Covid! 12-30-23

Yup, I’ve got Covid! And I don’t feel good at all. It started on Wednesday so I’m already 3 days in but today I did go to the clinic where I tested positive. And yes, I’ve been vaccinated and boosted once (I think) but when I went for the last booster my doctor wouldn’t advise it- ???? Said the booster wasn’t very effective. Hmm….

Reader photos

I think it’s safe to say that we quilters have cornered the toy sewing machine market, don’t you? But who would love them as much as us?

These blocks are what Sunflower is going to work on assembling on New Years Day. For those of you who don’t know, I always start a new quilt on January 1 and if that sounds fun to you, please join me. I still haven’t decided what I’ll do and since I’m now sick I haven’t given it much thought.

When I’m done with this post I’m going to clear out all the recent photos – if I missed posting yours please send it to me again. I got so many pics I couldn’t keep them all straight – maybe because they all looked so similar?

I’m heading to bed – I’ve been up since 4 am – I couldn’t sleep because my teeth hurt so bad! Yes, my teeth, my face, my skin, my fingers. Covid has not been kind to me this time around. Tomorrow is Day 4.

134 thoughts on “Covid! 12-30-23

  1. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    Hi Mary, I’m so sorry to hear that you are ill. That’s the thing about those Covid vaccines, they don’t stop you from getting it, they’re just supposed to make the symptoms milder. I guess your doctor was right (ineffective booster) which is too bad for you.
    I’ve never collected toy sewing machines but I can attest that there’s lots of other little chachkies and fun cute things scattered around my sewing room, haha!
    I’ve followed your blog for a long time and I’ve always loved the new year, new quilt project idea so I have mine ready to go!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Get well wishes Mary. So sorry that you are sick, you got through all the “work” of Christmas. I know know you always work hard playing for church programs. We have 3 different people to play the organ or piano so at least they get a break.
    I’m helping my 17 year old granddaughter make a 1886 Truly Victorian outfit for her theater final for her senior year. It’s not an enjoyable project but I’m almost done with the muslin mock-up. She will cut and sew the “good one” when I get most of it figured out. Quilting is more enjoyable.
    I have curtains that need to be made too so that will be a piece of cake.
    Take care, hope Rick stays healthy.

  3. Sharon F

    Mary, so sorry that you are sick! I hope you start to feel better very, very soon. Rest as much as possible and hydrate.
    I won’t be starting a new quilt on New Year’s Day, because I am already working on one that I’m really enjoying and am anxious to finish. And I’m working on hand quilting another one, that I’d really like to finish and gift this year. And I have 4 more tops waiting their turn in the quilting queue. And another top partly pieced, and …. Well I think you might understand why I’m not starting another quilt soon.
    But I sincerely hope that you are feeling well enough to start your new quilt!!

  4. Linda in Estherville now of the SW Yuma

    Beryl, was that your sewing machine or your Moms when you were little. It is a real beauty…do you know the history?

    1. Beryl BC

      I found it in the store basement storage area around 1959. I know nothing of it’s history, other than it says “Made in Germany” which makes me think it is older than the divided East and West Germany. I’ve noticed some of the others have something below the sewing surface, so this one may not be all there. I never could get it to sew, even though it came with a spool of thread and needle.

  5. Melody in Wisconsin

    Hope you have a speedy recovery. Wish I lived closer so I could help you with farm chores, hopefully Rick stays healthy and can take care of them.

    I agree with Diane that it is all a “big crap shoot”. I have received all Covid vaccinations and boosters every year and have never gotten Covid. I asked my doctor about the booster this year and she highly recommended getting it along with my flu shot – I had both shots at the same time and didn’t have any side effects.

    Last year we were discussing the shingles shot in my exercise class and I said after the first of the year I was going to get mine. Well, I came down with shingles in December and it went into my right eye. I came out of it okay but I don’t wish that on anyone – it was awful. I did get both of my shingles shots when I was able to.

    Now I debate if I should get the RSV and pneumonia shots. Last year I got my flu shot in October and came down with the flu in February – either my shot had lost its effectiveness or it was a different strain. This year I waited until mid-November to get my flu shot so I hope it’s effective for the entire season.

    Loved seeing all the mini sewing machines, thank you for posting all the pictures.

  6. Marie C

    So sorry you cought covid. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    I’ve heard musinex is good and when you feel up to it some short walks. You need to keep your lungs clear. Hydrate. Loved all the pictures today. Didn’t know there were so many styles of toy machines.

    1. Dorothy in chicago

      Mary so sorry to hear that you have COViD. Rest as much as you need and hopefully very soon you will be feeling much better. Wish we lived close, I’d cook up some home made chicken noodle soup for you. Whenever my boys were sick I’d make them some chicken soup. They always loved that.

