Day 2



Day 2 after surgery and really I don’t have much pain at all. The head dressing called a helmet is what’s driving me crazy! Every inch underneath itches. I’m resorting to a letter opener to scratch and I’m sure my dr. would not approve. My appointment to remove the helmet is tomorrow morning at 8:15 and I can’t wait. I have been very good and have spent the day on the couch with an ice pack. The next pictures surely will be an improvement, won’t they?

12 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. arla

    Oh my get better soon. My son used my old knitting needles to scratch inside his cast because the bent easily.:)

  2. Emily

    Bless your heart. I can imagine how you are feeling with the itching. You need a gentle scalp massage tomorrow!
    Take care.

  3. MjB

    Why in the world are you sending out these gross pictures?!!! How about waiting until you’re all healed and looking wonderful? I would never have my picture taken like this, let alone send them to everyone. Back to the animal pictures please!

  4. Holly

    Oh my goodness, that looks miserable! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Just getting that helmet off and washing your hair will probably feel like heaven at this point. What doctors don’t put us through probably shouldn’t even be imagined, if this is what they get up to with our permission. Poor you! I had to have my nose fixed years ago after hitting the windshield with my face and I looked like a hockey mask afterward. It’s not at all fun.

  5. Sue Davis

    I’m sorry for that last comment from MJB. That makes me sad.
    Send picks after your Dr. appt. I told my Dr. that I would pay any amount if they would just itch for me while I was in the office. They didnt but we had a giggle.

  6. Launa

    OUCH Mary! The things we go thru to keep our vision cleared for safer driving. Surprisingly enough, the woman teaching Mature Driving briefly mentioned sagging eyelids. Stay comfy!

  7. Mary Evans

    I do NOT think you look gross. Is it allowed for you to smile? If so, do!
    I am so glad you don’t have a lot of pain with this, far better that way. Ice is good. Ice is your friend, friend.

    Can’t wait to see the twinkle back in your eye/face when you get the helmet off!

    Remember the old Afghan hooks – long like a knitting needle, but with a crochet hook head? I used those for scratching my head when I had to wear a wig? I suspect the ‘new’ crochet – Tunisian hooks might be like that too.

  8. Jackie Baumhauer

    I would never recognize you. I know you will be so glad when this is over. Take care and rest.

  9. Lee

    Hang in there Mary. Remember what our mothers’ always said, “this too shall pass!” And it will. Your eyelids will be light as a feather….what a great feeling. blessings, Lee

  10. Jean Elliott

    You are too funny! Glad your spirits are up during your recovery! At least it’s not a cast on your head!

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