Gather the Troops – Day 9


The featured quilt today is “Gather the Troops”, the only one in the book with just a bit of  applique in the handle.    Basket blocks are favorites with many and our version measures 40″ x 50″.

This pass-through room used to be the dining room – now it’s the room between the kitchen and the piano room.  The old pump organ lives in this room as well as a collection of small quilts, some new, some old.  I have also collected white planters and vasess from the 30’s and 40’s after my mom bought me a McCoy white lamb over 45 years ago.  There is a McCoy goat planter that I have seen only once and a lady picked it up in a thrift store right in front of me and she bought it!  I really wanted that goat planter!!  On the beam above the hanging lights is a collection of white pitchers.  This room has a vaulted ceiling to a loft off the upstairs bedroom.  That’s not very clear, is it?

Yes, that is a child’s ironing board under the table in the entryway.  Very sweet.  For those wondering about ordering the book Civil War Remembered where this quilt is published, please refer to a previous post.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

16 thoughts on “Gather the Troops – Day 9

  1. Penny C

    Just wanted to congratulate you, your book is #1 Best seller at Amazon and is on back order!!!!

  2. Launa

    The nerve of that lady buying the goat planter!!
    I so love seeing your quilts on display. Gather The Troops is a real beauty.
    Happy International Quilting Day.

  3. Carol

    I am one of two “Thrift Sisters” my sister and I prowl all spring, summer and fall. I will be on the look out for the McCoy goat, and if I find it, it is yours!

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Your rooms look like the pages out of a country magazine and all of your decorative ideas. They are really neat and fun to look at. But…..I think of all the dust they would collect…..and my husband would think of all that stuff. It is an adventure seeing all of your rooms and how you have decorated with the quilts, collections, etc. People’s comments are great, too. Thank you. My quilt shop is going to order the book.

  5. Ann Barlament

    At first all I zoomed in on was the pump organ – I can still picture my grandfather playing chords on his pump organ and singing the Little Brown Church in the Vail.

  6. Jane Velander

    I got your book yesterday at my favorite Illinois shop. They had just received it and were already re-ordering it. All the shop staff wanted their own copy. I loved it! Can’t wait to start making some. It made me very sad when I thought about not going to your shop and camp any more.

  7. Eleanor Laferriere

    I bought Civil War Remembered TODAY. I want to make ALL the quilts. They are all wonderful.

  8. Jeanie

    I love your white pitcher collection. You have quite a talent for displaying your treasures in an eye-pleasing way. The quilts from your latest book are wonderful; I am looking forward to receiving my book from Mandy.

  9. Julie

    Just found out my order for your “Civil War Remembered” book will be delivered between Monday, March 30, 2015 – Friday, April 3!!!!!! More than excited to get this book!!! Love this room Mary!!!

  10. Joan

    I’m enjoying all your posts about the quilts in the new book! Such lovely pictures of your home. It looks so inviting and homey. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Jane dumler

    Is your Organ an Estay from Brattleboro, Vermont. I have one in my sun room, the Grandchildren love playing it and so do I. Mine came out of the Lutheran Church my father-in-law preached at and took care of for more than 30 years. He was in south central Nebraska. such memories. thanks for the wonderful pictures of the new quilts. My book is on order from Farm Chick quilts.

  12. Lori Porter

    Thank you for sharing these quilts displayed in your beautiful home. I love your style & your pets!
    I am waiting patiently for my Civil War Remembered book, can’t wait. I wish I lived closer, I’d love to visit or have you watch my dogs, in my opinion you are living the dream…faith, friends, family, home, pets, quilts, antiques. Lori

  13. Peggy Casciano

    So excited that my Civil War Remembered arrived today. Such a treat to read will I am recuperating from surgery.

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