  7. Bonnie in central Illinosi

    Mary, you are probably sick of hearing about COVID by now, but I’ll throw in my two cents worth. My husband have had all the shots and boosters. We both got COVID once. He was high risk so he got the monoclonal antibodies which worked great and I had a mild case and my doctor prescribed Paxlovid. We will continue to get the boosters and the flu vaccine on the advice of our physician. Thinking about getting the RSV vaccine next time as we spend a lot of time around our grandkids. It is no fun to be sick – I had a bout with bronchitis in early December but thankfully feel great now. God bless and heal you!

  8. Sherrill

    WOW!! I’ve heard the cases are on the rise. Was just in today having my hair done and after finished, my hairdresser checked her phone and said her last client of the day had to bow out due to just finding out SHE had it!! I’ve been vaccinated and boosted 3 times (I think) so hopefully that’ll see me through as my birthday is the 4th and I’m leaving on a cruise that day! Get well quick!

    1. Linda R Thompson

      Sherrill, did you get a shot this fall! You need the current strain, do get it if you are going on a crowded boat or any mass crowds. We get a new shot whenever they come out. Our pharmacist is great for keeping track of us. A year ago in May, I put off us getting the Covid booster…1 week late…and we both got Covid. Our sons told us about the infusion … our dr. Gave us both that, and the Covid was much milder than the first time. We were unfortunate enough to be one of the first cases in the USA. That one was wicked and no one had a clue what to do with it. But, get your Covid shot today, if you are sailing next month. You would not want to be responsible for a whole boat to be tied up in harbour.

  9. Cathie

    Oh, Mary, I do hope you get better and feel better soon. Please know you are in
    my prayers for a speedy recovery. I think the doctor made a mistake. We here have
    had all the boosters.
    Do hope your husband doesn’t get it.
    Those tiny sewing machines are so cute! Thank you for sharing even though you don’t feel well.

  10. Beryl BC

    Sorry to hear you picked up Covid, and hope you feel better soon. As others have said, there are a bunch of viruses making the rounds.
    It was fun to see all the pictures of the little sewing machines, mine included. I’m not a collector; I just have one I found and haven’t parted with.
    Currently I’m working on blocks for the local quilt guild Quilts of Valor program. That will likely be my New Year’s Day project as well.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beryl – I loved your little machine -better yet how you came about to own it!

  11. Karen in California

    Sorry to hear you have covid. =:( My mom is 91 and she had the original 2 vaccines plus 5 boosters with the last one being given in early November. She came down with covid in mid-December. She’s feeling better now. My sister-in-law has a similar story. The original 2 shots plus many boosters. She had the last booster in the fall and came down with covid in late November. My mom’s doctor’s advice was stay hydrated, rest and for us to keep a close eye on her. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  12. Kathy Hanson

    I am so sorry to hear that you are sick! We have had our latest shot for Covid and, knock on wood, we haven’t had it still – So I do think that it is worth it but….. you never know. Not the best way to see in the new year but, as we all know “it is what it is”!! I hope you are getting well quickly. OUr Next door neighbor has it again – We keep hoping to avoid it. Please feel well soon – thinking of you and hoping that you will be really good really soon! Love you!!

  13. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, USPS has free ones if you fill in the form. I had to put Covid Test in the Search box. Unfortunately, they may not get there in time for you but maybe for Rick or someone you know. Said the shelf life is longer than the first ones.

  14. Ann in Virginia

    I’m so sorry, and I hope this passes soon and you feel better. I really worry about the stuff China is sending us. Please take care!!

  15. Sherry

    So sorry to hear you have Covid. Rest as much as you can.
    Happy New Year,
    Remember me?

  16. Joyce from NY

    So sorry to hear you have Covid Mary, I’ve heard it’s going around here too & some kind of bug or flu too. I didn’t go to my granddaughter’s Xmas basketball tournament because of it, but she got 34 points without me so that’s a good thing!
    Happy New Year everyone 🏀🏀

  17. Sue in Oregon

    While you have the real Covid, I have a fake one. I had my 4th booster yesterday and I always, always have a reaction that feels just like the flu. Mine should go away soon and I wish yours would too. Let your body tell you what to do for the next few days. Thinking of you resting a lot….

    1. Brenda in Georgia

      It is so interesting to me how some people always have a reaction to the Covid vaccine. My best friend always does as does my son. I have never had any reaction to it at all or to the flu vaccine. But I had a big time reaction to the RSV vaccine. Being a scientist by training, I am fascinated by this. Add this to all the other things for which there is no definite answer yet, and a reminder that no two people are the same.

      1. Sue in Oregon

        Brenda…My husband never gets a reaction and I always do. You are right, we are all different. I am afraid of the RSV vaccine because of this. I have not heard of very many cases here in Oregon.

