt very fortunate because four times during my husband’s twenty-five year military career, we were stationed within a few hours of some family members, so they had a good sense of family even though we didn’t have a permanent home during most of their growing up years.

    2. Carolyn in GA

      Jo in Wyoming:

      Like Sue in PA, please let me know if donations of fabric would be welcomed by the people at the jail. So glad they are getting new machines. Thanks,

  5. Deb from Iowa

    Can’t wait to see your Christmas Cantata video. Being an accompanist is something to brag about. Got to go behind the scenes of a Broadway show once and the pianist explained how she follows the lead and clues of the singers, which is especially important during auditions. A lot more difficult than people realize.

    1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

      Hello Judy! Tell us what is/was a Mary Ellen seminar? Today I am going to look for a black fabric project. I also started and completed a sewing project from Hen and. Hicks Studio, pattern called Square Dance. Have a bit of a sense of accomplishment especially during the busy holiday prep time, things get left undone! Catching up now!

      1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

        Sorry, it is Hen and CHICKS Studio, in Garner, IA. Sorry about that typo.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Yes, it was designed by Sampou which reminds me that we both go waaaay back in the quilt world! Haha! I didn’t realize you read the blog! Would you like to write a guest post? The readers would love it. You could send it to my email and I would post it. Please give it some thought – tell the readers about your designs.

  6. Terri S.

    Thank you on your description of what an accompanist does. I had no idea! That’s quite a responsibility. I love your humor. Sometimes it’s just the small things, like a broken fan that drives us nuts

  7. Jackee Brock

    Your comments about being an accompaniments. I am 92 years old and almost every day remember those I worked with in high school and actually being recruited like a football player by a college music director to accompany and work with tenors, sopranoes, trumpet players, groups, etc . I miss it still! Thanks for your words.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jackie Brock – every year we had high school music contest and I was the only accompanist in my small school. It was held in a different small town each near at different churches, schools, etc. At one location the judge called me to his table and asked to see if my fingers were worn down to nubs – that year I played for over 120 different solos, small groups, choirs and instrumentals and I had been in his performance room many times. Ha! Mom had to go with me to drive me between locations because performance times were stacked up. When I’m 92 I will also still remember those years of being a school accompanist. Our band/choral director took me along to the music store in Minneapolis to sight read music he picked out before he bought it. Another memory I had almost forgotten.

  8. Roberta

    I love hearing about your church involvement, kudos to you for being a GREAT accompanist !!!

  9. Jan Hebert

    Thank you for explaining what an accompanist does! Love your description and I love Jackie Brock’s comment! I sang in the choir; wish I had paid more attention to the pianist at the time. You don’t think that Hazel is jealous of Keeper, do you? I hope not! They’re both so fun to see playing and hunting down squirrels and such. I hope she can work off that weight. Two pounds is a lot when you weight a total of 15, haha! My husband and I are putting up our tree today. Its 53 degrees here! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – YES! I do think the little diva is jealous of Keeper but that’s too bad – I’m keeping him.

  10. Candy

    Oh, my … I had to re-read your post. I thought you said Hazel had gained 12 pounds! She would be wider than she is tall! She’ll whittle off those 2 pounds when she gets more outside time in the spring. Your new Color Parade quilt looks like spring … so pretty! Enjoy the cantata!

  11. Judy M

    A great accompanist is worth their weight in gold! As a retired choir director I also know they are few and far between. I’m sure you are very appreciated by the people you play for.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy M – I’m not sure they really understand actually but that’s ok – I’m an unpaid pianist for a reason. Successful churches are only successful if everyone does their part – whatever they can do and I can play the piano so that’s my part.

      1. Jeanine from Iowa

        Mary, God bless you for doing your part in your church without pay. So many will only use their talent if they are paid. Our church is the same as yours. We all do our part without pay. I can’t play the piano, but I can prepare the bulletin each week. Have a Merry Christmas, and hopefully we can hear your cantata.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jeanine – you know just what I mean! I can’t go on mission trips, I can’t teach Sunday School and I don’t want an office at Womens Fellowship so I play the piano. Volunteers are the best!

