Here’s What We’re Working On

Readers have sent pictures of their Split Squares projects – thanks to all who sewed along!  It’s very rewarding to me when readers enjoy the Sew Along enough to start their project and after finishing they actually send me a picture!

From Rose M.

From Marsha V.

From Debi G.

From Sharon P.

From Sue S.

From Karen G.

From Kathy H.

And this sweet picture comes from Peggy S. – remind you of anybody?

I used to have a hen who looked just like this – her name was Jessica.

I hope I got everyone’s quilt project pictured and identified correctly.  After I finished my Split Squares, I decided I wanted to finish Wildflower.  Here are some pictures “in progress”.  The finished quilt will be revealed soon.

A quick note about Colton – he came in the house last nite yowling in pain – the entire left side of his head was swollen huge with an abscess.  I was able to soak it with warm water until it started draining and then I poured peroxide into the wound.  Today he is at the vet’s office for major treatment.  I’ll let you know.  Looks like he picked on somebody he shouldn’t have.

28 thoughts on “Here’s What We’re Working On

  1. Michele

    Rose and Sharon’s split square project especially look like wrapped Christmas presents. They are all very nice!!!!

    Mary I think you should get about 20 of those outdoor cameras so you can see what your furry family members are doing when you are sleeping. 🙂

  2. Diane Deibler

    Love the hen pic with kittens peeking under! I am not a quilter but love seeing everyone else’s .

  3. Sue Blazevski

    So sorry about Colton. The many quilts you showed are beautiful. Makes me want one, but I have 5-6 projects going and do not dare to start another one. I love the way some are dark like winter skys and some are bright and cheerful. Good job everyone.

  4. Colleen

    Oh poor kitty. We had a feral kitty adopt us and she came home one day with a swelling on her that looked like she had grown a second head. What ever bit her broke her cheek bone and after healing when I ran my hands over her face I could feel the dip of missing bone.
    She was a lovely kitty and kept us in mice birds and lizards for many years she just loved to show us what she caught or was she feeditiunlg us?
    Anyway she was with us for 20 years a long life and a great time for us

  5. bernadette

    I, too, have not opted to take on this project as I am playing catch-up on my Farm Girl Vintage blocks. The quilts are lovely, though. Love the two kittens peeking out from underneath the hen. What a great moment the photographer was able to catch!

  6. Betty Klosterman

    All the little quilts are wonderful. Just love seeing all the different colorways. Right now there are too many things on my list to get done, but I know exactly how I will make it. I print out the pictures so I can remember.
    And somebody has an old hoosier cupboard! I have the hoosier that was in our farmhouse north of Goldfield when I was small and I dearly love it. Dad brought me a couple pigeon eggs from the barn and I made a chocolate cake on the hoosier counter with cocoa, flour and the eggs in a sardine can….. I can still see it today. Oh, what memories.

  7. Holly

    Oh, how I laughed at those barn kittens taking advantage of a warm spot! That is the sweetest thing, and what an accommodating hen! The little quilts all look wonderful. The Christmas prints make them look like gift-wrapped presents.

  8. Ann Barlament

    I love your projects equally for different reasons, some even look like packages. It’s the darkest one, from Karen G, am thinking outside the box… I would make several in green and burgundy(?). But instead of a table topper, they would be the base of a pillowcase and sent to each friend that is doing their 3rd, 4th, or 5th tour of duty. A “thinking of you”, heart felt gift.

  9. Karen

    Everyone’s project are turning out so pretty. The hen and kittens photo is darling. Makes me wonder if kittens crawled under mama hen to keep warm or whether mama hen settled on them to keep herself warm. Sad news about Colton. I hope he heals well.

  10. Maureen

    I am just starting the Split Square quilt and am so pleased with the results. Finally, I am going to get my box of 5″ squares into charity quilts! Life is so busy right now, so it’s nice to have a simple block to work on. Hope to see another quilt along from you next year.

  11. Judy

    Those KITTENS under the hen are TOO MUCH!!!! Made my day!!!!

    And quilts are inspirational too!!!!

  12. Diane

    Wow!! Poor Colton. So happy he has you to take care of him. I, too, love all of the quilts pictured. I have my 5″ blocks, but my friend needs me more now. I did take a quilt to My Very Own Blanket today. Rainy, cold, and dreary in Central Ohio today.

  13. Patty McDonald

    The barn kitties are adorable…love that pic. All of the quilts are lovely and I’m thinking it’s not too late to make a Christmas table runner. Sorry about Colton. It doesn’t matter how many troubles we encounter with our animals, it always throws me for a loop when they are sick or injured. Do you ever have ‘down’ time? Quilting, cleaning, tending animals, and doing a dozen other things that may pop up……you have to be the busiest woman. Also, I really like the Split Square blocks. Looking forward to seeing it put together. Patty Mc

  14. Paula Nordt

    Hope Colton recovers quickly. That abscess thing happened to my dog when he tangled with a snake and got bit.

  15. Cindie

    I thought I saw kittens under her! So sorry to hear about Colton. Praying for the best.
    We just recently lost our 12 year old Emma. She was a Great Pryneise and Golden Retriever.
    I am finishing my quilt along and will send a picture and also one of Emma. She is dearly missed.
    Thanks Mary for all of your sharing. Your blogs warm my heart.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cindie – I am so sorry for your loss! Doesn’t it just make your heart hurt?

  16. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I have to look twice to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. So sweet! Nice quilts, beautiful colors. I hope Colton will be OK, Felicia

  17. Cindy Jantti

    I have done my split square quilt and waiting to get the binding on. Wanted to send to you, but unsure of how to do that. It’s a small one to sit on my steamer trunk done with Christmas fabric. Love all the pictures!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Debbie – I can make you a copy and send it for $10 – send to address listed on blog home page.

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