Day 13 – March 26 – Civil War Remembered


Who remembers attending country school?  I do – I went to Kindergarten 1-1/2 miles from home and rode behind my older brother on a horse.  Ha!  My teacher’s name was Mrs. Austin and there was one other boy in my class – we ended up graduating from high school together.

The schoolhouse block is another very traditional block that has been loved by quilters for years and years.  Our quilt measures 41″ x 50″ and I remember Connie and I taught this class in the early 80’s using Eleanor Burns illustrated book.  Pick out some nice dark colors and start cutting schoolhouse blocks.

The quilt is shown in my office that is right off that pass-through room from yesterday.  If you look carefully through the window, you can see the piano.  I like to leave the screened window open so I can hear the parakeets that live in there.


And this is why I continue to haunt the thrift stores and flea markets!  If I’m going to enjoy the things I collect, they have to be in sight making them suseptible to all kinds of animal “accidents”.    I loved everybody’s comments about dusting – and you’re right – the dust doesn’t show in the pictures.  Ha!

And there was the question about hanging the quilts on the wooden ladder rungs.  If I owned a valuable antique quilt, I’d be worried but my quilts are run-of-the-mill, machine quilted quilts that I make for fun.  There is no harm in hanging them on the ladder.

Connie will return from Florida next week so I’ll have to go back to working.  It’s been fun to just sew random stuff without a deadline or a schedule.  I hope there’s more time for that type of sewing in my future.

13 thoughts on “Day 13 – March 26 – Civil War Remembered

  1. Phyllis

    Thank you for all of the wonderful peeks into your home. I love the way you use your antiques and quilts in decorating. Can’t wait for the new book to arrive at my house. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Patriicia Larson

    Ireally enjoy your e-mails hat we get every day. I look forward to them. I amexcited to get the new books, love every quilt from the book that u have been showing, I live inwest central Mi

    nnesota but I am going to try really
    hard top get there in june.
    thankyou for the years of enjoyment youhave given us.

  3. Launa

    “Did they have school when you were little, Grand?” I still laugh when I think of that. A few years ago my now (13 yrs old) youngest granddaughter asked me that. Kindergarten was all day and my grandma had made me a small quilt to take along as we had to take a nap on the floor. I was four and walked with a cousin a mile to school in town. Our town was planned with 10 blocks to a mile and we met classmates along the way. I e-mail with a few classmates from the elementary school.
    Lovely colors in the School House quilt you show today Mary. And I spy the card holder on the shelf just below the open window. I have one in my sewing room on a slightly dusty shelf. It’s a lovely crisp 50’s morning here in CA, but we’re starting to heat up nearing 82 later. I saw a Hummingbird yesterday!

  4. Rhoda Ebersole

    And I was one of the people that took the Schoolhouse block all night class back in the early 80’s. Can it have been that long ago?
    And now I am sitting in the parking lot in Henderson NV waiting for the Lane Bryant store to open.
    Who knew????
    Yesterday I finished 4 baby quilts and machine quilted them to give away to Lutheran Social Service.
    I too attended a parochial country school beginning in 1950 when President Eisenhower was In office.
    I have a granddaughter RORY in the first grade today and we share our middle name – Beth.
    Love reading your blog Mary and seeing the pics.

  5. Miriam

    I have really enjoyed seeing all of your quilts in your home. I laughed when you talked about your floors and the animals. We have hardwood and tile along with two dogs–one has HUGE, mud and grit carrying paws. It’s a constant battle with brooms, mops, dustpans… Oh, and she sheds, too!

    I wanted to comment about hanging quilts on a ladder. I hang mine on a ladder behind the bed. To protect my quilts, I put a towel over the rungs and then place the quilts so the towels don’t show.

    Continue to enjoy your retirement!

  6. Alvera Dothage

    Need to change my email address but can’t find where to do it. Sure don’t want to miss you Chicken Scratch.
    Changed it in the line above, sure hope that works.

  7. Carol

    I LOVE me a schoolhouse block! Your quilt is lovely!! NOT ORDINARY RUN OF THE MILL QUILTS…real beauties! Thanks for sharing! I know I’m getting one fun email a day…from a friend I don’t even know!

  8. karen

    Just returned from the Rosemont (IL) quilt show. I am glad you gals are enjoying your retirements but I greatly missed the wonderful booth you had in the show fo so many years.

  9. Helen

    Hi Mary and Connie…Civil War Remembered arrived in todays mail from Farm Chick Quilts. The quilts are beautiful as is the photography. Page 80 is well said, enjoy your plans ahead and “thanks” for ALL Country Threads has taught us over the years. I do know about country schools as I graduated high school in a class of seven. The sunshine is bright here in our area of Texas today.

  10. Mary

    i went to country school and was the only one in my class all through 8th grade. Then I went on a bus to Miles High School, and had 40 in my class. I big change for this shy country girl. I always said I learned more in that country school then later. I walked 1/2 mile to school with my brother.

  11. Nancy

    Hi Mary, I received your new book in the mail yesterday that I purchased from Farm Chick Quilts. I LOVE the book! You and Connie are so talented! I visited your shop a couple of times and absolutely loved my visit there. So happy that you are enjoying your retirement! Thanks for another great book! I am looking forward to making a few of the quilts.

  12. Ann Barlament

    One room school was part of my father’s generation and after 80+ years he could still name 98 percent of them. I love the dark background on this quilt.

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