Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch Retreat

I just got home from the retreat at Ironwood Springs and the last personality that I met was Clyde, the camel. I thought Bob was teasing about having a camel, you know, some joke about hump day or something but Clyde was delightful, so friendly and sweet! Maybe he learned to be friendly to all visitors by watching Bob.
Just a note about locating the 100 Bolt Sale online. Click on Shop Now, then click on shopping cart in the opening paragraph. You will see Fabric listed on the left side of the page. Click on Fabric and you will see 100 Bolt Sale in the upper left corner. Three bolts have already sold out! Check out this current fabric selling for $7/yd. until November 15 when we post 100 new bolts.
I wonder how Connie and Mary Baker are doing in Houston-I’ll bet they are exhausted.
Remember starting this coming week the shop is closed on Mondays.

2 thoughts on “Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch Retreat

  1. LMK

    l like the camel ad on t.v. haven’t seen it lately though. a couple years ago, there was a lady at the mower county fair (in austin,mn.) she had a camel, maybe 2, she used their fur or hair to make things out of, real interesting, we asked her a lot of questions. someone over by grand meodow, mn. has camels too, ( never knew they used that for sweaters, etc.) guess you never know. we’re going up to denise’s tomorrow (well, guess it’s today) enjoy hearing about what’s going on over there with you, never boring .

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hi, Lael!
      Clyde is actually the offspring of the camels in Austin–small world, huh? Tell Denise “hi”.

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