Connie’s Big Project

I think I mentioned Connie has a huge project ahead of her and probably not for just this summer but for several summers ahead.  Connie and Roy were able buy the house next door this past spring and they tore it down – it needed to be torn down. This is the view as you stop in Connie’s driveway looking north.

Follow the curved pathway under the arch.

As you look north toward the tan house you can see the empty lot in between.  Here it is looking from the east.
This is looking from the empty lot  back to Connie’s beautiful backyard garden.

And here is the front of the house – more gardens.  Just gorgeous, don’t  you think?

I could not resist the bleeding heart in pink and white.  Connie collects plants like I collect homeless animals.  I think I’m inspired to plant some hostas in my yard after seeing hers and I can’t believe I said that.  I will keep you posted on her big project.  She is putting a fence along the far north side and they are ready to do that but can’t start until the semi loads of black dirt are hauled in.  Then she can start planting trees and shrubs.  It’s like a blank canvas and she’s ready to start painting!

25 thoughts on “Connie’s Big Project

  1. Holly

    Wow, that is a HUGE project! More power to Connie for having the energy, ambition and capability to do that much work. The results she achieves are stunning.

  2. Jane

    What a beautiful home and gardens! Her labor of love is a gift to everyone who lives around her and it sounds as if it will only get better with time. Good job, Connie!

  3. Amy

    Wow. Will it be all garden or will she have some sort of nice greenhouse/potting shed?

  4. Joanne

    Gorgeous gardens! As the saying goes One is closer to God who plants a garden I think they are best of buddies!

  5. Paula

    Love her landscaping. Alot of work involved in this. Mary, the pictures are still distorted.
    Paula in KY

  6. Angie Rowland

    It is going to be wonderful. A lot of work but she will love it.
    I will admire it from afar.

  7. Linda

    Absolutely beautiful, what green thumbs you both have, and you both are fabulous quilters also.

  8. Paula S.

    my, how beautiful! I can’t wait to see what Connie does with this huge space.

    Btw, my pictures have NOT been distorted on my iPad or desk-top!

  9. Carolyn Boutilier

    Beautiful gardens. Would love to be a neighbor looking out at the gardens. Never saw white bleeding hearts. Interesting. from the Shenandoah Valley.

  10. Jan (Mozzie's Grandma)

    Can’t wait to see the work in progress. Might have to drive by
    the next time I am in Garner.

  11. Launa

    What wonderful GREEN THUMBS Connie has… delightful to see. Thanks for the walk thru the blooms. Wouldn’t grandma Connie be needing a small play house for Brave Ben and Claire somewhere in her new yard designs?

  12. Nikki Mahaffey

    The gardens are beautiful…my thumbs are anything but green…please do keep us posted. She needs a SHE-SHED for her new garden…are succulelnts in the future for the garden?

  13. Martha Engstler

    Your wonderful pictures are coming through on my computer just fine. A little distorted on the comment page but they are closer which is kind of neat. I’m inspired by both you and Connie with your great gardens. I have to get help because both knees have been replaced and it’s hard to get down but in spring there are so many blue bells, hostas and now forget-me-nots that keep coming back.

  14. Teresa

    what beautiful gardens Connie has and what a wonderful opportunity to buy a lot next door and have the chance to design more gardens and expand her lot. I too am a gardener and understand her love of gardening.

  15. Kathy Schwartz

    Thanks for the garden tour. Beautiful. She should be given a gold star for improving the neighborhood. Her neighbors are lucky to have her as a neighbor.

  16. Mary Adams

    Beautiful garden, can’t wait to watch the progress. Just this summer I planted a perennial garden, tired of replacing annuals every year. Looks really pretty right now with all the rain we’ve gotten. My husband and I are doing projects like her’s where it can take months to complete, but in the end well worth the time!

  17. Diane

    Oh my, what fun to have a blank canvas. I agree that Ben and Claire need a little house to play in at Grandma’s:) Do deer eat bleeding hearts? They are so pretty, but our deer eat just about everything pink or red.

  18. Linda

    Just like out of a magazine—the yard is incredible and so fits the house… beautiful..

  19. Claudia Voorhees

    Wow ! What a huge project !!! Yeah for Connie !……. really wish I had that much energy ! or even 1/2 that energy ! I have a hard time keeping up with the a few perennials.

  20. Rhonda D.

    What lovely gardens! I’m with Connie- the more plants the merrier the garden 🙂

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