Connie’s New Fabric

This is the fabric that Connie bought last week at Crafty Planet.  Very cool, huh?  We’ll show you what we’re going to do with it when we get under way.  First I’m going to quilt this little quilt tonite.  And I’ve spent the day cleaning in the upstairs so I can start putting things back in place.  Honestly, everything takes so much time and it all needs doing at the same time – inside and outside!  I can hardly wait to go to bed.

11 thoughts on “Connie’s New Fabric

  1. BeckySchoonover

    Love that little quilt!!!! Like the pop of color! We winter in TX for 5 months and just back to Iowa today. I need to do yard work, cleaning and unpacking every thing yesterday. Know what you mean!

  2. Scheri

    I love this quilt. Can’t wait to get directions. I have a baby quilt needed for my niece this would be perfect.

  3. Jane dumler

    I like the floating star blocks. They ar so quick and go together so easily–like your fabric combinations. M

  4. Patricia G Hayes

    Oh how I love the little bl/wh airplane fabric, can you share the name and designer. Hubby loves little airplanes and builds models so I would love to find some of it for him. Thanks. PGH

    1. Connie Tesene

      Hi Patricia
      I found the fabric company -Kaufman- on the salvage. Maybe you can call the Crafty a Planet in Minneapolis and they could send you some. Good luck!

  5. Launa

    Hey Mary…….Darling small star blocks’ quilt, love those quick corners….good choice of scrappy bkgrnds, too. Appreciate you showing Connie’s fabric selections as well……Can’t wait to see what you two are up to with the wonderful fabric selections……the dark teal kitty print is darling. Trading strips is a fun way to go.
    Mother Nature treated us to a good electrical storm with high winds last night and a National Weather Center warning across TV……no hail nor rain here just the terrific winds, lightning and distant thunder as the storm skirted south of us… course was wet this AM.
    Rest well my friend…..

  6. Ann from NC

    I love the little quilt!!!!! What are the measurements???? Please, please???

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