Home again

Finally got home about 7 pm tonite. The itching under my “helmet” is close to unbearable. Pain pills working well. Orders to be quiet and lay low. Eyes are only slits – can’t see to type. Excuse any typos.

24 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Beth T.

    It will get better. Take good care of yourself and let time do its healing work. Remember–it takes a lot of energy to heal!

  2. Liz Schrader

    I’ve been thinking of you. Please take care of yourself and God be with you in your healing process.

  3. Leslie B

    Oh! Looks painful. Get well soon. I love your blog and Farm News. Long time Goat Gazette reader. Have finally gotten over you not printing it. LOL. Enjoy hearing from you more often

  4. Kathy Davis

    Glad you are home, it’s always better there!!! You do look sore, but the itching must be the worst! Hang in there you know what they say one week coming & one week going & all will be well!! Take care you are in a lot of peoples thoughts.

  5. Emily

    There are no typos. You are doing great! Glad you are home. I wonder if you could listen to some audio books. It would break up the boredom of laying in bed. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

    You take care.

  6. Kay Karstaedt

    Bless you for shareing this experience with your followers. Just remember in the end it will all be forth it. Kay Karstaedt

  7. Sue Dietz

    Not as much bruising as I thought there would be. You’ll be so glad you had it done, I’m sure. Just follow the doctor’s orders and pamper yourself when you feel like it.

  8. Robin Rauk

    Rest well Mary,
    I am sure you will have all your animals
    keeping an eye on you. They always seem to know
    when their people are hurting.

  9. Patty Turner

    Ouch!! Sending you my prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery! Just spend some quiet time under a quilt!!

  10. susan blazevski

    You are looking good considering all you went through. Don’t forget to take your pain pills and don’t overdo it. Your little furry children will love to cuddle with you seeing that the weather is sooooo cold!!! Looking forward to your next post.

  11. therese coetzee

    Hope you feel up and about real soon – take a rest and relax for a while – God bless

  12. jean lawson

    Still looks like a big “ouch” Follow orders and lay low!
    Thinking of you, prayers for your healing and comfort!

  13. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary,
    You are doing great.
    I had this done a couple of years ago and my husband called me “angry eyes” , hope your husband isnt as “funny” The day I could where eye makeup was the best as I felt so beautiful and young. So for now when you go out your sunglasses will be your best friend. Soon every one will be able to see those beautiful eyes that go with your beautiful and trusting heart .

  14. Beryl

    Take it easy and do what the Dr tells you! Will be praying for a speedy recovery. I’ll bet it will be GREAT to get the”helmet” off tomorrow!

  15. ERICKSENpenny@gmail.com

    I wish I could take the pain away……..it hurts to look at you……
    but you will shortly be even more beautiful than you are now!

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