I didn’t forget you!


I’ll bet you guys thought I forgot you yesterday, didn’t you?  Well, I didn’t but since I did not have any dogs here boarding, I took the day off and went thrift shopping.  After about a week or 10 days of just being home and taking care of everybody, I need a little day trip.  My dogs usually go along so I don’t go very far – about 4-5 hours worth and then it’s back home.  When I got home, a couple girlfriends came and after a couple beers with them Rick got home, and then there was basketball to watch.  Whew!

Today’s quilt is called Dixie and it’s smaller, 40″ x 40″, one of those great sizes to make because it isn’t necessary to piece the backing.  Three simple units are used in this quilt – 4 patches, hourglass units, and triangle squares.  When you make other projects and have simple units such as these leftover, you do save them, don’t you?  Just think – this quilt might be waiting to be assembled just using units from previous projects.  Many different fabrics make for an interesting quilt.

After I took this picture I backed up and took the whole picture – dog beds and all so you know how it really is at our house.  The door to the upstairs is standing wide open and dog toys are just outside of the frame.  We live in a very casual house because of the animals.  It is so very easy to live in! 


Have a great weekend, everybody!!

16 thoughts on “I didn’t forget you!

  1. Lois Palmisano

    Hello, may I please be considered an “animal” and you could board me for a couple of weeks so I could pick your brain, look at ALL your collections, and watch your favorite teams… with you. You do have a wonderful life.
    I also attended a one room school for only a year. This was in rural Argo Iowa. It was great. Just 25 kids from K through 8th. The teacher lived at one of the farms and rode a horse to school.
    Great blog. Lois Palmisano an Iowa girl from Omaha.

  2. Launa

    CIVIL WAR REMEMBERED arrived yesterday and it was nice you mentioned the original “Crazy Lady”, Mary Ellen Hopkins. Years ago she spoke to a Quilt Sitters Circle group I’d belonged to then and had her big suitcase full of wonderful fabrics along and her wonderful sense of humor. I remember her saying, “All reds go together!” Red is my favorite color.

    If I had to select one favorite quilt from CIVIL WAR REMEMBERED Dixie would be high on the list.

  3. Nancy K Walker

    You all hit the ball out of the park with your new book! Five stars for this one! Saw the first pic and bought the book.Its fantastic! Very sincerely, Nancy K Walker

  4. Diana W

    i got my Civil War Remembered book today! Was so happy to see the mail lady, I met her at the street! Taking it with me tomorrow to my friends day retreat for the shop girls. Will let everyone look at it, then they will all want one! Love it already!

  5. Carol

    I love your displays, or really, how you decorate and live in your spaces! Just wonderful to see and enjoy!
    Oh, be still my heart…FOUR HOURS OF THRIFTING! I am So jealous I made a date with my sister to do the same next Wednesday!

  6. Gail

    Mary —- just got home from Rosemont quilt show. We missed all of you!!! It wasn’t extremely crowded and a lot of previous vendors weren’t there. We only stayed Friday night. Moe could only come during the day on Friday as she and Jay were off for Florida early this morning – they went to a parachute convention for a week. Love all the pictures you have been sending from your new book.


  7. Penny C

    So glad you had a great day off, you certainly deserve it!!! Love your home and your photography.

  8. Deb W

    Your home looks so warm and inviting! I have one dog who has two dog beds and sleeps anywhere he wants.

  9. Helen

    Hi Mary…everything is lovely as usual so individual…you are a stylist yourself with all the collections. In a meeting some years back listening to Mary Ellen Hopkins she told us “red is not dead” then proceeded with a quilt to back up her remark. At that event she rode in on a motorcycle! This afternoon I looked thru Civil War Remembered again. On friday I made a label for a quilt passed down in my husbands’ family traced back to his great grandmother . Many of the colors have faded but the cheddar is very vibrant. I am now the “keeper” of the quilt. Nature is greening out here in Texas.

  10. Donna Sproston

    My book arrived today, and I cannot wait to get started, but first I must pick our my favorite which will be very difficult! Your home looks so inviting and full of touches that are inspiring. I love my log home but I need to hang more quilts.

  11. MartyCae

    To me it is not a home without a pet. When my parents brought me home from the hospital (circa 1950s something!) there was a dog to greet me and there has either been a dog, cat or bird (most of the time all three) since. The amount of love there is tremendous and it is never ending.

    My parents gave me a cat on my fifth birthday and it was my best and most memorable present ever. That cat was the smartest thing ever and it followed me like a dog. She was a mouser and loved to lay in the flowers looking for photo ops. I miss her every day!

    I love your pet stories and the fact that you share them makes my heart happy!

  12. Ann Barlament

    It’s about time you took a day for yourself!!!! What treasures did you find?

  13. Joanne Kalahar

    It has been wonderful to see the quilts, but also your treasures. I’m very jealous – you have amazing collections. Miss our visits to the shop. Spring break just wasn’t the same.

  14. Patricia Mann

    Civil War Remembered book that everyone is talking about. Is it for sale and is it full of patterns for the quilts you have been showing? I read you blog everyday but must have miss the opportunity to get this book. Please give me some info on this. Thank You

  15. Bernadette Jackson

    That barnyard piece above your leather sofa is absolutely gorgeous. Is it your design? B

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