Connie’s Quilt

I played and played with Connie’s sweet little quilt today. I tried it out on my table with various Antiques from my cupboards.

Three white figurines of little girls, two with umbrellas.

I added an old white milk pitcher.

A shallow painted wooden bowl in coral and turquoise blue – same colors in quilt! Lovely!

What could be more traditional than blue canning jars?

How about a Fiesta ware turquoise water pitcher and a blue canning jar?

And I knew you’d appreciate some close ups.

It was just a treat for my eyes to place these antiques on Connie’s quilt. We can send you this pattern for $3.00. There will be no photograph but you can download and print your choice of the ones I just showed you. We cannot be in the pattern business with pictures and bags anymore but I think this is a pattern many of you would like to have in your to-do file. I know it’s in mine!

Please request the pattern Cobblestone when you mail your check or cash for $3.00 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438.

Rain is moving in for Sunday so I won’t be able to spend any time here in the porch, my favorite room in the house – if only for 3 months a year!

20 thoughts on “Connie’s Quilt

  1. Ann Barlament

    I love the Hummels, although I’ve never seen them all white before. My mother collected the colored ones.

  2. Teresa

    Thank you for sharing another quilt project, Mary. I love the small quilts and this one is adorable! Your porch looks absolutely lovely. What a wonderful retreat for you to enjoy all summer. Love your floor rug too!

  3. Wendy

    I just love the picture of the little quilt and the bowl. So sweet. Thanks for the eye candy!

  4. Launa

    Another TO DO project for my list. This Cobblestone quilt would be perfect for a smaller jelly roll. You certainly displayed it well, Mary. I, too, favor the worn, painted wooden bowl although I have some clear glass lid canning jars with wire closures. I store old small wooden spools of thread in the jars.
    Thanks for sharing, Mary.

  5. Dorothy Sheldrake

    Love the sweet little quilt. Thank you. I just put $ in the mail. I’m going to try to use it for Leader Enders. Not sure what size though.
    Wish my patio was screened in. We have good weather most of the year. Can’t get the hubby to do it. Our problem is the FLIES !!!!! Live near a dairy, Yuk.
    Enjoy the good days. I can picture you sitting in the comfortable patio reading a novel with Hazel.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dorothy – we have a wonderful place to sit outside but we could never enjoy it because of the bugs – the screened porch was the answer- I love it!

  6. Paula

    Very pretty quilt and antiques. Does Connie come over and quilt on the longarm? Paula in KY

    1. Kathy Hanson

      Love Connie’s quilt and your putting antiques on it made it really come alive. I would love the pattern, tell me how to send for the pattern – and I will send my $3.
      We have an indoor 3 season porch but yours is what I remember from my grandparents home. So nice, no wonder it is your favorite room!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Kathy – all ordering info on the blog post with the quilt

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – she doesn’t use it very often but I wish she would!

  7. mary jane

    spring colors, fresh and calming…..I like it with the painted wooden bowl the best. What does Connie display it with? We, up here in the Twin Cities and Hudson Wi area could use a little of your rain.

  8. Kate

    Love this quilt. I am making more and more small quilts because I can get them done quickly. Love Connie’s choice of colors and it does go with so many things. Really loved it with that bowl. Perfect.

  9. Martha Engstler

    The more I look at Connie’s quilt the more I like it. Like what you’ve done with adding the antiques too.

  10. Synthia Noble

    Connie’s quilt is so calm and soothing. Absolutely beautiful!!

  11. Susie Q

    I love porches as well and it is too hot and buggy for where I live now, but the memories of my childhood porches…. wonderful.

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