In Loving Memory

Yesterday I attended a visitation for Vicki Krieger who was a customer/friend of Country Threads.  When her mom and dad visited North Iowa from their home in California, they always came to the quilt shop, maybe even multiple times during the visit.  They were such delightful friends and over time I became “acquainted” with Vicki’s twin sons who were high school wrestlers.  Vicki and her mom, Mary, were in the shop towards the end of October for our sale and when I read her obituary in the paper, I was startled.  As it turns out Vicki got sick last Tuesday with Influenza B and died the following Thursday night in a hospital.  Very sad –  I will miss seeing Vicki and her mom in the quilt shop – my sympathy goes out to her family.

15 thoughts on “In Loving Memory

  1. Phyllis

    So tragic, such a beautiful young woman. There really are no words to heal, it will come as time goes by. Prayers to her family.

  2. Carol

    That really seems impossible in a country as rich as ours…rich in resources and educated medical professionals. What a shame that something so communicable as this illness isn’t more readily controlled. My heart goes out to the parents and husband/dad and her teenage sons.

  3. Penny C

    How sad to see a young beautiful Mother die of something we all assume is not a threat! My heart and sympathies go out to her Mother, Sons and family.

  4. Launa

    Oh my Vicki was two years younger than my oldest son…..same birthday! Sad indeed for all who knew and loved her. Warmest condolences to her family.

  5. barbara woods

    so that so sad. i hadn’t heard any thing about the flu for a while and thought it was over

  6. Cathy

    Very tragic. She was entirely too young. I’m sure her family is reeling. My sympathies to them. The flu has been really rough here in Indiana this year with around 150 deaths.

  7. Yvonne Van Horn

    Vicki’s mom is a friend of mine- I know they were very close and I can not imagine what the family is going through!! Thank goodness they visited often!! and had such love for each other.

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