  18. Diane Deibler

    Sorry to hear that you have Covid,Mary. Bob had it mid December and he has had all the boosters;last one in October. I stayed far away from him because we thought he had a bad cold. His only last about 3 days with a very runny nose. I did not get it. Two of my daughters and 1 granddaughter had I it over Christmas. So far,the rest of their family members haven’t gotten it. None have had the latest booster. This is Molly’s 4th time and Sarah’s second. I think it’s a big crap shoot!!!!! Just like the flu and colds. Stay warm and push the liquids and Tylenol. It was predicted to be a bad winter for all the viruses this year.

  19. Deb

    Hope you feel better soon, being sick wastes too much time to us no-sitters!
    You have one of the few GOOD drs, hang onto him.

  20. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I hope you will be feeling better soon! Take care and drink lots of fluids (but go easy on the iced tea!!).
    I am planning a mini-quilt for Monday (12” x 12”) as I like to start the new year with a quilt I can make in a day (if it goes to plan!). A fresh beginning and something finished to show for it right away! I have my eye on a pretty 12” robin block from Apples and Beavers for my new year’s quilt 2024.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fiona – that’s a great idea! My quilt will not be big – I have no room for big.

  21. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Hi Mary, sorry you have COVID. Hope you recover soon. My husband and I keep up on our boosters. Somehow we have avoided getting that nasty bug. We have been married 45 years today. I woke up that first morning to his golden retrievers nose in my face because he had crawled up on the bed between us sometime during the night. Now we have a golden and a havanese. Two noses that like to wake us up!

  22. Sharon G.

    Mary – I hope you get well ❤️‍🩹 soon. Every time there’s a new Covid booster, my doctor doesn’t think they’re effective and doesn’t recommend them. Then again he won’t shut up about getting a yearly flu shot. My doctor might not recommend Covid boosters, but I do! I had the initial 2 Covid vaccinations in 2021 and have had 4 Covid boosters, the last one in October 2023. Recently I got a RSV vaccination, too. It’s entirely up to us whether or not we get the shots.
    Just take care of yourself, Mary. 🤗

    Today is my first birthday without my husband. It truly was a blessing to have had him in my life for over 40 years and 40 birthdays. I miss him. My friends are taking me out for dinner or cooking dinner for me. This is all part of the journey I started on January 31st. I’m just going with where it takes me!

    I pre-shrunk the fabric for my hydrangea quilt that I hope to work on tomorrow and New Year’s Day. I need 41 blocks (6-1/2”). I need to clean the house a little bit too, but I think I can work that in between cutting the blocks. HA! HA!

    Take care everyone and be safe!

    1. Brenda in Georgia

      I have had all the vaccines with no problems. I am a biologist and believe in the science. Thankfully we still have free will and as adults we can still make our own decisions, but I for one would change doctors if he/she doesn’t rely on the scientific data.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have some good friends thinking about you.

  23. Kris in WI

    Adding my prayers for recovery to those above. You have heard all the advice and I’m sure you are doing the best you can. If you can’t blog for a few days, we will understand.
    The photos of the tiny sewing machines were a treat! I never had a toy sewing machine and I never felt a need to collect mini machines. So, OK, maybe I’m a little green with envy over that red machine in the 1st picture…and the turquoise machine in the 2nd picture…and the Holly Hobby machine would be so cute displayed with the H.H. doll quilt I made when my daughter was little.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures, everyone! And stay well! Kris

  24. Teresa in Indiana

    Mary, so sorry you are feeling the darn Covid effects. I hope you find relief soon. I just got back from 4 hrs in the ER. I popped something in my knee and cannot bear weight on that leg. It’s my 47th anniversary too. Not the way I had thought we’d be spending today. Feel better soon. I’m resting with you. ♥️

  25. Rhoda Ebersole

    Wishing you get well wishes as 2024 arrives.
    Do people at your church have Covid?
    Not fun at all.
    The miniature sewing machine pictures are so cute!!!

    Thank you for the day brighteners.
    Is Rick okay???”

  26. Sandi

    Praying that you feel better soon! 🙏🏻 I’m going to be visiting my daughter next week so I can’t start a new quilt but I am starting a new cross stitch project. I do that every year. I love all the pictures of the sewing machines. I need to take a picture of mine, it’s quite old and I have the box it came in. My sister found it in a thrift store and bought it for me. Hugs,

  27. Bonnie

    Like Rhonda, we got free covid tests as well. About a month ago or so. I believe I got an email from USPS. I signed up for mail previews via my email so they have my email address.

    I’m so sorry you are ill Mary. I’m surprised by your doctor’s advice. We have gotten the initial two vaccines and four boosters. Healthy so far but then we never go anywhere except groceries.

