Let’s Catch Up, 2-9-23

Did everybody including me forget that Wednesday was RUG DAY? Good grief! All that yakkity yak about crock pot hamburgers made me forget what day it was!! Hahaha! That and my ever increasing lack of memory or the presence of brain farts must be the reason, huh?

Let’s start with reader quilts – I need to see more reader quilts.

So how do you like my clean sewing room now?

JB2 and JB3

Telly is safe under my sewing island.

Three can sleep anywhere!

Must be about $10 worth, don’t you think?

Here’s a picture found online that I love – but who could sacrifice a grand piano?

I’ll get started on the next rug step and post it later today in a separate post that you should save in a folder. I will not repost it.

39 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up, 2-9-23

  1. Diane in Colorado

    My favorite part of your sewing room is all of your cute sewing buddies!!!

    So many talented people here!! Love the quilts!

  2. Shirley from Oregon

    One thing I know, the animals all love your clean sewing room. Lol
    Shirley from Oregon

  3. Tina in Oregon

    You have great “help” in the sewing room! I love Sue’s quilt made from your pattern. I need to make one! The piano shelf is a clever idea but would take up a lot of room!
    I buy a dozen brown eggs for $4 from a local farm. Regular eggs are $2.79 at our local grocery store but you can really tell the difference in the way they cook up and taste.

  4. Kim from TN

    Oh, my that piano shelf is stunning, and I love that they kept the foot pedals. Your sewing space needs a few more projects so it doesn’t look so tidy, lol I took 3 quilts to my long armer and it feels so good to have them done to this point. It’s been sunny, 60 and warm the past few days in middle TN, but they say rain is coming. My daffodils are up and blooming, spring has arrived.

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Your sewing room is PERFECT!!!!! Critters and all. Isn’t the quilt with the 3 chickens one of your patterns?

    The snow melted, except from the big piles. There is a lot of green grass in my yard!! Spring can’t be too far behind.

    And look up the poem “Dust if You Must” and it will put everything in prospective.
    Chin up everybody. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – our snow has not melted! I see one tiny patch of brown grass where the snow had already blown off and that’s all. Ugh

  6. Ruth Elaine Burgart

    Hello everybody. This is Ruth from Stuart, FL. I stumbled upon your site last week and have been reading your wonderful posts with delight every day. You guys are great. Love all the comments. I am originally from Spencerport, NY – just outside of Rochester. Grew up on a farm so I’m used to all the farm animals…and snow!!! I’ve been sewing since I was 10 thanks to 4-H. For years I made all my own clothes, but in the mid-’90’s I turned to quilting. I have made dozens of quilts and given most of them away. Right now my big project is to make a quilt for each of my niece’s 5 girls. I have completed 4 and am working on #5. I will try to send pictures but one thing I’m NOT is technical, so that might take me a while to figure out how to do that. This morning when I walked my dogs, it was a chilly 71 degrees. Sorry, I just had to throw that in. 🙂 🙂 Hope you don’t mind me being an interloper.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ruth – WELCOME! My own mother despised sewing and I just begged to sew. In 4-H my leader invited me to her house for the day and she helped me make a pink gingham skirt. That was just the beginning! Haha!

    2. Betty Klosterman

      Finding Mary’s blog was your lucky day. You have no idea what you are in for, but it will be informative, useful, interesting, funny, useless sometimes, but always very interesting and lots of fun. Welcome to the group.
      Betty in Rapid City

  7. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hey Ruth, Welcome to the best blog ever😀. I am originally from Cuba, Ny—about 75 miles Southwest of Spencerport. There are other Western New Yorkers on here, too. The reader quilts are beautiful. . Mary, all of your fur babies are so cute. Your sewing room is THE place to be! I think you have about $20.00 worth of eggs there. It was 62* here tiday so nice, but now up on our hill, I think we are going to blow away. Buddy loves our screened porch, but he won’t go out in this wild wind!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – we’ll, I’m with Buddy – I hate the wind and Iowa is covered with wind turbines so you know this is a windy place!

      1. Diane and the gang in central ohio

        He spent the night in with the furnace where there are no windows! Poor guy, maybe it is because his ears are so big.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Ruth, I live in your town you grew up in!! Spencerport. My dad was the police chief in the 60’s. I was a 4-H leader and then went to work for the 4-H office in Monroe County. Small world. There are several readers of Mary’s blog from the western half of NYS. You will love our chit chats. And the quilts people make are so inspiring. Welcome!!!

    1. Ruth Elaine Burgart

      Thanks for the warm welcome. Kathy, if you live in Spencerport you probably know half of my family. Of the 8 of us children, only 2 moved away. The rest stayed in that area, many right in Spencerport. Crowley is my maiden name. My brother-in-law was Spencerport Fire Chief for years (Don Magin) and then went on to be NYS Fire Chief. I left the area in 1973 for Idaho, then back to the NYC area in 1980 until 2005, when we moved to FL.
      I enjoy all your comments, especially the ones about the cats and dogs. Love cats…love dogs. I have 2 English Springer Spaniels. Little monsters. Will try to send pictures of quilts and dogs.

