Online Sampler Quilt

Finished!! The online sampler quilt top is done and going to Ina for quilting. October and November will bring you the last 2 blocks and Mandy will present the final layout in December. I chose not to add borders but feel free to do that–it could be as simple as squares or random rectangles. I wish I could start over again on this quilt after I see it completed — but I always wish that and time does not permit.
Good luck with your quilt – Mandy will be with you for the final step in December. Watch for the October block next week.

10 thoughts on “Online Sampler Quilt

  1. Karen

    Can hardly wait to see it all together!
    Plus, LOVED the kitty toes and tail in the margin of the photo!

  2. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the quilt along with the cat paws and a tail. Just like our cat, she has to be in the middle of everything.

  3. Gretchen

    What I can see of your quilt looks very pretty and I look forward to seeing it in its entirety and quilted.

    When you sent out the original September patterns, you said the 2nd layout would be published the middle of September. Was this sent? I can’t find it anyway.

  4. Pat

    One question.. Who’s tail is that next to the quilt. They always have to be the center of attention!!

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Did you realize that we can’t see any of the comments? It says there are 7 comments, but they aren’t showing.

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