Cold Sunday, 1-17-21

I’m home from early church already and am planning on getting some binding done today while I watch some games. But first let’s have a quilt show!

Remember, if you have questions about these projects, ask in a comment. If YOU have a project shown, continue to check the comments for questions about your project and answer them there. I am unable to answer specific questions.

And here’s a reminder of this time of year – Wear Warm Clothes! We will get this pattern to Kayla to put in our store. In the meantime we can copy it all and mail it for $32 – it will be sent Priority Mail which costs $7.75. It will be priced at $25.00 in the online store. This quilt was first shown in our book by the same name “Wear Warm Clothes” and then remade and marketed as a block of the month quilt. We believe this quilt and Bullseye are our two most popular quilts of all time.

It hangs in the east porch area.

And here’s an antique pie safe in the piano room filled with “white” things! Another picture for you to study – haha!

I have many collections and will post photos now and then – just for fun!

And now a change of clothes and another cup of coffee – Happy Sunday!

52 thoughts on “Cold Sunday, 1-17-21

  1. lorraine bujnowski

    I love that Wear Warm Clothes pattern. Any chance that I could get it somewhere?

  2. Paula S.

    I love seeing all the quilts and also seeing your collections too! I have quite a few white dishes, pitchers, etc., and this has given me the idea to display them together. Thanks, Mary!

  3. Judith Ann Jaques

    I love seeing your collections! the pictures of the dogs are wonderful but the one that is of what looks like a border collie with the doll Is really just too perfect.
    I enjoy seeing the projects from everyone.
    I am going to replant a couple of things today.Nothing better to do in the winter than messing with house plants.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – I have collected dog pictures for years – I will continue to feature them! Yes, that border collie picture is so wonderful!

  4. Sandra Goddard

    Mary i just want to tell you how much I love your home, your collections and all your animals. Your outlook on life is amazing. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I look forward to your posts everyday. You are a welcome spot in these uncertain times.

  5. Janice Hebert

    I love the Wear Warm Clothes quilt! I’ve never seen this one. I can see why it’s a favorite and look forward to it being in the “shop”! And your antique pie safe with all of your white dishes and ironstone is really fun to study. The pictures of dogs, I love your house and your decorating style. Looking forward to more pictures of your collections. The quilt show today is wonderful, so fun seeing what others are up to. I’m working on a little table topper with wool pennies, coming out cute. We had terrible weather yesterday in the morning but by late afternoon the sun came out for a little while. It’s nice that the days are indeed getting longer. Jan in MA

  6. Alvera Dothage

    “Wear Warm Clothes” is one of my favorite quilts. It gets hung up every winter.

  7. Debbie B

    Great quilt show! Yes, I hang my “Wear Warm Clothes” quilt every year. It is my favorite of all time. I understand why it has been a favorite of quilters all around. I need to dig out my Bullseye quilt. Mine got put away for some reason and It needs to be finished. Maybe I will do another one. Fun quilt. Thanks, Mary!

  8. Launa

    Yesterday I could have gotten a sun burn outside, but it was too cold. This morning it has been snowing since daylight. Fickle weather, but not surprising @ this altitude; 5800 feet.
    Thanks for the great pictures. I have the snowman hanging for winter. Like to look thru Wear Warm Clothes book now n then!
    Looking forward to the Two Older Quarterbacks’ game later today!

  9. Mary McCarron

    Love Wear Warm Clothes I took an year long class with a friend Once a month we met at a quilt shop and this book Wear Warm Clothes was the book we used all year Babysitting that one Saturday a month for our 2 boys was my Christmas gift from family Great quilting/Sewing, great visiting and fabulous Warm memories

  10. Carla

    Oh Mary! I really want to sit through all those plates and see their patterns!!! We have my great grandmother’s sewn (on a treadle) and hand crocheted slips. I just love them. What a good idea to display them on a dress dummy! My mother has a couple of fancy collars hanging on these old hangers that have cardboard ladies on them. So cute!

  11. Jane Boyer

    Your collections remind me of my sister and her collections. She has many different collections in her home. I’ve tried to limit mine but did stop counting when I got to 300 quilting books and likewise number of cookbooks. And I don’t even start counting totes of fabric and quilt patterns. Federal employees who had frequent moves had a saying that “Three moves equals one fire.” We’ve only moved twice in last 40 years so third move might be the key to downsizing.

