Day 11 of Civil War Remembered


This quilt is called “Brother Fought Brother” and if you look carefully you will notice that the star block is set with an alternating snowball block.  Quilt measures 47″ x 55.

I took the picture in the piano room and then decided to take it again so I could show you this tall white cupboard.  It sat in the garage for at least 10 years and was, in most mens’ opinion, ready for the burn pile.  Originally it was a built-in pantry-type cupboard  painted turquoise so admittedly it needed some work but Dawn painted it for me and now it holds all my piano music.  I love it!

18 thoughts on “Day 11 of Civil War Remembered

  1. Synthia Noble

    Not only is your cabinet funky-cute, it makes a great quilt rack as well as being good for storing music. It’s a win, win, win………..

  2. Launa

    Some of my favorite fall colored fabrics are in this Brother Fought Brother quilt. Love the way the star blocks are set on point with the alternating black snowball blocks. Black always makes the other colors “pop”!!! Waiting for my book to arrive.

  3. Nikki Mahaffey

    What a great idea using snowball block…going to have to gleem that idea………….

  4. Donna O

    Received my book today and am anxious to looks thru it. Your home is so lovely and you have such a way of decorating. Love your updates.

  5. Patricia Pierce

    I love this quilt. I think it’s stunning. Hooray for the cupboard and it’s new place. It looks great.

  6. Kim T

    Awesome cupboard…so glad it didn’t get to the burn pile! Loving all the quilts in the book
    and as soon as payday gets here will have to order it!

  7. anita fetzer

    Today’s quilt is beautiful as have all the quilts you’ve shone. Want to make them all. The cupboard is fabulous. I love to save old pieces of furniture and put them to good use. Good for you.

  8. Bernadette Jackson

    Mary, would you send me your e-mail address. I would like to ask you a question about the quilts you will be selling.

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