  28. Jeanne in Co.

    In looking back over the pictures of the sewing machines, I realized that the two pictures with the big groups of machines all belong to the same person. Did I count 15? Wow, it’s a good thing you and Mary don’t live in the same shopping area, you’d be competing to buy those toys. What a fun display.
    To Jean in Co. – this Jeanne lives in Loveland. What fun it is to read all the comments in today’s blog and realize all of us love those toy machines, we are all kids at heart. Have a blessed day everyone. Sending prayers to you, Mary and to anyone else that is feeling sad or is ill.
    Jeanne in Co

  29. Tammy Guerrero

    Prayers you are feeling better soon. Not a good way to start the new year! Never the less, Happy New Year to you and all your critters!

  30. LaNan

    Wishes for feeling better soon! It’s not fun to be sick especially when you have ideas and plans rolling in your head! I was out of commission for 2-1/2 weeks early in December and that was poor planning!!! But now I’ve got my energy back and it’s time to shovel out and organize my sewing room!!! Happy and healthy new year!

  31. patti

    mary, i hope you get well quickly. i know you find it difficult to rest, but you may have to ‘try harder’ this time. rest and plenty of fluids. prayers added to all the others. take care of yourself and don’t worry about us. we will wait for you. patti in florida

  32. Susy B

    Yes, I’m afraid Covid is with us now and forever. Keep comfortable and relax with a good book or a little hand stitching, if you fell well enough… or a sweet nap.
    Be well.

  33. Donna O from WI

    I’m sorry to hear that you have Covid and hope you recover quickly. I hope you get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids and whatever you need to treat your symptoms to get some relief soon. Glad to hear you got in to see the doctor right away.
    I too received my free government test kits recently as it seems that cases are really picking up again all over. It only took a week or so to receive them. I’ve had my flu shot and was planning on going back for my Covid vaccine in early December when I got bronchitis. I didnt test positive for Covid but got treated with steroids and an antibiotic. I have an autoimmune disease and it was recommended by my doctor to get the covid vaccine so I will be getting it next week now that I’ve finally recovered.
    I love your blog and seeing all the pictures of Christmas decorations and now of the vintage toy sewing machines as well. I had no idea that the there were so many different types made. Your blog about nothing is fun to read, but I hope you rest for now and take time to care of yourself not worry about the blog until you are better. Prayers for restored health.

  34. Ann in PA

    Oh no! I hope it’s a mild case of COVID. Praying you can rest and recover quickly so you can get back to quilting and normal routine.
    Wish I still had my toy sewing machine. Love seeing all those toys from years long ago.

  35. Brenda in Georgia

    So sorry you have Covid again? I am hearing of so many people getting it now. One family had a get together (with many kids) and everyone there came down with Covid.
    I have several issues (diagnosed medically fragile) and 4 doctors and all of them told me to get ALL the vacicnes and keep up to date on all of them. They all say the vaccines will not prevent you from getting the illness but will keep you from dying. Plus which they advise me to continue wearing a mask when going anywhere I am concerned about and stay away from sick people. I almost hate to say this (knock on wood) but so far I have not had Covid or the flu. Please, God , I hope my good fortune continues. I live by myself and would have no one close by to help me.
    I am hoping you can get over this illness quickly. I know how you like to keep busy and involved and this has to be frustrating. Thank you for all the photos. I never realized that there were toy sewing machines and that so many collected them.

  36. Barbara Firesheets

    Sorry to hear you’ve got that crappy Covid again. ☹️ Hope you’re feeling better soon. ❤️🙏 I forwarded an email to you from that has several patterns (most of them are free downloads). Hope this will give you some ideas for your New Year’s Day new quilt. Happy New Year everyone! 🎉🎊

  37. Kelli

    Oh Mary – I’m so sorry to hear you have COVID!! Please take care of yourself and rest oodles, drink lots of water and DON’T overdo. It’s the pits and I’m praying for a quick recovery ❤️

  38. Janet Easley

    So sorry to hear of the COVID bug ending your year with a downer. Yuck! Adding my prayers to others, already mentioned, for a return to health very soon. The blog is always fun to read, but, your health is more important. We readers will be waiting for it to return when you feel better.
    My goodness, so many miniature machines! It’s fun to see the variety of colors, styles and designs.
    Good health wishes for all in 2024.
    Jan in Arizona

  39. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh, no…what a way to start the new year! I hope you get better soon and no lingering effects.
    Those sewing machines are truly gems. What a beautiful collection. Thanks to everyone for sharing.
    I love the “garden walk” embroidery. I don’t do much embroidery, but love seeing it.

    I hope everyone got their blackeyed peas ready for NewYears.

