Cold Sunday

You would love stepping into my barn-it is warm and toasty and I can’t help but think about all the farm animals and homeless and neglected animals suffering in this frigid weather. Yes, Ginny , we could take on any animal abuser out there. I tend to bury my head and simply not want to know about such incidents because I know I am helpless to do anything about it.

Look at this radish fabric- I absolutely love it! But I’m not sure what to do with it. The colors are just yummy and tonight I’m going to decide on a quilt to start with this fabric, shades of pink and rose and turquoise. Now sometimes these quilt “challenges” work but not always so I’ll keep you posted.
I’ve got several new quilts to show you – nothing earth shattering but just fun sewing while I watched the bowl games.
Keep warm!

18 thoughts on “Cold Sunday

  1. Ann Barlament

    My girl friend was worried about her hens surviving the cold weather this week and I suggested she bring them into the basement!! She made her hubby check on them the next morning – us tendered hearty babes can’t handle finding dead things. Hope all your flocks, herds and furry friends are safe and warm on the farm!!!

  2. Ginny

    I don’t like or need to see photos of dead animals, animals caught in traps. I scan articles and see what action I can take. I sign a lot of on-line petitions, email government officials.I have to believe that numbers of messages and signatures will convince most of the officials to make the right decision. As a wolf, bear, and predator activist it is and uphill battle and I admire the people who work day to day to help animals. Wildwoods in Duluth and you are part of the “act local, think global”.

  3. Carol

    I wish I could send you a little of our “too warm for winter” sunshine from Southern California! Your blogs warm my heart, brighten my day, and encourage me to be brave in my quilting!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, it is available in yardage, $10.98 per yard. Don’t know if it’s shown online yet but you can call the shop and request it as the radish fabric. ( I still have not really decided how to use it. Guess I’m still waiting for inspiration!)

  4. LMK

    love the fabric, i thought they were flowers too. sounds like pretty colors that you will be using, like the idea of toaster etc. covers too. keep warm, it’s awful out!!!!! glad all your critters are nice and warm, i too think of the ones left out in the cold.

  5. Rose Mikulski

    When I first saw the fabric I thought they were flowers but then realized they were radishes. Glad to know that someone else has fallen for radish fabric. I sent you a picture of my radish quilt from my pinterest board. I bought the fabric over 10 years ago and finally made something with it. Keep caring for the animals even though it hurts sometimes; there are many animals who have benefited from your love and caring. Stay warm.

  6. Katie

    The radish fabric would make a nice kitchen quilt hanging..maybe some gingham cks or pokadots

  7. Mary Evans

    Oh, I love the radishes too. And, the colors! I’d like to make a quilt in those colors for my bed, with lots of different pinks…..

  8. Arla

    I agree with you about the animals, so sad everyone doesn’t care like we do. I like the fabric, but you’ll laugh because at first glance I thought they were little flowers not radishes 🙂 Have a warm evening. Arla in AZ

  9. cathy

    The radish fabric is lovely, I know you will use it well. I am impressed that your barn is heated. I had a farm. The barn was not heated, did have a few heat lamps which helped. I enjoy your posts, I have a rescue golden that lives in the house with me, we are both lucky to have each other.

  10. iowatallgirl

    I think the way you do when it comes to worrying about homeless animals. Thank you for all you do for those you care for.
    When I retire, I hope to turn our farm into an animal sanctuary like yours. It’s my dream.

  11. Pat O'Neill

    You certainly amaze me with each entry you send!! You have such special place with all the animals, fabric, quilts, & stories!!! You are a Special Person!! I have visited your shop twice this past year & will more as our son & family are moving to Spencer!!!

  12. t s

    I think about all the poor animals too! I feel soooo sorry for them.Especially for the ones that their parents say “they are just animals”! I would love to be an animal in your barn! Luxury at its best!

  13. karm webert

    try a crazy 9patch with the radish fab. it is fun to put other pieces with it and see what happens. use it on the border too. love your notes each day. stay well and warm.

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