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I have promised to write a Chicklet update and here it is.  Becky and Jenny helped me in the barn last week – I chased Chicklet down – had to use a net – and here is my first close look at my little Chicklet!

Honestly  Chicklet is not very attractive at this stage – there may not ever be a handsome/beautiful stage with this poor chick.  Remember that Bad Hair Day Rooster named Daddio is his dad.  He got half a Mohawk!  Hilarious!

Look at all that bare area around his/her eye –  where did that come from?

And remember that I told you Chicklet still wants to sleep under Mommy and Mommy literally had to stand up all night?  Well, Chicklet has learned to crouch down while roosting but look at this picture of his/her tail sticking out in front of Mommy.  Hilarious!

You think maybe Chicklet is getting too big to sleep under Mommy?  Ha!  I do!

Here are the 3 Amigoes in their very own pen in the barn – by themselves because the herd of goats barely touches them and they fall over in a faint.  (They are fainting goats obviously.)  So they are going to have to live by themselves this winter.

Miscellaneous – here is Becky’s gorgeous Christmas tree – outstanding!  I think I’m using a 2′ table tree this year.  It’s just so much work to get all those decorations out – 

Thanks to you readers who have sent pictures of your Split Squares projects – next week I will post them.  Until then I need to catch up in my house so I won’t blog for a few days.  Dont worry – I’ll be back.

26 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Janice Hebert

    Oh my goodness, just reading about Chicklet! Poor little thing – not very pretty. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she turns out adorable – maybe they go through an ugly duckling stage before they get that beautiful crown of feathers? Hopefully?! Your blog makes me laugh and cry sometimes. Such wonderful stories. Thank you!

    Jan in Topsfield – who is not at all ready for Christmas yet!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice – Chicklet is looking better already – quite sure she’s a girl, too. She’s pretty wild yet so I need to tame her down and the next picture I show will be a filled out little hen.

  2. Vickie

    I can’t wait to see Chicklet as a “grownup.” I love reading about life on the farm and the pictures are great. You are amazing! And your quilting patterns and designs are beautiful.

  3. Diane

    Chicklet is a keeper:) He/she is very cute in an “Ugly Ducking” sort of way. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

  4. Kelley

    I love chicklet too. That poor baby is just lucky to be here! So funny when roosting under Mommy. It is a wonder she allows that.

    Thank you for posting the farm pictures. I miss being a farm girl and this is a great way to keep connected to my past.

  5. Carolyn

    To say the least….Chicklet is definitely One of a Kind. That Momma hen is so proud of her growing baby. Your smile and sparkling eyes says it all as you hold Chicklet. There is certainly never a dull moment on that farm. Love the blog and all the time you put into it for your readers. You are a true treasure to us. Hugs!

  6. Ann Barlament

    I think Chicklet is styling a sporting spiffy hairdo, fits in with the kids of today. However, very humorous on how it decides to sleep.

  7. Bonnie Specchio

    Aren’t farm babies the best? I have chickens, peacocks, swans, deer, turtles, cats, a Boer goat named Bouncing Betty and my constant companion, a Lab rescue named Sadie. Also a quilter on a Singer 301 my mom bought when I was born. Don’t often comment but enjoy your blog and photos TREMENDOUSLY! Have a blessed Christmas!

  8. Sue Davis

    Well Mary, love and beauty is in the eye of the beholder! My neighbor kids are little guru’s and tame all their chickens. So far this year our farm store has given them two one eyed chicks. The owner gives these chicks to them to love and loved they are. These kids are amazing with animals. Seems holding and talking to them makes all the difference. They have a gift with animals, I love watching them teach “chickens ” to want to be held and enjoy a stroll through the yard. Have a blessed day. Sue in argyle tx.

  9. Sharon B.

    Love these pics of Chicklet and the barn friends! You made many smiles here this morning! Beautiful Christmas tree to! Have a peaceful Sunday!

  10. mary margaret

    Thank you for sharing adventures of chicklet and the goats! The Christmas tree looks nice.

  11. Peggy

    I’m with you, Mary. . On the small tree & very few decorations! Taking the stuff out is one thing, but having to put it all away is worse, I think!! Love the critter pics. . That silly little chickie!! I think it’s best that he/she is an only child. . . Might be a struggle who gets to stay warm with mama!!

  12. Janet

    Chicklet is so cute! Love your pictures and stories of all your farm friends. You are a really special person!

  13. ANITA Fetzer

    I’d love to know more about the “fainting goats” we city folk get our farm education along with quilting tips you know 🤗 anita fetzer

  14. LMK

    yes, a funny looking chicken but what can you do??? sure a pretty tree, yes, we have a small tree to but also other decorations. we went to decorah sat. hit the thrift stores, good prices at both!!! (the depot & the spectrum) who doesn’t like a good bargain??? (both places were busy, as always) we had snow earlier now everything is all white, guess we knew it was coming, it held out a long time this year. but guess i liked it better before the snow, i like it but could of held off a little longer (guess people are never satisfied, huh??) i like the pictures of the chickens & the goats, enjoy reading about all you do, etc. you have the life i always wanted but… i’m okay with mine now, i have a good husband, what else can you ask for??? yes, our “new” house too (new to us anyway) can’t wait to see the pictures of every ones quilts or whatever they made (table runners, wall hanging, etc.) by the way… i like the runner you made (cute kitty too!!!) denise is going to a horse thing in the cities today, lots of vendors, etc. better stop, guess it’s bedtime.

  15. Pam

    Chicklet makes me laugh! Love your animal posts. I just got my book today—it came while I was in Iowa-ironic, huh?

  16. Marilyn K Hooton

    Love the pictures of you and chuckle! Adorable!!!!! I have my split square put together will get it quilted tomorrow. Then need to figure out how to send picture to you.

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