  40. Gail in Ohio

    What a way to end this year and start the next – with Covid! I’m so very sorry and pray you’ll be better very soon!
    I’m going to check on the link that some folks recommended for free test kits – not a bad idea to have some in the house, especially since we are having extended family here over MLK weekend.
    I was going to send you a photo of the toy sewing machine I got for Christmas one year when I was little, but I saw one just like it from someone else! It came from Sears and I have it stored in the box – and I’m too lazy to go take a photo… LOL!

  41. NancyTD

    Get well soon. Rest and liquids. Guess ice tea is good too! Ha!Ha!
    Enjoyed seeing all the small machines. Sunflower’s blocks are so pretty. A lot of work for the maker.
    Happy New Year to all!

  42. Kathy in NY

    Forgot to mention those beautiful pieces of embroidery. They are charming!
    Such a skill as is piecing for quilts.

    1. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

      Thank you! I mostly worked on those blocks during car rides, including one trip to Florida from Michigan. I find embroidery a stress reliever when riding in the car with my husband driving! Although he is a good parker, always in the lines!

  43. Kathy in western NY

    I hope Rick stays healthy as you don’t need both of you out of commission. It seems like people I know are picking up another bug once they get over the first thing so rest as your resistance and immunity gain healthy cells to fight off. Flu numbers are higher here in our county but we had Covid clinics that I hope helped. The years of masking helped prevent spreads and many of us say it was nice not even having colds those years. Our doctor advised us to keep up to date on both flu and Covid boosters due to the new variants so we did. I felt especially grateful after having surgery in November that I was boosted for the 5th time as it’s an area you can pick up most anything. Hope 2024 has you well enough to sew that first day.

  44. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Sorry to hear you’ve got Covid. Know we are pulling for your case to be mild and short.

  45. Diane in Colorado

    I’m so sorry to hear COVID found you again. Sounds like you got a pretty bad case, too. Do take care of yourself and rest often!

    I finally have a contract on my house, so I am scrambling to move the last of my belongings. I’m so excited to finally be able to move my furniture and actually get truly settled into my new home! I’m having to do some serious purging as I find out what really fits in the smaller space and what does not, but that’s a good thing. My kids don’t have much interest in “stuff”, so I need to pare down so I’m not leaving them a nightmare! My tree will come down today, too!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – funny, isn’t it? Our generation are collectors yet todays kids and young adults are minimalists. I am giving away things now to friends who express interest in my things. Congrats on your house sale!! Now you can really settle in.

      1. Tina W in Oregon

        A good friend of mine always says “Giving while you’re living is knowing where it’s going”. I like that idea.

    2. patti

      diane, glad to hear you got a contract on your house. now the ‘real’ fun starts. that down-sizing can be a bear. i’ve been doing it with everything except sewing related. really need to unburden myself of some of my sewing machines. good luck. i know once you get moved, things will start to be better. i’ve heard that as you downsize, our bodies ‘down size’ also. would like to believe that it true. good luck. patti in florida

  46. Lisa B

    I am sorry to hear you have COVID.
    I’ve had a mild case twice. A friend did extensive research and found that the current strain of covid had changed so the current booster is ineffective. I’m glad your doctor was honest and didn’t inject you with something that’s no longer effective.

    My mom had a collection of mini sewing machines. Several of these look like ones she owned. Memories…

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lisa- I’m glad to hear that because I would hate to think my dr. steared me wrong. I’d like to hear from some who did get the booster and still got Covid because I’m sure it happens.

  47. Diana in Des Moines

    Sorry you caught the bug. I’ve heard Mucinex is a lifesaver. Sounds like you’re on top of it with rest and fluids. Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery. Take care

  48. Henners (Mn)

    Mary here’s hoping your bout with Covid is short lived now that you probably received Paxlovid ? I’ve had it twice, most recently Oct 1. I wasn’t miserable but it did leave some lingering side effects which involve my mouth and wish those symptoms would return to normal.
    I had 3 of the shots but can’t do booster until January (told to wait 3 months after last Covid). I’ll get it as I’m sure it helps keep symptoms more tolerable. I just heard the other day that Covid was free to patiybut now the govt will be charging & it’s not cheap. Hopefully I won’t get it again & test that theory.
    Do rest, drink your “tea” 😉 and get better. I too loved all the machines. Wish I had one.

  49. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, so sorry that you are feeling sick! I haven’t given much thought to starting a new quilt on New Years’ day but I am going to come up with one today so that I will be ready. College football has been a bummer for me. Both of my teams have lost. I believe that this portal is going to destroy the game.
    I hope you feel better soon! Can’t wait to see what quilt you start on Monday!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I have about 6 vying for the nod – I’ll lay them out and post them tonight, just for inspiration.

