UFO Projects in the Shop

Now that the number has been picked we are all looking at our lists to see which project to start on.  Here is what we in the shop are working on this month:

Dawn:  Paint paddles and frames

Mandy: Starburst tabletopper

Joan: Decorate guest room

Mary E.:  Unnamed quilt blocks

Connie: Liberty Eagle quilt

Brandi: Start 3-ring binder of mushrooms and locations to find them

Mary B.: Chicken Tracks from On Behalf of Chickens Book

Lori:  Love quilt

3 thoughts on “UFO Projects in the Shop

  1. Beth Laverty

    So these UFOs don’t need to be quilt projects? If that is the case I shall have to make up my list and start in. I had already promised myself I would finish up a wool crocheted scarf this month. And now then I can make the rest my list to choose from for the rest of the year? Do you want us to send you the list after we make it??

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We allowed any unfinished project from painting to scrap booking to gardening. Most are quilt projects but feel free to be inspired to finish just about anything. Number them 1-12 and we will announce the number on the first of every month. No need to send us your list – we are using the honor system. This will be fun!

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