Road To Victory

Do you like to piece at the machine?  If so, you’ll enjoy working on this quilt.  Measuring 47″ x 59″ each of the 42  blocks is made up of 12 flying geese and 4 triangle squares.  I know you all recognize the setting for this quilt but I turned my camera slightly to the right so you could see the dog door.  There are 2 doors to help keep wind out — the flap that you see here  and another one on the outside of the house with a 2′ “alley” between.  Our dogs go in and out whenever they please making my life easy.

They don’t call the NCAA Basketball Tournament March Madness for nothing.  Iowa State, the Big 12 Champ!, and a 3 seed just lost to a 14 seed by one point.  The tournament won’t be nearly so much fun now for all of us Iowa State fans who were looking forward to several more games in the next 2 weeks.   Madness indeed!

10 thoughts on “Road To Victory

  1. Ann Barlament

    I like that idea of having a spacer between your two dog flaps!!

    Your quilt is GORGEOUS!! Love the deep tones of the red…

  2. Debby

    Sorry about the clones, they ruined my bracket! UNI and Iowa Hawkeyes still have a chance. I’m a 30 Yr. plus Hawk fan and a 25 Yr. quilter, but I’ve always enjoyed all of Iowa’s basketball teams. Go Hawks – Go UNI. I picked Wisconsin to win NCAA tournament.

  3. Pat C

    Heavens to Betsy, I just LOVED this quilt! I think this on is my favorite so far.
    My dogs would be in heaven with a dog door like that! I am way too paranoid about burglers to have a dog or cat door.

  4. Connie Olson

    Sorry for the Iowa State loss. We LOVE Iowa State.

    Your friends in Minnesota!

  5. Carol

    Lovely again! I saw your book advertised on Martindale today! They showed some of your quilts to entice buyers…which I am sure was excellent marketing!

  6. Diana Slifka

    You have the most beautiful quilts. I wish you would share where the patterns can be purchased. Wow, now that is dog door!

  7. Lynda Kling

    I love your dog alley! Do you worry about a person crawling in ? Our house is rural but you sometimes of people getting into houses that way…although they can also just smash a window!
    And do you get mud tracked in and out as they come. And go….
    I do love the quilts you’re posting! I am de-stashing and getting rid of the awful bright modern fabrics that are “why did I ever buy that” ones…although some work..

  8. Leslie

    Your plants all look soooo healthy! I wonder when you sleep! Great idea for the tunnel and the dog door. Bet it really helps keeping the temps better regulated inside. LOTS of pieces in that quilt!

  9. Mary C.

    What a deluxe dog door…our 3 schnauzers would think they were in heaven if they had a door like that! I love the quilt & can’t wait to see the book. Also, the chalk dog on your table looks familiar, my husband has a collection and there are 3 on my mantle right now. Sorry about Iowa State…would you consider rooting for our Wisconsin Badgers??

  10. Launa

    Road To Victory is such a stunning quilt. Love the dark red.
    Wish the Iowa State team had pulled off the win in the last few very exciting minutes of the one point loss game. March Madness indeed.

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