My boarders this week are Biscuit and Sassy.

And Big Jackson shown here with Telly.

Connie and I are looking forward to our trip to Minneapolis tomorrow.  We are meeting Lynnette Jensen of Thimbleberries fame for lunch.  My niece Jenny is coming to dog sit in my place.

Barbara Powell – will you please contact me at  I need to get your goat pattern to you.

If you’re going to participate in the “rug-along” next January, start gathering your fabrics now.  They should all be the same weight.  Do not combine t-shirt knit with drapery fabric for example.  I will tell you how to cut ahead of time.  Your warp should be regular weight cotton that will not stretch such as a sheet, muslin, old icky fabric you don’t want – the warp will not show unless it’s a high contrast to your weaving strips.  For example, if you warp with muslin  and make a navy blue rug, you’ll be able to see the warp peaking through and vice versa.  

I will answer questions in the comment section so look there first.

10 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Donya Badia

    Oh no I missed the information about the rug along, am I too late to join and get the frame, dvd and book?

    1. Mary Etherington

      You can still get the book and DVD for $20. Send check to Mary Etherington. 2345 Palm Ave., Garner, IA. 50438. We will start the “rug along” in January, 2016.

  2. Linda

    Got my frame, dvd, & book am very excited about the rug-along. I order mine in the closing sale.

  3. Eydie

    Are you going to the Junk Bonanza tomorrow??
    Please ask anyone with a Staff tshirt and a walkie talkie to track me down.
    It would be great to see you!!!

  4. Diane

    Hi. My rug book and dvd came today:) Thank you:) I’m like Carol, I should make it black and white to match Squeak, but I’m going to go multi and see what happens. I like the idea of using up some of my MANY homespuns for the warp:) Have fun in MN. with Lynette Jensen.

  5. Jan B

    Hi! Wow! Can’t believe you & Connie are going to lunch with Lynette Jensen tomorrow. I was so surprised to learn that she is back in the game of quilting & fabric designing! Loved her fabrics, books & patterns when I had a quilt shop a few years ago. Love reading your stories about all the dogs you “watch”. Looks like fun but also a LOT of responsibility! Keep up the good work! Glad you are enjoying retirement! It’s fun to have the time to do a lot of piecing/quilting, isn’t it??

  6. Carol

    My pattern came today! Thank you!LuluBelle the Kitty is so happy because, as we all know, YOUR RUG IS MY RUG in every kitty’s world! Thinking about black and white as that’s what she will leave behind!

  7. Lesa M

    Received my book today. I am new to rug making. Which size frame do you recommend for beginners?

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