Connie’s UFO Game

Number 11, Ladies!
Mine is a Bonnie Hunter quilt–off to retreat!

3 thoughts on “Connie’s UFO Game

  1. Kathy Koehler Holm

    I am working on children’s quilts for the site “Quilts for Kids” these quilts are lap size and are made, collected by the local chapter and sent to children who are battling cancer, trauma etc! in the hospitals, social services etc. Our sponsor is Moda and Downy Fabric Softener. Great group of women..with chapters in almost all states..just go on line to find yours..If you can’t afford the fabric, they will supply it !..Free!!

    It is time we all gave back to those who can’t! Go to their web site! Quilts for Kids! It’s so rewarding!!

  2. Lynn Willis

    I hope you do this game next year. I didn’t really understand it at first but have had fun all year watching the photos. Will definitely do it next year if you do!

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