Colton Update

Colton is better even though you wouldn’t believe it by looking at this picture.

His wound is draining and that will speed up the healing.  I even trimmed some of the matted hair to make drainage more efficient.

I am showing you these pictures so if your pet gets an abscess you’ll know what to do.  Colton is not in pain now but he definitely was before the wound started draining. 

Here is today’s picture.  He spends his time between the house and the barn.

He is on the mend!

23 thoughts on “Colton Update

  1. Ann Barlament

    Poor Colton. Hope whatever he tangled with looks worse that Colton.

    I had my blinds open, sitting in the sunshine…purring like a kitten, as I soaked up some Vitamin D, today. It actually got too hot!

  2. brenda archambault

    My husband had MOHS squamous cell surgery on his cheek the other day. The surgeon did a beautiful job sewing him up and would qualify for our quilt club but husband looked somewhat like Colton before the stitching!

  3. Ginney Camden

    When I was a teenager we had a cat who had an absess in exactly the same place. I think he’d been in a fight. But it looked just like that while he was healing. He went on to live a nice long life.

  4. MartyCae

    Poor Kitty. He will mend soon with a pretty quilt to lay on.
    My big kitty got in a fight with a raccoon this summer and got quite a bite on his side. This required vet trips and antibiotics in order to heal. It was a long process but he is back to normal!

  5. Cathy

    Oh my goodness. Poor Colton. Whatever got him did a bang up job. So glad he is recovering. Just kills me when my fur babies are sick or hurt.

  6. Patty McDonald

    Glad Colton is on the mend…he has an excellent nurse. When I set the table ahead for guests, I cover the entire table with two sheets. No cat hair or kitty litter on the table.

  7. Martha Engstler

    Colton is lucky to have you to love him and take care of him. They do know where the best place to sleep is. I had a kitty that tried sleeping on a dinner plate after I had a holiday table set. They know.

  8. Marian

    Colton looks beautiful on your newly made Christmas quilt! Be well, Kitty; Santa is coming!!!!

  9. Kathy Hanson

    So glad to hear that Colton is “on the mend” and “on” your new quilt too – he looks happy there!!

  10. Susan Burger

    My Harriet had an abscess on her neck about 6 weeks ago. It ruptured before I knew she even had it and made quite a mess on her bright white fur. I cleaned it and put some Triple Antibiotic into it with a Q-tip and she healed up in no time. It did drain for a few days.

  11. Peggy

    Glad to hear your little guy is better, even if he looks pretty tough. He might decide he likes it indoors after all this. . . 😺

  12. Diane

    Awww. Poor little Colton. It does look like it will be better soon. He looks contented on his quilt or is that your quilt, Mary? Ha– they do take over the quilts don’t they?

    1. Jeri Niksich

      Lol I do believe that quilt was just made according to a post a couple days ago, so of course that’s what this handsome guy needed to rest up and recoup on lol

  13. Casey Devine

    I had a kitty who got an abscess on his ear….puffed up like a big balloon! It had to be cut open, drained and stitched. The vet wasn’t a quilter, for sure, as his ear was forever “ruffled”!!

  14. Lauren

    Love all your updates on your pet critters, both sad and happy. Glad to hear Colton is doing much better. Maybe he will learn not to mess with whatever caused the abscess. Do you have idea what animal it was?

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