  50. Jill Klop

    Oh Mary! I’m so sorry that you got Covid! My doctor didn’t recommend the latest vaccine either. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  51. Pat

    Ugh. COVID is nasty, miserable and just awful. When I had it a 1 year ago I felt my head would explode it hurt so badly and it felt like someone torched my sinuses. They felt like they were on fire. I’m surprised your primary told you not to get it especially considering our age. Have you called your doctor? The vaccine this Fall has been designed for the latest variants at the time. Of course it’s still not 100 percent effective but it helps, hopefully, to keep us from getting really sick. The jury is still out on the vaccines as far as long term safety. I just ( a few days ago) got the latest vaccine because o always have a few bad days afterwards with achiness and general unwell feeling. And then I got a cold early October that went on for weeks.etc. There are a lot of cruddy viruses going going around now. Anyway I blather on and you probably don’t feel like reading anything right now. I hope you can take ibuprofen and acetaminophen to help with the pain. I do hope you feel better but it takes time. I’m sorry you feel so crappy. Pat in Md.

  52. MAUREEN Mullarkey

    Mary, I hope you are feeling better! I came out to Colorado the week before Christmas and started feeling bad, Christmas Eve my son took me to Urgent Care and I had Influenza A. Feeling better now but I stayed in my room for a few days so no one would get sick. Many blessings to you in the New Year!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Maureen – oh, how miserable! My Dr. Said if I had a fever, it was probably flu and according to her the flu was bad. All that way to spend days in your room – ugh.

  53. joy in NW Iowa

    So sorry you got Covid! Get well soon!! It is really going around up in this area also. All the get togethers keep it going. We got together an eek ago and so far, no one is sick.
    The Michigan kids left for home after lunch on Thursday! It was so nice to have them here again. Sure, it is busy and lots of commotion, but it goes way too fast! The 1 1/2 year old was getting really comfortable with grandpa and I and then they go home. But, I am thankful they got home safe and sound,
    My sewing machine was lonesome….so yesterday I spent some time with it!

  54. Jan in Blue Earth

    Did you get the monoclonal antibody medicine? When I had Covid a couple of years ago it bounced me right back to feeling good, overnight. I’m not impressed with your doctor’s advice…

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – this is what she has me taking –
      Warm compresses to face
      Water and rest
      So we’d better keep in touch regarding your visit – after reading some blog comments I may still be sick – what a horrible thought!!!! I am looking forward to seeing you guys!

  55. Linda in Michigan

    Hope you start feeling better soon, it’s no fun being sick. Next time insist on getting a booster, you might still get Covid, but maybe a milder case.

  56. Sheryl Harrison

    Mary, I’m so sorry you are sick. I avoided Covid for 4 years. I had all of the shots and boosters, the last one in early November. I got Covid in early December. Several people I know got Covid recently so I agree with your statement the booster may not be effective. Take care of yourself and feel better soon. If I lived close to you, I’d help with your chores.

  57. Mary H

    Hope you heal soon. It is everywhere. My husband just had it for 16 days and he never gets sick. Just rest.

  58. Janet in WV

    Mary I’m so sorry you got that nasty stuff again. I’m too far away to help, but I can pray for you. Thanks for all you do.

  59. Jo in Michigan

    Here’s to getting better Mary. I hope Rick doesn’t catch it. I hear this strain is a rough one. I have known several people this month that have had it. Most have not had the latest booster. Covid is not going away so I will continue getting my covid shot every fall just like my flu shot. But now that you have had it you have the antibodies for a few months. And yes you can still get free covid test kits at I received mine about a month ago.
    Hope you are well enough to sew on January 1st
    And if you’re not quite feeling it then start your new quilt whenever. Your New Year’s Day can be any day you feel like it’s a new day!
    Rest and feel better soon. Love and prayers for you ♥️.
    Jo in Michigan

  60. Marcia-Ohio

    So sorry about your Covid diagnosis. Take care and get rest.
    Love the pictures of machines-very interesting. The museum at Missouri Star has a large collection of machines but I don’t recall toy ones. There sure are a variety of toy machines.
    Been trying to longarm projects so binding in the evening to pass the time. Makes the long evenings go faster than just sitting in front of tv.

  61. Kathy SW PA

    I feel your pain, Mary. I’ve had covid for 3 weeks and add a sinus infection on top of that. Get well soon!

  62. Marilyn Miller

    Darn the COVID, ever sorry to hear it caught you and that you feel so awful. I hope Rick doesn’t catch it, too! I’m going with a friend today to watch the new animated movie ‘Migration.’ Looks like fun to me. Neither of us has a child to take along. Gonna make 4 small chicken pot pies for our supper before heading out. Comfort food for a dreary winter day. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  63. Deb R.

    Feel better soon Mary. Maybe just looking at your fabric and deciding on your New Year’s quilt will make you feel better. We all know you have trouble resting. You’re a rolling stone with no moss. 😉 Take care.

