I am in the vet’s parking lot waiting to pick up Coltan who was neutered and vaccinated this morning. I guess he’s staying.
I’m going to chop off one large part of the 4-H cactus today. It will look better and be more stable in the pot. Too bad I can’t send “starts” to all of you because of course I can’t just toss the part I chop off – that will mean hundreds of paper cup cacti — more work for me. I am my own worst enemy!
Packing up today for the Country Living Fair. Sale starts Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Coltan

  1. mary jane

    Take a 100 paper cups, a sharp knife and the cactus and give away a piece at the Country Living Fair … of course they should buy something !! It would be a gift to remember the shop of Country Threads in Iowa…

  2. Bernadette Jackson

    So happy for Coulton! He is a beauty, and now he can be a responsible, healthy beauty. He wandered into a great family.

  3. Launa

    WHAT’S THIS……..your own worst enemy!!….BUT MANY OF US THINK OF YOU AS A FRIEND!!
    So nice Colton found his own family.

    County Fair starts in Tulare with a BIG parade in town tomorrow.

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