      1. Kathy

        Yes Ruth, I knew Don and his wife too, it’s a small town and our son was also fire chief here. I grew up on South Union, 6 kids in my family and I still live on same street, my kids all went and graduated from the same schools that I did as well as our four grandkids. The school administrators laugh when we say how lucky we are to have everyone here, return after college and get good jobs but the funniest is when we all went into school concerts and took up a whole row in the auditorium. You fit right in with the kitties and doggies!! We love them as much as our quilting.

  9. Jane

    Love your clean sewing room. How long will it last. Obviously the animals love it. Can hardly wait for make the crock pot hamburgers. Great idea.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – that was the messy sewing room – I posted it clean a few weeks ago

  10. Francine Fagan

    Welcome Ruth,glad to here from you. I’m from eastern Iowa,Dubuque, on the Mississippi River between Wisconsin and Illinois. Today we received 9.4 inches of heavy wet snow with very diminished visibility. No school today. Worked on putting 2 borders on a 2 color quilt, then shoveled the snow. Spring come soon.

  11. Kathy Hanson

    Your sewing room looks wonderful and all your “helpers” too! Penny thinks me and my sewing room are BORING! Wants to come in to see me but just goes out to the other room and lays around because mamma and that machine are just Too Boring!!!

  12. patti leal

    welcome, ruth. you’ll love it here. conversation and quilts cover the entire spectrum. so much eye candy and animals, etc. i moved to florida from texas in 1981 – we came for five years. yet we are still here. mary, we pay 6.99 to 7.99 for a dozen large eggs. highway robbery, but i do understand about the avian flu. my dd gave up her chickens because of that – she also had two ducks she gave up. i am a city type person as i have never lived in the country (army brat growing up). my dd bought 5 acres in the middle of nowhere in new hampshire. she is entralled with the snow still. not me, had enough to last me a lifetime, mary, i forgot the rug day also. i could wait til next week. i still have about 1/3 of the original strips to stretch. great photos in this post. the dress on the quilt looks like it took a bit of time. patti in florida (outside orlando)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – your comment about stretching the strips for warp rang alarm bells for me. They shouldn’t be real tight or the twining will be very difficult. There will be no “give” to manipulate your strips traveling across the frame. I’d better write another post today to warn everyone.

  13. Janet S

    How is it that Rapid City SD gets to see grass and Minnesota is still buried in snow? It sure makes me hopeful. The chicken table runner is adorable and the applique quilt is a stunner. Ruth, I’m sure you figured out the more the merrier – enjoy your new friends.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – I’m with you – we still have snow cover – everything is white except the middle of our driveway! Betty’s comment about green grass just makes me wistful. It’s 8 degrees this morning.

  14. Linda Schluchter

    I love Hazel, she seems to always be “on top” of everything, only a true TRUE animal lover like you and me would put up with that. My husband complains that I feed Bette and Olivia, my two kittens, on the kitchen island but if I didn’t the dogs would be all over their cat food. I drool over your sewing room! And with all your fur babies you always have someone to talk to, you are never alone and they don’t complain or argue!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – Hazel is the boss of all of us! She thinks she is in charge of everything and if there’s any little cat squabble she’s on it! She is very bossy and even the big dogs let her be the boss. Female Jack Russells are known to be more testy than males but I had to have a girl because I wanted to name her after my mom Hazel! She can be a challenge to put it mildly!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I forgot to say that ALL cat food is on counters throughout our house for the same reason – it doesn’t bother us at all. Rick has had to learn to accept it!

      1. Ruth Elaine Burgart

        Not only did I have to put the cat food on top of the washing machine, I had to cordone off the kitty litter box. My dogs LOVE cat poop. And then, of course, they want to lick your face. Dessert!!!!!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Ruth – ditto except that I think I have finally convinced my dogs that litter boxes are off limits. Ick

          1. Ruth Elaine Burgart

            Hi Mary. Despite the fact that I never really want to touch snow again (!!!), I like seeing pictures of it…at your house!! And your Colton looks very much like my deceased Pepper. The “quilt show” was fabulous. Can’t figure out how to send pictures of my work. Help!!

        2. Jan Hebert

          Omg! Too funny Ruth! You are going to fit right in! We lost our little dog a little over a year ago so our new kitty gets to eat on the floor. He does get up on our table though! Not on the kitchen counters but seems to think it’s ok to be on the table…sigh. I just love the quilt that Sue made – I really want to make that with the plaid fabrics. Have a few collected but need lots more! I think the tea dyed muslin makes it look so antique. I think your sewing room looks just fine, Mary! Especially dotted with all of your favorite animals. Jan in MA

  15. Joy in NW Iowa

    Love all the normal stuff, yikkity yak, etc. some days I have to look at my phone to see what day it is! Love all the quilts and pets! Have a nice week end!

  16. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This post was so much fun. Welcome Ruth, I am glad you found Mary’s blog; it is great!
    I love all the quilting info, but the other topics are so fun, especially the pet conversations. Thanks for all you do for us, Mary. 🥰

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