  64. Meredith in Cincinnati

    So sorry you’re feeling poorly. Rest, fluids, chicken soup. 2024 will be better! Thanks for posting the pretty toy machines. Fun to look at!

  65. ChristieB

    Take care Mary! Covid is no fun, no matter what! Rest!!! And drink lots of water. Hopefully, I am on the down side of it – This is Day 6 for me and I am feeling better(?) still have “cold” symptoms, at least no fever for the last 4 days! And, I do have my smell and taste back. Isn’t it strange(?) that I don’t hear of hardly anyone having the flu anymore, they all have Covid! We’re all thinking of you and sending HUGS… and good get well vibes to you!

  66. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    So sorry you are sick 😷! My daughter just had the flu diagnosed yesterday. I was with her for a 5 hour car drive and shopping in the Dallas area Wednesday and she got a fever the next day. Trader Joe’s is too far away to go often and I hate all the traffic. So far I feel fine. I got my flu shot on the 20th and pharmacist said 2 weeks to be effective, that’s close. Also it wasn’t too late since flu hits Texas more in January, February and march. He was very good, I didn’t even feel it! I say go ahead with the special “iced tea “, the nutrients will be good for you. Also Vicks vaporrub on your chest. I hope Rick stays well to be your nurse and animal caretaker for you, 🤗 hugs!

  67. Sheila

    Mary, I am sorry to hear that you are sick. Please get lots of rest. That is the best medicine. You do so much others now it is time to take care of you.
    Loved the toy sewing machine photos.
    Be well

    Sheila in MA

  68. Linda in MI

    I just got over my fifth bout of covid so I feel your pain – mine really wasn’t to bad this time other than I didn’t do anything for a week because all I could do is sleep. About two days after I felt somewhat normal I came down with RSV which is rampant as well in Michigan. I probably picked it up doing child care licensing inspections where kids always have snot noses and a lot of children are suffering from RSV. That was worse than my Covid 5. I think I coughed up a couple of lungs!

    My doctor is not giving the last booster because she said it is only effective for about 6 months but if you get the current strain it will make you immune forever and the current strain isn’t bad, just like a simple cold. Well, she must not be talking about the strain you picked up!

    Take care, sleep is wonderful. Tell Rick he has to take care of all the critters and you rest and pamper yourself!

  69. Viv in Idaho

    Dang it! Sorry to hear you are ill. It doesn’t matter how careful you are there just doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid getting sick. Hope you feel better soon.

  70. Gloria from CC

    So sorry Mary you have Covid. Most doctors (mine included) are not advocating Covid shots because the permanent side effects of the shot are far worse than having Covid. And most importantly even though you are up-to-date on all the boosters, people are still getting Covid 4 or 5 times. Enough of that.
    Love all the toy sewing machine pictures. I currently have 19 toy sewing machines but since I’m recovering from total hip replacement last week I didn’t feel up to rounding them up for a group picture.
    I hope everyone has a healthy and happy New Year!

  71. Lynette in Orlando

    So sorry to hear that you are ill and I hope (and pray) you feel better soon. That nasty bug seems to be going around everywhere these days. Definitely the gift that keeps giving. Get lots of rest, soup and fluids. Thoughts and prayers for you to get well soon…….

  72. Kim from Wi

    I do hope you start to feel better soon, Covid just won’t go away. I’m glad you didn’t have it during the Christmas season. Loved all those cute machines.

  73. Jan

    So sorry you have Covid – I just got over it. Be kind to yourself even it means you have to force yourself to be idle.
    The best to you
    Jan Swanda

  74. Cheryl A Saunderson

    Ugh. Covid will just never go away. It is starting to get really bad again but at least you don’t hear of fatal cases anymore. I am seeing more mask wearing again and just heard that some states are making it mandatory in hospitals again. My granddaughter just got over it, again. Son-in-law has had it 4 times He has Crohns disease so his immune system is weakened, and he is very careful. It’s just out there everywhere! Both of my daughters are in the school systems and kids are going home every day. I hope you feel better soon!

  75. Sharon Eshlaman

    Sending a long distance hug and wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope you’re back to 100% real soon.

  76. Martha W in WY

    Oh no, Mary. I hope it doesn’t last long. I’ve had a bug for 5 weeks. It has been improving except a coughing spell occasionally. Love all the little toy sewing machines. Take care

  77. Bonnie McKee

    I’m so sorry you have Covid! My husband and I had it in October. His lingered in his lungs for several weeks but he finally went to the doctor and she recommended musinex (sp?) and it really helped to clear his lungs .
    Take care of yourself and rest rest rest.
    Bonnie in Oregon
    PS It is fun to see all the toy sewing machines!
    Also, the quilts and needlework shown in recent pictures are so inspirational!
    Happy New Year to all!

