Spring Planting

Finally – yesterday and today the farmers got in the field to work ground and start planting. Rain is forecast for Saturday night so they are working hard to get as much done as they can before it rains again.

Here’s the view from my porch – which I’ll be showing you throughout the season as the corn grows. It’s really pretty exciting to watch the farmers and the fields come to life!

I mowed every place I could and remowed the ditch. I mowed it yesterday and the grass was so tall it laid in clumps! I no more than put the mower away and went in the house than I heard thunder and it started raining!!! Oh, the poor farmers! They finally got one really good day and now it’s wet again – not inches of rain but enough to keep them out of the field tonight and probably tomorrow. Ugh!

I hate autocorrect – when I read the title of the last post I couldn’t understand why it said “more”. I meant to say “Moe”. Ugh again!

I have accomplished many things this week- several really big jobs – I won’t bore you with the details – but I just have screens to get on and I’ll feel like I really can get back to my sewing. Tomorrow I’m going to get a picture of Connie’s newest quilt which just might be my next project. Maybe yours, too. Until tomorrow……..

4 thoughts on “Spring Planting

  1. Delores

    Mary, you have never once “bored” me with your stories and pictures. Enjoy hearing about life in Iowa. Thanks!

  2. Janice

    I agree with Delores! Never boring! We love hearing and seeing all that goes on in your corner of Iowa. I looked at a house (we are hoping to find a house in NH) the other day and the owner is a blue ribbon winning quilter – the quilts she had in that house were amazing! Can’t wait to see Connie’s new quilt. We still need to get the screens up!

  3. Felicia Hamlin

    Yes, poor farmers. They were working on the fields across the street one day and that night it rain three inches plus. But yesterday they were at it and thankfully it didn’t rain. Have a nice week end, Mary!

  4. Mary Cooper

    I never gave Iowa weather a second thought until I started reading your blog. Now I check it every day right after checking my Indiana weather!!

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