  12. Lois Ann Johnson

    I loved seeing more of your home today, Mary! You have such a knack for decorating with just ordinary, down-to-earth items but the way you arrange them makes them special. We had a full house at church this morning and I was surprised since we had more snow last night. Now the sun is peeking out from the clouds.

  13. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Super quilt show today, thanks. Enjoy so much seeing your collections, you display them so interestingly.

  14. Charlotte Shira

    Great quilt show! We have been busy!! I love seeing your collections. ❤❤❤

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Lovely quilt show today, and a snap shot of the east porch. How fun.
    We watched some of the AKC dog show at lunch today, there are so many breeds we’ve never heard of.
    All beautiful. Loretta could win the mutt run contest…she does love to run!

  16. Helen

    I love the Something to Crow About quilt. Must be a block of the month pattern. I would love to make that one. so enjoy seeing what others are able to make. Thanks for sharing your beautiful house and collections with all of us. So fun! Enjoy and be warm! Helen

    1. Marsha from Kansas

      Helen, this is a block of the month from around 2013 through a local quilt shop that is no longer in business. The information on the pattern was from Pine Tree Country Quilts in Maine. I was making a block when I got interrupted to take my husband to the hospital with a heart attack. Then subsequently open heart surgery. It remained a UFO until the Dirty Dozen. I did substitute the outer border fabric. It was supposed to be green but I preferred this one with small buttons. Some of the fabrics have a sewing theme but too small to see in this picture.

      1. Helen

        Thank you so much Karen. I have emailed them to find out if the panel is still available or a kit for this. I just love it! Probably take me forever (which I don’t have) but would love to try it. Keep me happy for a long time! Thanks for the information as I had searched and nothing came up for me. So appreciate it! Have a great Monday! Helen

  17. Nikki M in Tx

    Thanks for the share… I especially love the bowel/ casserole dish standing behind the pitcher in the high chair. Wonder the number of hours it took to tat the lace on the dress bodice on the dress form ? Didn’t sleep well last night at all.. finally broke down after lunch& took pain medicine, bundled up in a quilt on sofa to watch a movie on Net-flicks & slept through the entire thing ! Probably still be asleep if Ms Maci hadn’t woke me up wanting to go outside. Still have much that has to be done !

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nikki M – Remember our book “Quilts From Aunt Amy”? That tatted camisole was done by Aunt Amy, too!

      1. Carla

        It’s tatted?!!!!! I zoomed in but didn’t see it as tatted, but rather as crochet. I have done some needle tatting and really want to try some more.

  18. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This is an amazing post, Mary. The DD finishes are beautiful as is your vintage white dish collection. I love the way it is displayed.

  19. Karen

    Your picture of the white dishes in the antique pie safe would
    make a great jigsaw puzzle.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen – oh my gosh, yes, it would!!! Wish I knew how to make that happen!

      1. Fran Fagan

        My daughter had a snapshot of the grandkids sent to Sam’s photo and they made it into a 300 piece puzzle. So check on Sam’s web site photo site. It was very cool to have

  20. Sherrill

    I have the Wear Warm Clothes book and every time I run across it, I think “I REALLY NEED TO MAKE THIS”!! And it hasn’t gotten done yet. I really do need to make it as it would be a GREAT winter quilt on my living room wall. And I really like all your white stuff in the pie safe but it would drive me nuts having to dust it! LOL

  21. Sheila in WI

    I love the variety in today’s mijo quilt show. It’s always fun to see what everyone is working on.
    Thanks also for sharing how you decorate your house.

  22. Carolyn BARNETT

    Love all the pictures!!! Yummy!!! Can’t help but want to set the table with those white plates using a gorgeous blue for the month of January. Then I would do the same thing next month with red for Valentine’s Day. Here are the colors i would use for each month with those dishes… March: green, April: Yellow, May: Pink, June Lavender or turquoise, July: red/blue, August: Coral, September: Gold, October: Orange with just a touch of black or Black with just a touch of orange, November :Purple and cranberry, December: red/green or gold with white or silver with the white. Just being goofy and wanted to say something playful. Stay warm one and all!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn Barnett – I loved hearing what colors you assigned to each month! I could just picture it in my mind.

