Colton is home from the vet – with a shaved forehead and antibiotics.  I think he’s going to be happy to stay in the house tonight because it’s so cold outside.  He is sleeping in the chair and I think he is feeling lots better.  The pressure has been relieved and I’m quite sure his headache is much better.  He looks pretty rough in these pictures but believe me, he looks lots better than 24 hours ago!

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  1. Diane M

    I’m so glad you received the seeds. Our bush has a lovely covering of snow on it today. I have wrapped the plant with burlap the last couple of years. It has gotten much larger. If the weather warms up a bit I may go and try to wrap it. I have never tried growing Sweet Autumn from seed. I do think I will try to start some seeds -maybe in January or February. I always get the urge to start growing seeds when spring is near. My mother’s Thanksgiving cactus is blooming; it’s a pale yellow and pink. I also have a Gerbera daisy plant that I bought two years ago. It has four bright sunny yellow blooms on it . I hope you have a good day.

  2. Diane M

    I’m glad to see Colton is home and on the mend. Our black cat Kringle had an abscess in the same place. He recovered, but I can see a small scar. Out of curiosity, Mary, did you ever receive a letter with some Sweet Autumn seeds? If not and you would like some seeds, let me know. Our plant produced many seeds. I hope you are keeping warm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – yes! Thank you for the seeds – the envelope is still in the kitchen waiting for me to respond. I am hoping the seeds will grow for me – should I start them inside this winter?

  3. Pat Pratt

    They never learn. Had this happen to my male, Tinker McGilley. What we go through for our loved critters!!

  4. Sara Reynolds

    I hope Colton decides that inside the warm house is a good place to be and stays in all winter. I’m glad he is better.

  5. Sue Davis

    OUCH!!!!! I bet that hurt Colton!
    My husband Gary is worried that our little lambs will get cold with this cold front coming in tonight and worse tomorrow, so he is getting not one heat lamp but two! They have a LITTLE barn with two bales of straw on the floor of their sleeping space for extra warmth but he worries so. The coats on these baby doll sheep are incredible, so thick and close to their body. I think one lamp is fine but two lamps it will be. Hope we don’t have cooked lamb in the morning! Or I might find them sleeping outside to get out of the heated space. What do you think Mary?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – I’m with a Gary – I can’t stand to think of my animals being uncomfortable but it’s really cold here so I’m guessing your lambs will be ok – even with one lamp!

  6. Diane

    Mary, you are a guardian angel to all of your pets. Very happy to hear Colton is doing better.

  7. Marian

    All these get well Colton messages will help him be on the mend!!! I suppose he was just trying to defend his territory! Thank you for caring and nurturing, Mary. You are blessed!

  8. Susan Sundermeyer

    If Colton could talk, what a story he could tell! Maybe you should find him a little helmet so he can have a fair advantage. Give him a hug for me a and an extra treat!

  9. Angie Rowland

    Poor little guy, he is lucky to have you to turn to. Hope he feels like his old self soon.

  10. Colleen

    Do you or the vet have any idea what animal did the damage? I think a raccoon bit my lovely kitty but she never said so I’ll never know. I know when I saw mine I knew it would be touch and go and expensive I was correct on $$ but kitty didn’t have any problems once her wound was cleaned and she was taking her medicine. We gave her canned food from then on so she didn’t have to crunch too much but we kept the dry food out for her.
    Our fur babies are so worrisome if only they could tell us the important health stuff the loveing thing they have down pat

  11. Kathy Hanson

    Poor Colton! He doesn’t need to be out in this cold – he can stay in and be pampered by you!!

  12. Donna

    Mary so happy Colton is on the mend. Poor kitty. I too hope he doesn’t decide to finish the battle. Maybe he’ll decide to live indoors with theses cold temps approaching. I met him about the time your shop was closing up snd he was so very friendly. Mary you certainly love your “fur children” and see to it they are well taken care of. Bless you.

  13. Carol

    Just went back to find out what happened to your little Colton, something nasty did a job on him, I see. How awful to find him in such pain. You’re a good kitty mom.

  14. Carol

    Things are so crazy here with construction and people in and out all day long and needing to run to tile shops and flooring, etc… So somewhere along the line, I must have missed a Colton post… I did not know your poor kitty was ailing, it looks like something awful happened here, and I’m glad the poor little guy is doing better. Poor fellow.

    I typed “time shop” instead of “tile shop”… If only there were such a place where you could pick up two extra hours per day! Imagine what could be done with 26 hour days!

  15. Carolyn

    Bless his little heart! Just hope he doesn’t decide to finish the battle when he is better.

  16. Kathy

    Poor baby! I hope he recovers and finds a new lease on life. You are such a responsible owner to make the needs of your animals a priority. Many people would have given up on Colton, but you have the courage to make sure Colton pulls through and thrives! Many prayers for this dear kitty. I’m sure he has a guardian angel to make sure he recovers. God bless you as you care for this precious cat.

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