Day Trip To Minneapolis

We had such a nice visit with Lynnette today at Crave in the Galleria Mall.  Not only did we reminisce about all those years in business but we heard about Lynnette’s new role at RJR Fabrics.  They have convinced her to design fabric again which she always enjoyed and did so well for so many years.  The quilt world will always need traditional quilt fabrics!

After lunch we attended Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, MN, just south of Minneapolis.  What fun!  We looked up our friend Eydie and chatted with Nancy Soriano as well.  Oh wow, such great junk! 

I bought this metal container called a spice oil pot – won’t it look great at Christmas with greens in it?  Bentley looked it over and agreed.  

I also bought this wooden cut-out dog.

Connie bought an olive bucket.

Because we were gone all day, we hired Jenny to dog sit for Telly, Faye, Hope, Jackson and Bentley.  I think Jenny had a good time and the dogs are tired tonight so I know they had a good time, too.

We stopped at a fabric store on the way home – ha!  What’s a day trip without a fabric purchase?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about hauling hay with my friends and I’ll explain the rug-along again.  I’m still waiting to hear from the 2 readers who inquired about patterns.  If you don’t contact me at, I can’t help you.

9 thoughts on “Day Trip To Minneapolis

  1. Launa

    Mary, Had an olive grove at one time years ago, but never saw an olive bucket before. I’m with Bentley as I’d like to know more about that metal spice oil pot; quite interesting. Sounds like you and Connie had a fun day away.

  2. Rose Mikulski

    I like looking at the other patrons in the restaurant who are realizing they are sitting amongst the celebrities that you three are. Whenever you have a spare minute, can you post a picture of the fabric Connie and you designed? I’m thinking I might have some but I think you stopped designing fabric when I started buying fabric at quilt shops. Can’t wait to hear your hay hauling story; I too have once hauled hay on my late brother-in-law’s dairy farm and I can honestly say it was one of the worst days in my life as a princess.

  3. Laura

    I am thrilled to hear Lynnette is designing fabric again. I have always found her fabrics perfect for filling in or finishing off the various quilts I make. Even if they just reprint some of the oldies I would be happy. WooHoo!

  4. Emily

    Wonderful picture of all of you. Looking forward to seeing more of the Thimbleberries line of fabric. Your kind of purchases and quilts always go together!

    Take care.

  5. Mary Boillat

    I love Lynette’s fabric I cannot wait. What a fun group and great memories you have 🙂

  6. Cindy A.

    Outstanding! I’m thrilled to see Miss Lynette looking so well and hearing that she will once again be designing fabric for RJR. We’ve missed her terribly! You’re right. The quilting world will always need traditional fabrics. Love the little quilt your wooden dog is standing on by the way.

  7. Diane

    What a fun day:) Lynette looks just the same. I want Bentley; we had an Irish Setter, Arsenic. My husband taught chemistry!!!!!!!!

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