Day 10 of Civil War Remembered


Here is President’s Pride, 36″ x 36″, with Millie included as part of the display.  This is my favorite size of wall quilt or table topper – not so big that I can’t quilt it myself and not so big that it takes me months to piece it!  I also love medallion quilts, old or new, and if you’ve never tried a medallion quilt, this would be a good one to start on.  Accuracy is imperative as each row must fit perfectly – practice makes perfect!

In the left side of the picture is a display case crammed full of antique pincushions which I have shopped for over the years.  Some are simply ingenious and others very plain but hardworking.  Someday I should take out about a dozen at a time and put them on the table and take close-up pictures – I think you’d love it!


And here’s what’s hanging underneath President’s Pride – Purina Tulips from our book “At The Lake” which will be available at our sale – FREE – while they last!  Now are you coming to the sale?

We had ice and snow last night in North Iowa – poor robins! 

24 thoughts on “Day 10 of Civil War Remembered

  1. Louise

    I love vintage sewing notions and quilts. I hope you decide to share with us via photos.
    So sorry about your ice and snow….here in WA state spring is arriving. Everywhere I look I see
    Forsythia in bloom! Love it…

  2. Zeta

    Yes I plan to come to sale . In June right ?
    Originally from Iowa. Currently living in Illinois .
    I think I have to agree with you, doing
    smaller size quilts that we can free motion quilt ourselves
    Verses the expense of having long arm done
    On all. Really enjoy charity Quilting

    See you at sale !!!!

  3. Kristi

    Our quilt group is suppose to make pincushion for trading. Sure would like you to share ones I could make easily .
    Thanks Kristi

  4. Connie Blyler

    Yes, please do Mary!!! (Take out the pin cushions and do close up photos of them.) Would be fun to see. I too am a fan of medallion quilts. I made two President’s Pride quilts when I was a member of Connie’s Civil War Club. One for me and one for very dear friends. It’s still at the top of my ‘favorites’ that I’ve made.

  5. Ann Barlament

    I love those colors in the medallion quilt.

    Am west of Minneapolis and we got a dusting, hope the snow is gone by Tuesday and Thursday as I have medical appointments. So much easier if you don’t have to struggle through the snow.

  6. Carol

    Looking forward to the pincushion photos! Sorry I can’t come to the sale…I love the tulip quilt!

  7. Bonnie

    Would love to see your collection of pin cushions. And I like Kristi’s idea of a pincushion exchange.

    Sure do enjoy seeing the quilts from the new book. That is one book I will buy for sure!

  8. Carolyn Boutilier

    Last Saturday, seeing it national quilt day, I went to my local quilt shop and there was your new book “Civil War Remembered”. I scoffed it up along with a few fat quarters to do some piecing of stars. In the evening I sat down and read your book and love all the quilts. what I like about the book most are table toppers and that I can quilt myself. Thank you for the wonderful book.

    I am loving all the pictures of your home and animals. I am a collector of pin cushions so it will be wonderful to see your collection.


  9. Holly

    I’m enjoying all the pictures of the quilts, and also the mini-tour of your house! I love all the explanations yo;u give about the backgrounds and that you introduce us to your pets! Thanks for the great posts!

  10. Launa

    Nice to see President’s Pride and the fabric assortment selected for it. Love the Purina Tulips quilt you were hiding underneath. I spied the pincushions right away and would love to see them close up in pictures. I made heart shaped pin cushions and decorated them with ribbons, “do-dads”, buttons and beads to give instead of Valentines this year.
    Sorry for the winter still dropping snow…..we have wanted rain for so long here, but now that it’s fresh picked strawberry season at the small field stands….we are enjoying these delicious, fragrant berries now. Just yummie!

  11. Bernadette Jackson

    What an eye you have for showing off your quilting projects — and your critters. I will have to remember what you said about 36 x 36 being an ideal size — a quicker project and you get to quilt it yourself. Thanks, Mary, for all your lovely photos.


  12. Lorna

    Love the Presidents Pride….and the dishes …and the pincushions …and of course Millie!
    I have not done a medallion quilt so, I may have to try this one! Little Millie reminds me of one of our daughters cats that she had in college… those black & white cats.
    P.S. We had 13″ of snow in Prairie du Chien, WI ๐Ÿ™

  13. Carol Berry

    I like the idea of your photographing your antique pincushions and sharing 12 or so pictures at a time!

    I’ve ordered your book, Civil War Remembered: 19 Quilts Using Reproduction Fabrics, through Amazon and am looking forward to receiving it. The book is scheduled to arrive on March 31.

  14. Penny C

    I would love to see close ups of some of those wonderful pin cushions. I cannot wait until my copy of Civil War Remembered arrives!!!

  15. Diane

    No snow in Central Ohio, but still cold. Squeak says “Hi” to her twin Millie. She also sits on every flat surface, but pushes off everything else on it!! I would like to make the President’s Pride wall hanging this summer. Trying to talk my husband into going to your sale. It’s a long way from Ohio!!

  16. Eleanor Laferriere

    I love seeing all your quilts and was so happy to purchase CIVIL WAR REMEMBERED yesterday. Now which one should I make first?

  17. betty

    Enjoy the pictures of quilts you’ve made and your antiques sitting around. Cats add a lot too.

  18. Diane Meyer

    What beautiful quilts! Which one do I make first? Such a fun decision to have to make. We had 5-6 inches of heavy, wet snow here in Elkhorn, Wi overnight. My cats weren’t quite sure what to make of it; the weather has been spring like for the past couple of weeks.

  19. Sara R.

    I also love pincushions and I own a few antique ones which belonged to my grandmother and also one from my mother-in-law. I would enjoy seeing close-up photos of your pincushions.

  20. sandra

    I would love to see your pin cushion collection.I can hardly wait for Civil War Remembered to arrive from Amazon.Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  21. Holly Dea

    I love your Purina Tulips wall hanging. My father was a Purina feed dealer for many, many years in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

  22. Lari Herman

    Love the quilts! We made a stop at the store 3 yrs ago when we picked up our Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy @ Clear Lake. I had always wanted to get there but we hail from Western Nebr. My husband enjoyed lemonade on your patio while I shopped- what a great day!! I ALMOST have him ready to make the trip to the sale! You have been a source of inspiration to me since the late ’70s. Thx for all the fun!

  23. Susan Peters

    Thanks so much for your posts! Appreciate your words and pictures! Am looking forward to working on projects from your new book!

    For all of you in the cold, can you send some West? I am in Phoenix and it’s almost 90 here already (about 10 degrees above normal). Hope you all stay safe in the snow and ice!!!

  24. Carole

    Each one is my favorite! Update from amazon … delivery on Wednesday! Yeah! Your pincushion collection is amazing. Please do have a show. Gifting one of your books at the sale? Just another reason I wish I could come (but mostly to see you again) but I hardly get out of the house any more.

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