New Fabric

After Junk Bonanza we shopped at the Crafty Planet in NE Minneapolis which had been highly recommended.  It was actually a yarn shop combined with modern fabric and w both had a nice time shopping there, too.  Here’s my purchases.

Connie and I are both guilty of starting too many new quilts – many of these fabrics are for one of those quilts that we’re both going to make and we are exchanging 2-1/2″ strips.  Oh, I can hardly wait to get seriously working on this quilt.  First the king size squares quilt must be finished and my rug.  I have just the last few rows on my rug and those are the hardest so I keep procrastinating – I should just stop everything and finish it!

The painter came today and the little bedroom is done.  On Monday I will touch up the white pickling stain on the bed and then on Tuesday I will start moving back in again.  I have curtain fabric ready to sew up, too.

I’m making great progress on the window screens – probably have half of them washed and on the windows.

About Junk Bonanza – go online for all the details but in Minneapolis I believe the sale is held in the spring and fall.  They have other locations such as Des Moines where Junk Bonanza is being held next weekend, April 28-30.

8 thoughts on “New Fabric

  1. Launa

    Hi Mary.. First of all I hope Faye is eating better today and has forgiven you for leaving her and going to Junk Bonanza. We all know you needed a fun day away. Secondly, a big compliment on your new fabric selections from Crafty Planet; can’t wait to see a work in progress. Always fun to buy fabric and share strips. Everyone enjoys the photo ops you post.

  2. Diana W

    Junk Jubilee is here in Des Moines next weekend at the state fairgrounds. Such fun and so many finds! Lots of junk, but lots of potential for that junk. Glad you had fun, love the horse fabric!

  3. ANITA Fetzer

    Oh I want to that 2 door cupboard in the worst way. What a find. Looks like a real true treasure hunt. WOW…ANITA

  4. patti leal

    lovely lovely fabric you have. would love to see the damage that connie did. i’m trying desperately not to buy more. the quilts you two make will be outstanding. prayers continuing for faye and you for living it. at least you got out a bit. i like the room that was painted. nice color.

  5. Diane Meyer

    I love your fabrics-my daughter would like the horse fabric. If you ever get over here to Elkhorn, Wi, we have Flea Market. They start again in May and continue through September always at the end of the month on Sundays. I believe there are around 700 venders. I had to have my cat Tinkerbell euthanized last week. It was difficult, but she was not going to improve. This week will be better!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – I am so sorry about Tinkerbelle! It never gets any easier to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

  6. Diane Meyer

    Thank you, Mary. Isn’t wonderful to at least have the chance to have these animals as part of our lives? They ask for so little and give back so much.

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