Daisy Mae

I gave my friend Cindy one of my female geese today. She lost her female goose last week and her remaining male goose was very lonely. I rarely give away an animal but this girl was limping and the rest of the geese were shunning her. I thought she’d be better off with Cindy and her gentleman . Cindy named her Daisy Mae.

4 thoughts on “Daisy Mae

  1. Launa

    My dad’s brother lived in the country and had a flock of geese who were delighted to chase after me flapping their wings and hissing when I’d go out to help feed the cow and her calf. The house was new, but due to WWII there was a metal shortage so there were no pipes available yet to connect to the septic tank sooooooooooo that meant a trip to the out house. I had a small tree branch by the back door I took along just in case the gander spied me and planned an attack when I opened the out house door. I hope Daisy Mae enjoys her new home and brightens the lonely gander’s days.
    I’ve had a delightful morning looking at my birthday fabrics from some good quilting friends…..we just can’t buy it all ourselves!! I bought myself Betsy Chutchian’s JUST TREATS, NO TRICKS new book and am off to quilt BATS.

  2. Dianne H.

    I’m sure Daisy Mae will be very happy at her new home with her new gentleman friend. What a nice thing for you to do.

    I would like to buy the Goat Quilt pattern if you have any left. Can I order it on your web page? I tried to call your phone number, but was told it had been disconnected. Thank you for your help in this matter.

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