Today on the Farm

Remember those 2 little golden girls with the pasty butts?  Look at those 2 beauties today!  Notice the feathers on their feet.

I’m not good at selfies but here’s my “free” chick who I just knew would turn out to be a rooster.  How do I know he’s a rooster?  Because he’s learning to crow and it’s the silliest little squawk you’ve ever heard.  He’ll get the hang of it as he grows but right now he’s a pretty sorry sounding teenage rooster!

I gave the girls a small piece of alfalfa hay and they loved it – several crowded in and started scratching like all grown up chickens do.  They evidently just know these things.

While I do the chores and take pictures, this is what Telly and Faye do – hunt for mice in the feed room.

And this is why the 3 amigos and Emma  will probably not get the run of the house yard this summer.  They like to eat shrubbery, flowers, succulents, decorative grasses and most anything else I try very hard to grow!

Roxie is settling in.

Readers are finishing their snowball tablemats and I’m including Launa’s as well as Diane’s rug – she’s the one who issued the challenge to me to finish by the 13th and she was only a day behind.  Several readers admitted never machine quilting before but I say – on the table is better than perfect!  And the next one you make will be easier and better.  In fact why don’t you start thinking NOW about making a fall version and after that a Christmas version?  

And last but not least, here is Ethel just barely peeking out from under the bed.

21 thoughts on “Today on the Farm

  1. Ann from NC

    Such a nice visit to your barnyard. The chicks are so cute and grown-up– and soooo fast!!

  2. Launa

    Your black rooster has quite a cute head of feathers….and Ethel looks very similar to a neighbor’s calico who spends time walking on the fence and prowling in my yard. Today I’m going to start putting out some Patriotic toppers, runners and the most recent sew a long with Mary E. Thanks for sharing your pattern with us Mary.

  3. Ramona Tankersley, Clare's niece

    I had a hard time getting past the first line of today’s post. “the goldens with the pasty butts” I read it three times and then scrolled down and saw the chickens! I first thought you were referring to a couple dogs you were boarding. LOL!! The chickens are cute as is the rooster.

  4. Louise

    Well Mary, it seems that the silly squawk would be fitting for a rooster with bed head! Too funny! Love seeing the growth on the wee ones.

  5. Rhonda D

    Those chicks have sure grown and the goats all look happy! I can’t let our goats in the yard either but the mini horses will mow it for me without eating my roses, shrubs and vines. The snowball runner and rugs look beautiful. I’m embarrassed to say I’m behind and finally cutting strips today for a new rug.

  6. Dee W

    I admit I like the quilt posts, but the animal posts are the very BEST! I love seeing the goats eating your greenery. Here it’s the deer. Take care.

  7. Diane

    Oh I do enjoy seeing everyone on your farm:) That one set of chickens look like they are “bare neck-ed” , that’s bare naked and bare necked!! Very cute. I love the goats. Squeak ate all of the leaves on my Mother’s Day tulips–LOL. Oh well, we love our critters.

    Thanks for putting my rug in. I really enjoyed making it and after this weekend’s quilt retreat in Amish Country, I’ll start another one:) I still need to make a snowball table topper or runner. Thanks, Mary, you always keep me interested:)

  8. Jan Mittler

    What beautiful chickens!! I would love to just come and watch and feed them. Keep sending pics!

  9. Marilyn Hooton

    Love the pictures and especially like the selfy with the baby rooster. It made me laugh.😂😁😁 Thank you Mary.

  10. Ann Barlament

    I can so relate to the rooster and that wonderful hairdo….almost looks like my reflection. LOL

  11. Becky from IA

    I can’t believe how those chicks have grown! I love the feathers on the feet! But the naked neck chicks…..I’m sorry they are pretty ugly! HAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Rebecca H

    thank you for all your great pictures. Those chickens without neck feathers look so funny, I’ve never seen this breed before. They will need turtle neck shirts on this winter. Wow, let the eggs begin…
    I also love making those rugs, except for the last row, ha.

  13. Connie Olson

    Can’t believe how your poultry has grown!! Thank you SO MUCH for keeping us informed. Your daily postings are SO MUCH FUN!!

  14. Betty Klosterman

    Gotta love the chickens. I think they are one of the reasons my husband never minded waiting at Country Threads. What was the name of the big white hen(?) you had. She had to be at the top of the pecking order. And I’d wake up giggling when my Easter chicks were learning how to crow. Sounded like they were being strangled. Puberty is hard even for chickens.

  15. Pamela Williams

    Mary, I know you love to read. I just finished “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” by Jamie Ford. I highly recommend it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela – read this several years ago and just loved it! I so appreciate book recommendations from anyone.

  16. Lisa

    Hey gal!

    Have you named your rooster?? You absolutey MUSt do that! He looks like the lead singer of a 1980’s rock band!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lisa – maybe I should have a ” name the rooster” contest”

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