Day 8 of Civil War Remembered

If you are just reading Chicken Scratch for the first time, this is Day 8 of quilts shown in my home from our new book Civil War Remembered.  You can order this book online or find it at your local quilt shop.  It will be arriving in the next couple of weeks.  Nineteen quilts are included in this book and I will be photographing 17 of them.  The remaining 2 are traveling to Minneapolis for Quilt Market in May with our publisher, Martingale.

Today is Lady of the Lake measuring 38″ x 38″, an old traditional favorite with lots of piecing again.  Country Threads likes using many fabrics within their quilts and Connie does not like large blocks.  These triangle squares finish at 1-1/2″ – just think of the small scraps you can use when making this quilt!

These pictures were taken in my front entry, one looking left and the other one with the quilt facing the opposite side.  I purchased the wonderful old door many years ago and kept it in my garage until we remodeled but my carpenters discouraged me from using it.  It wouldn’t be tight, it would cost a lot of money to place a curved door into a wall, etc. etc. so I gave up my vision and am using it as decor instead.  It’s almost as good but not quite.  It would have been a fabulous front door!

Comments from yesterday need some answers.  Yes, the Cyclones ruined many brackets, didn’t they?  Now I will cheer for Gonzaga, Kansas, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Iowa and Georgia State.  

About the dog door – no, I am not afraid someone will enter through the door.  I am somewhat concerned about a racoon, skunk or oppossum coming in through the door but the dogs can handle that and we close it at night eliminating the time when those varmints are wandering around outside.  Yes, during mud season, my floors get pretty dirty but I don’t have expensive oriental rugs – mine are from Target and when they get too dirty, I’ll throw them away and buy some new ones from Target.  The wood floors and concrete floors also get muddy but I know how to vacuum and scrub floors so I’m not concerned.  Life is short and my animals are more important than clean floors.  And actually now that I have time, I don’t mind cleaning at all.  When we were in business I did everything on the fly and ran between buildings to save time.  My heart pounded all the time, litter boxes didn’t get cleaned every day, the laundry was never caught up, the dishwasher was always full, beds were never made and the floors always needed vacuuming.  Wow – I love retirement!

Don’t forget our huge yard sale June 4-5-6.  Still marking rummage.

20 thoughts on “Day 8 of Civil War Remembered

  1. Pat C

    My book just can’t come soon enough! I am loving each and every quilt. Loving your home too! I feel like I’m traveling back to my childhood on the farms in Wisconsin. it gives me the warm fuzzies!

  2. Carol C.

    I have so enjoyed looking at your beautiful quilts in your beautiful home!! Love the door!! Sorry about your basketball team – I am a Zags fan, and its tough when I have a team I really like – never can relax with March madness. I sure enjoy the games, though! I am looking forward to retirement, too – 5 more years! I know just what you mean about everything not done to completion. I try to make some time for sewing, as much as possible. I am looking forward to your book!

  3. Carole

    Oh wow does that door bring back memories for me! I grew up in a Sears catalog house and we had a door very similar to that one including the grooves. Ours had a square window with leading between the 9 panes and iron straps on both sides. I loved the top one that curved to follow the shape of the door. I can’t see a knob so I’m assuming that the handle has a thumb lever to open it. My dad had built cabinets on both sides of the door that were extensions of the radiator covers and my little kitty at the time used to love to sit on the one by the latch and she was even able to figure out how to open it. And she was just a little peanut … not a big linebacker like Rudy! Thanks for the memory! And of course, love the quilt as I do all the others. Can’t wait to get the book. It was supposed to come on Thursday but there was a delay at amazon. Boo hoo. Maybe just as well, I’ve got a flimsy all basted and blocks on the design wall to sew together so I’d better not be thinking too much about the “next” one.

  4. Julianna

    Is that a child’s ironing board under the table in the foyer?
    I remember those from when I was a kid – so darned cute!!

  5. Ann Barlament

    The quilts are wonderful….but that beveled mirror – I’m drooling over!!!!

  6. Emily

    I sure wish I lived near you. Your house is wonderful! I love the wood walls and that door is beautiful! We had one like it in St. Louis when we lived there. Our house was over 100 years old and we restored it back to its wonderful beauty. Thank you for showing us your beautiful quilts. They are the type I love to have in my home. I love the small triangles in this quilt. Your book is certainly one of those that will be on my list to purchase.