  12. Heidi

    You are a multi talented lady and your church is so lucky to have you. I like the Color Parade quilt and the quilting is great with the straight lines. You lock the machine in horizontal position and go left to right and then are you able to go left to right on the next row?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Heidi – no, I do it freehand left to right, stop and return to the
      left side again. My machine doesn’t do well stitching right to left – something about the slant of the needle according to Tony. It’s not hard – I just sidestep from left to right and believe me my lines are not perfect but hard to tell that when looking at the overall quilt. To be very truthful, I don’t know how to lock the machine in place.

  13. Marilyn Cook

    My husband has been an organist for 55 years and could not agree more with your statement about accompanist.

  14. Carla

    My two youngest sons used to play together. The elder accompanying on piano to the younger playing violin. Now that made this mama’s heart happy. I never did succeed in getting all boys to play together. The second eldest plays piano and guitar, the third played violin, the fourth piano, the fifth classical guitar, then another piano, and lastly another violinist. To this day I love hearing them play. Sadly, some have set instruments aside. I’m wondering if my grands will play. I’d love a video of your cantata!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – How wonderful to have all those musicians in the family!!! I don’t even know your boys and I’d love to hear them play! It must have almost brought tears to your eyes when they’d perform – I love classical guitar, too. At Christmas if they’re together tell them to being their instruments – oh, I suppose bringing the piano is asking too much! Haha!

      1. Carla

        We still have the piano. How could I not?! It needs a slight tuning. The younger pianist bought himself a keyboard and currently lives upstairs lol, so I get to hear him every so often. The older pianist focuses on his guitars, I can usually convince him to play easily. Two of the kids could still play, if only they would make the effort. The youngest violinist was very good, but never really liked playing alone. He preferred orchestra. Getting him to play me a solo would be nearly impossible lol. You’re so sweet to take an interest in us all! Oh, every Christmas I ask for them to play as my gift. They have yet to comply.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Carla – oh, shoot! I thought maybe they could play together at Christmas! I just think it’s so wonderful that you saw to it that your boys were introduced to music – many parents would have said “boys don’t play piano, guitar, violin – they must play football!” I love hearing about your family of boys – you were sure in the minority. It would take a strong woman to corral all those boys and raise them to adults.

  15. Betty Klosterman

    Thank you for the music history. Also the reason you wanted the grand piano, although you never said that. A pianist can play the notes, but you have to make them talk! The emotions, excitement or sadness of the music has to be expressed. How rewarding for everybody.
    Jo, congratulations on the new sewing machines. Your girls will have a lot of fun and learn even more. Mary, I think Jan might have the right idea on the changes in Hazel. Does her breed ever calm down, even in old age? She has been top dog and now Keeper is the young pup full of energy. Jealousy? Your attention has to spread further? And with the visiting dogs?
    Winter is here and I’ll be glad when the days get longer. Don’t mind the cold, etc, but short days are hard.
    And what’s the update on the rat count? God made them for a reason, but it escapes me.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – my dream was always to own a grand piano and I saved for years – the room it’s in is at the south end of the kitchen and I see it every time I look that way – through the French doors. It is a dream come true for me. I play the exact same piano at church. I’m going to ask the pastor to set up a video for me or at least get it on our church Facebook page. It not that great really – we need more practice!!! But it is what it is.

  16. Charlotte S in northern California

    I agree with Heidi. You are a multi-talented lady!! I learn so much on your blog. I love it that Hazel is a diva!! Not many divas can catch rats!!
    So glad Jo’s getting new sewing machines at the jail. I’m going to follow up to see if she needs any donations for the ladies. I will never use all my stash!!

  17. Mary Roen

    Your comments about being an unflappable accompanist made me think of this. Go to YouTube and search for ‘ Messiah organ failure’ or Messiah and the auto transpose failure. I would have melted under the organ but the organist made an amazing save.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary Roen – I will!!! Oh, I’m almost afraid to watch what happened.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary R – I listened to the organ failure – so painful – oh, that poor organist!

  18. Ginger S

    I love your color parade quilt. So pretty. I also am wondering if Jo needs things for her girls…thread, rulers, fabric. i would be happy to donate some things,

  19. Georgia

    Loved the explanation of an accompanist – as a young girl in Job’s Daughters, we sang many songs regularly during meetings and most special was Nearer My God To Thee, which we sang as a group while forming a cross on bended knees, also a specialty for Go To Church Sundays at a church picked out by our Honored Queen. I have new respect for our accompanist – she faithfully put up with us and coaxed out our best.

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