I know the birds would really appreciate my beautiful wreath that I received from Dawn for Christmas. It’s made with dried grasses, sunflower heads and broom corn but I am still enjoying it in my house. I love it!
The barn is cold but tolerable and today I got 2 eggs – neither was frozen. The guineas don’t seem to notice the cold, the chickens fluff up their feathers to stay warm and I have another goose in the barn now, too. I take Susannah paper bags and boxes to chew on for entertainment. If the heat suddenly quits working in the barn, I’m bringing her into the house! And that’s that!

7 thoughts on “Brrr….

  1. Ginny

    You know we have never met in person; but I know from your writings and your love for “all creatures, great and small” that I like you a lot!! You along with me and many others of your fans could take on any animal abuser and win!

  2. Janet Snyder

    You’ve got to keep your goat warm. Will she like it in the house? Never had a goat, will she chew things in the house? Just asking. I’ve only had cats and dogs. Thank you for your updates, I honestly love them.

  3. Rose Mikulski

    Heat or no heat in the barn, Susannah should be in the house. Isn’t Rick due to travel soon? The only good thing about this weather is that it’s good sewing time. Stay warm!

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