That seems to be working now, too! YEAH!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Sally Dunn

    I miss you guys so much even tho I’m from PA. Hope u r enjoying retirement and making lots of quilts and Christmas cookies! Have a awesome holiday season. Yay the silence has ended! 🙂

  2. Marilyn Morley

    Glad the comments came through for you – we were all having a good time sending them! Loved seeing the near picture of Emma. M

  3. VA Mann

    It’s soooo good hearing from you! Miss hearing and seeing what’s going on at the farm…so love those animals of yours! I see retirement is agreeing with you. Va

  4. Gail

    Hi Mary!! Good to hear from you down on the farm!!! We miss hearing what’s going on.
    Hope retirement is going well. Merry Christmas to you and Rick and all the critters.


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