Crockpot Hamburgers, 2-8-23

Since several readers have asked the same question I thought this would be easier.

How long to cook the hamburger?

It really depends on your crockpot – some are hotter than others but if I cook 2 pounds of hamburger on high it would take about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. It’s a chore to drain but I hang on tight and do it anyway holding the crockpot with potholders and keeping the lid on tight.

You could also use a crockpot liner and you wouldn’t even have to wash the crockpot!!!! We love a thick layer of sliced onions on the bottom and serve those onions on top of our burger on a bun. I’ve even put shredded cheese on top of the hamburger when it’s almost done. Voila! Cheeseburgers in the crockpot!

If you think the burger that you cut from the crockpot is too thick I have also sliced in half horizontally to fit on the bun easier. One reader asked about making the patties first and cooking them in the crock pot which is the perfect solution but the reason I did this in the first place was because it hurts my arthritic hands to make the patties – all that pressing of the fingers. Ugh.

More than you needed to know???? Haha! I hope I’ve answered all the questions about hamburger in the crockpot. If not, ask away – I’ll try to answer.

30 thoughts on “Crockpot Hamburgers, 2-8-23

  1. Sheila

    Sounds delish!! Adding cheese “MMM good”. I always use the liners, makes clean up very easy. Trying it for Saturday. Thanks again for the great idea.

    Sheila in MA

  2. Amy M

    I sometimes use a turkey baster to “suck” off the fat from browning hamburger. Usually 2 or 3 tries gets most of it and I pat down the rest with a paper towel.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Good idea! But I also hate to clean the baster – I’m a lazy cook.

  3. Tanya T. in Houston

    Cold front with some rain heading in…supper in the crockpot!! You are wonderful! Time to sew a little!

  4. Carla in sunny West Michigan where mud season has arrived

    Thank you for your how you do your burgers in the crockpot!
    The irony is, our burger patties were thawing as I read your post this morning. We had burgers today cooked in a skillet on top of the stove. Stove got a good wipe down after. Your cooking technique was part of lunch conversation. Biggest question was how long did you cook them.
    We buy ground beef in bulk at a local butcher for the freezer regularly. Our breaking down of the large amount is done into burgers and smaller 8 to 12 ounce packages to mix with our venison from last season. I use my metal half cup measure to divide the bulk meat, form into patties. Patties are placed on lined cookie sheet and frozen. Next day, they get placed in freezer bags in packages of 8 (just like the buns) dated and go in the big freezer.

  5. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    I love it. I make menus each week—I know OCD😹 —so it will be on the menu😀. Thanks, Mary.

  6. Jane from St Marys IA

    Since we raise our own beef I have patties made at the locker when we butcher. I usually layer 8 patties & on the bottom I put some sauce that I actually get from TN but you can use Baby Ray’s which the original recipe called for. Then for each layer I put some sauce…not a lot but to flavor them all. I cook them on high for 4 hours as they are still slightly frozen when I put them in. The sauce is thin but since we don’t eat them all…usually….I freeze them in the leftover sauce & then reheat in that sauce. This is about the only the way I do burgers anymore since it’s so easy with the crockpot liners. Our vet & his assistant love to eat these when they are here working cattle so I know what to fix them on that day!

      1. Jane from St Marys IA

        It sure is. Since the vet & his assistant usually eat 2 burgers each…I make 2 crockpots full of them. Then I’m assured some leftovers!

  7. Nancy Schulz

    Thanks for this great solution to “another dinnertime dilemma!”
    Love the crockpot, if I remember to plan ahead! Sounds Yummy!

  8. Gayle in Tennessee

    Thank you Mary for the additional information. I would never have thought of cooking hamburgers in the crockpot. I am certainly going to try it!

  9. Sharon in North Carolina (previously in Oswego, Illinois)

    I love this idea about cooking burgers! Easy as pie. Plus, I’m like you, the more onions, the merrier!

  10. Lois Ann Johnson

    The reason this method appeals to me is because of the “no spattering of grease” on the stove. Plus, it looks like a time-saver. That is why I love my crockpot so much! Thanks for all of your timely tips, Mary. It sure has felt like spring the last several days here in northern Iowa. I even ran my car through the carwash on Sunday afternoon. Bailey, of course, went along for the ride! That girl LOVES to go “bye-bye.”

  11. Billie

    I was going to ask that very question! Glad I waited. Sounds really good, might do it for super bowl Sunday, as sliders.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – and probably less time in an Instant Pot compared to a crockpot. Good idea, thanks.

  12. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    This crockpot method sounds so easy. I do have some arthritis so I divide my ground hamburger from the package into 1/3 lb (approx) “lumps”, then roll each into a rough ball. I put a 10” piece of wax paper down with a ball on it, then another piece of wax paper. I use an old circular Tupperware seal (mine says C on the tab) and push it down evenly with my hands, not too thin and sized to fit on the bun. Season, then, voila, nice round patties that all cook evenly. I too hate the messy spatters so will be trying the crockpot with a liner. I usually make several burgers at a time for leftovers. Mary, thank you; this cooking idea is genius.

  13. Ynthia from SW Minnesota

    I found the comments very interesting today and am going to give this a try, something new for me, until I read this, Inhad never heard of cooking hamburgers in the crockpot. Are there sources to look up as well?

  14. Kim from TN

    I love this idea of making hamburgers in the crock pot and I will use a liner so the cleanup will be easy. After reading all the comments I like the ideas of adding some barbecue sauce along with lots of onions. Perfect for super bowl Sunday.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Kim, I am going to do the same thing this Sunday for Super Bowl. Onions, burgers, bbq sauce and maybe some slabs of bacon on top! I need to get some blue cheese and buns yet but gosh I am excited to try this new recipe. I bought some of the liners and haven’t used them yet so time to break out the package.
      You helped us Mary with this recipe!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – I’m sorry it’s just you! You can do this in a small crockpot with just one pound of hamburger.

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