Connie’s Weekend In Spring Green, WI

Connie is in Spring Green this weekend at Country Sampler where she met some of our friends/campers to spend the weekend sewing in their Second Story retreat center.  I would have loved seeing these old friends again but you know I don’t like being away from home.  

From left to right:  Lisa, Valerie, Mitzi, Lori, Mary, Connie and Nettie.  Here are some of their works in progress.

Connie is working on these little blocks.

Looks pretty fun, doesn’t it?

A reader asked if Rick noticed when I redecorated.  That would be a resounding “no” which is OK with me because I do as I please with no worries that he would object.  I would classify that trait as being a “good husband”!  Ha!

13 thoughts on “Connie’s Weekend In Spring Green, WI

  1. anita fetzer

    Definitely a good husband. Mine doesn’t say anything either figure if he really hated it I’d hear about it . Your house is a lot like mine love it

  2. Launa

    All the smiling faces and a great variety of projects ongoing. Care to enlighten us as to the project or pattern Connie is using? Such a wonderful assortment of colors in the project pictures; love them all.

    1. Connie

      Hi. I am working on a quilt from the next charm book that Mary and
      I are working on. Title is “use a quiet voice on your
      Cell phone”. I made quite a few blocks, but not done…..

      1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

        Connie en Mary,
        How great to hear that you are working on a new book! When will it be coming out?

  3. Nikki Mahaffey

    Love everything the campers/retreaters are working on..especially the batik butterflies..Pattern name please if you know it.. I think most husbands are oblivious to redecorating unless they literally trip over something……

    1. Connie

      The quilt pattern is a “Dragon fly ” pattern – called Dance

      Of the dragonfly. By Southwind designs

  4. Nikki Mahaffey

    Envious that cool enough for sweaters………still in shorts and flipflops……picked cantaloupe from garden this am

  5. Betty Klosterman

    We’re getting some rain and it is homecoming for the School of Mines. The kids are hardy and we need the rain. Absolutely love all the fabulous colors and especially the smiles. What fun.

  6. Dee Winter

    I am the same way, I’m just not a good away from home person. I can stand a night or two, but not much else. I also hate city traffic, so my friend in Chicago doesn’t see me. Just give me the dog and my sewing machine and I’m fine. Looks like they had fun though.

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