    You take care.

  7. Lynda Kling

    After I asked about someone getting in through the dog door, I realized moan people would not take the chance of crawling in to be greeted by several strange dogs that may or may not bite! I was a nanny for a friend who had 4 dogs (I was horse and dog nanny, too…) and the most vicious looking, the rescue Doberman, was the kindest of the bunch, not that any would do more than bark. But he was a great stopper for anyone who came to the door of the rather isolated farm, with only me and a small child at home!

  8. Annette

    I love your quilts and stories about the animals. Preordered your book and can’t wait for it to come! I am cheering for Bucky (Wisconsin) and the Big Ten teams.

  9. Carol

    Not into the magic of March, or the madness, or whatever it is with basketball, but I hear all about the University of Buffalo making it to this point…unless they lost when I wasn’t watching today! Anyway, Buffalonians really get behind their teams, win or lose, and we have lots of practice losing! Think Buffalo Bilks and the Buffalo Sabres….
    Well, your quilts sure are winners! Love the photos, will be sad when you are done posting them!

  10. Bernadette Jackson

    I was at a golf event yesterday, here in Tucson. I ran into a lady who has done some quilt piecing. I explained to her that I had three projects lined up, and her comment was “Is that all?” I had to laugh because there surely will be others. I have pre-ordered Civil War Remembered, and the quilt you show here, Mary, is definitely going to be added to the list! I very much enjoy your blogs. Keep ’em coming!

  11. Angie Rowland

    The door is wonderful. It looks like something from a fairytale cottage. I love doors. One guy told me once that to get to second base did he have to buy me a door. Nope, just fine one and use it.

  12. Linda

    What a beautiful, beautiful home you have—-you can just see how to put everything together— so artistic…..thanks for sharing with us……My aunt had a door like that….she is now gone and I miss going there and seeing the fairy door…..I always thought her home was magical..( the rest of her millwork was that good also)…I wish you could have had that door put in too…..

    I love all these amazing quilts……

  13. Dixie

    I just ordered both your books from Amazon. Even though I am not sewing anything, I might get motivated by your books. You are doing a great job with your pictures.

  14. Diane

    HI Mary–When you go into the house decorating business, would you put me first on your list? Love what you use to decorate your home:) I receive an email once a week from Martingale. They have a great spread about CIVIL WAR REMEMBERED!! I plan to order it even though I don’t use many Civil War prints, I love the colors and decided to get away from all the kids quilts I do and make some of yours for me:) Diane PS–Ohio State won–surprise!!

  15. MartyCae

    We had a raccoon come in the door, take a look at my husband and I, and then our big tom cat, Harry S. Truman, chased him out. When Truman came back in he looked at us and meowed. The meow meant “See Mom and Dad, I am on the job!”

    It was good for a few laughs!

  16. Patricia Pierce

    Love your décor and the door is beautiful. I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book. Here in Maryland after several days of 50+ temps it is now snowing on the first day of Spring. Speaking of wildlife we have 1 or more black bears roaming our community. He has been visiting backyards and bird feeders and found a farm with bee hives he destroyed and consumed. He has the town a buzz. I enjoy your posts but I’m not into the madness.

  17. Susie

    How lovely your entry way is!! I love the door and the quilt. It was so good to read “And actually now that I have time, I don’t mind cleaning at all. When we were in business I did everything on the fly and ran between buildings to save time. My heart pounded all the time, litter boxes didn’t get cleaned every day, the laundry was never caught up, the dishwasher was always full, beds were never made and the floors always needed vacuuming. Wow – I love retirement!” I have felt so overwhelmed lately working full time and being very involved in my church and grandchildren’s lives. It is good to know that I’m not actually a lazy slob I just don’t have the time and energy I would like. I look forward to retirement!!!!

  18. Launa

    Good choices for teams Mary,
    It was too painful to finish watching one of yesterday’s games. March Madness is mentioned everywhere.
    One way or another you have the arched door in your home and it’s a wonderful backdrop for CIVIL WAR REMEMBERED book’s LADY OF THE LAKE quilt. Seems like Lady of the Lake was something I read in a high school class.
    Happy Spring today,

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