  23. Elizabeth Rodgers

    Please, can someone tell me the pattern name for the beautiful cross? Thank you

  24. Nancy TD

    Joy Joseph—5 O’Clock Gnomes is a pattern from Calico hutch quilt shop in Hayward, Mn.
    I forgot to get my Wear Warm clothes quilt out this year. Always get compliments on it.
    I enjoy seeing all of your collections, Mary

  25. Kathy in western NY

    What a treat! A quilt show and home show together! Love all the pictures of creations and thank you for sharing your cozy place with us. We didn’t get any snow this weekend so we are still in a deficit compared to other years. It does begin to turn cooler now this week but I have enough inside to work on. Getting groceries tomorrow as I need some fresh veges and fruit so who knew I would get excited for a once every other week outing!

  26. Debra Wilbourn

    Love your collections of McCoy pottery and ironstone dishes! Two of my favorite things to look for when antiquing! One can never have enough of these fantastic items.

    Looking forward to do the bullseye quilt. One of my favorites! Have a great week!🙂

  27. Kathy Schwartz

    Wonderful quilt show and the white dish display is wonderful. I especially like the large bowls on the bottom shelf. Also enjoyed your McCoy pottery. I now have three pieces. We had about 6 inches of snow here. We are on US Hwy 59 and two cars went into the ditch on Friday. One car is still there. Wouldn’t you know it is from IOWA, probably waiting for someone to come and get it. They should not have been on the road–to much wind and snow.
    Busy marking items for my summer garage sale. It is a big job.
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Sue Smith

    Thanks for the great show. They are all wonderful.
    I have been looking at the Moda Block Heads blocks on FB for months and I just love the quilt shown here today. Such a perfect way to set them together. And the next one is also set together in an interesting way. Marsha, are both of them yours? I can’t read the name on the Moda one.
    I have been frustrated lately. I have been doing a lot of sewing, but things aren’t coming together well for me. What I mean is…I don’t like my results very much. Ever have times like that? Arg-g-g.
    Mary…I just love the way you decorate your farmhouse.

    1. Marsha from Kansas

      Yes, Sue, the Block Heads quilt is mine also, Dirty Dozen from September. Slow getting pictures to Mary. At first the designers did not include finishing ideas and I was also sewing along with Eleanor Burns on You Tube when she was celebrating her 40th year in the quilting industry. I had her ruler which made 12-inch blocks for her quilt or 6-inch log cabin blocks as well. Why not cut out fabric for both quilts at the same time? Eleanor Burns’ 40th Anniversary quilt is on my Dirty Dozen list as well. The number just hasn’t been drawn yet. Since then, a book has been published with all of the patterns from Block Heads 1 with each designer showing a finished quilt. The blocks are 6 inches finished.

      1. Sue Smith

        Thanks for your answer, Marsha. Your idea of combining the two came out perfect. I love it.
        That book will be a keeper. The blocks on FB were great and people that posted theirs were so interesting because the same block could look so different depending on the fabrics used. Of course, we have always known that about quilting, but those photos really brought it home.

  29. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hooray! Wear Warm Clothes is coming to the webstore! The BOM version please, Mary! I missed out when you had a couple of extra BOM patterns for sale in 2016, but have always wanted to make it.
    Great quilt show too. Glad all is well with you in Iowa.

  30. Lorraine McGeough

    Thank you so much for the great show of quilts. I also love all of your antiques and the way you display them.

  31. Anonymous

    I love reading all your news! I made my first trip to your shop with my Mom in 1987 or 1988. It was the best shop ever!
    Much love and hugs! Judy Greco
    PS. Your “white collection” picture would make a great puzzle.

  32. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Great quilt show and photos today😃. Question: The picture of the little dog looking out the door of a doghouse is just like one my Dad’s Aunt painted. Do you suppose it was a pattern in a magazine? I live not too far from where McCoy pottery was made. Our kids got to “ throw “ on a wheel at an event down there in the 70’s. I love your collection. I am so glad I still have my Wear Warm Clothes book. It is on my list to make! My M and M chocolate quilt looks like it is upside down because it is a quilted tablecloth.

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