  78. Sandy

    Hi Mary, sorry to hear you are not well, take it easy, rest fluids(not sure about iced tea!) A good movie and Hazel to keep you warm is my suggestion. Iam planning to get my next shot at the pharmacy next time l go to the mall.
    My cousins husband got a Kings service medal in the new years honors list for services to hockey, she is so proud of Des and all the hard work he has done voluntarily. The Governor General will present his medal at a ceremony at Government House,l don’t know if they have a similar award in Canada ,take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  79. Sue in PA

    I meant to add I hope you start feeling better soon Mary! Don’t you just hate it when everything hurts, even teeth? Ugh! Hopefully you have found something to soothe the pains. How is Rick doing?

  80. Sue in PA

    There are free Covid tests you can get and test at home at the first sign of illness. That way you can get the medicines that lessen the symptoms right away. If your doctor doesn’t prescribe those, you may want to think about going somewhere else, possibly an urgent care. People our age need all the help we can get – Covid boosters, RSV shot, shingles shots, flu and pneumonia shots.

    1. Martha W in WY

      Sue, the COVID tests are not free any longer. I asked at my pharmacy. They said it stopped in April or May.
      So we have to go to a medical clinic to get tested now.

      1. Rhonda in Iowa

        The government is now sending out four free Covid tests if you request them. Go to and it will prompt you through the request process. Mine came very quickly. This just started in November. There is also information regarding the extended expiration dates on all tests. Most seem to work for 1 year longer than the date on the boxes.

      2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        The last I knew you could still order them online for free. Also, there are many long term after affects of Covid. We know a young woman in her 30’s who could not get out of bed for almost a year. She had to quit her teaching job. Just now she is feeling some better. It is worse for older people. It is safer to get the vaccines. We got a new one in Oct. that covers the new variant. Also, Paxlovid can help if you do get Covid. It is also helpful to notify people you have been around b/c you are more contagious 2 or 3 days before you know you have it. Covid is not something to ignore!!
        Feel better soon, Mary!💐💐

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane – I was at church Christmas morning, Lund’s for lunch, TOm and Becky’s Tuesday night but they had a booster so they aren’t worried. Where did I get it? Anywhere but probably church – lots of it there.

  81. Arrowhead Gramma

    Will be saying prayers for your recovery. You have to be healthy to keep us updated on the blog about nothing. Take care. ❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️

  82. Polly Blank

    I started a little early on my 2024 quilt. I got two gallons bags of fabric from my local thrift store. They are in fall colors which are my favorite, especially orange. I’m making a simple Churn Dash quilt. I’m doing 9″ blocks since some of the fabric is pretty small.
    Hope you feel better soon, Polly

  83. Candy

    When all my teeth ache like that, I know it’s sinus related and it’s time for “cold & sinus” pills (I take Advil because Tylenol makes me loopy for some reason). Anyway, it works for me every time. So sorry that darn Covid caught up with you … just what you were afraid of! Feel better soon and try to take some time to rest.

    1. Brenda in Georgia

      Candy, I have had the same thing happen to me about the sinus and teeth hurting. When my doctor prescribed a well known nasal spray to me to help with allergies, I had all of the side effects of that nasal spray, which was exactly like having a sinus infection, including the teeth hurting. It was horrible. Also when I took 2 Tylenol (which I have been told by my kidney doctor is the only pain killer I should take)for a reaction to the RSV vaccine (felt like I had the flu) I felt like I was not fully awake and functional for two days. I had also felt the sleepiness before. My mother had told me years ago that Tylenol made her sleepy, and I sort of pooh pooed it, but now I totally believe her . If you google it, it is a well known fact, but the doctors never mention it. Sorry to carry on so, but it feels good to know that someone else has the same reaction to Tylenol and it isn’t all in my head! I have had so many drug reactions.

  84. Jeanne in Co.

    Oh Mary, I’m so sorry to hear that nasty covid has you in its grip. I wonder why the doctor wouldn’t advise you to get this last booster shot. I have heard of other doctors who feel the same way and then there are those who are definite that we should all get the shots. It is hard to know what to do. Just take it easy and get lots of rest. I pray you are feeling back to your normal self in a day or two. We all care about you.
    The photos of the sewing machines are great. Wow, did I count nine in one picture and ten in another? You lucky gals. Wouldn’t you like to know all the stories of the machines and the gals who owned them first? Are Singer and the other companies still making them?
    Happy New Year everyone. 2024 is just a few hours away. Jeanne in Co.

  85. Beryl in Owatonna

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. REST and drink water. Praying you have a speedy recovery. REST

  86. Sara Gray

    Hope you feel better soon! Also hope you were given something to shorten the duration of this round of Covid.

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