December Fog, 12-4-23

I snapped this last night – see the geese?

The Christmas trees have been so much fun and I can’t thank all of you enough for taking the time to send them to me! Here are a few more trees and quilts.

A little housekeeping to attend to – when you fold your envelope and put it into the very same size envelope I end up tearing it with my letter opener because it’s the same “height”. Does this make sense to you? If you receive your pattern in a taped up SASE, that’s what happened. Try folding your SASE in thirds and place in the envelope sideways. Ugh. I would not mention it except I have ripped open so many – I hope they reach you with all my tape.

And Marie F from Storm Lake, IA – I got your order but don’t understand what you are wanting and I don’t see an email address. Can you send me a message either through a comment or my email?

Please don’t put off ordering these Christmas patterns if you’re wanting to because I’m going to make the postmark deadline for all Christmas patterns December 20.

No wild adventures today. Just housecleaning and a wasted trip to Mason City because I forgot the item I was returning to Menards, my reason for the trip. Sigh.

Millie explores the desk

Does anybody follow Casper and Pam who sing together? Becky suggested Hazel and I make a video.

We need to work on our performance.

42 thoughts on “December Fog, 12-4-23

  1. Diane, Squeak and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I love seeing all the trees. Mine must not have sent so will try again. Your video is priceless. She reminded me of the little kids in the Christmas Eve program who just wandered around or off! 😹. Maybe Hazel needs treats?
    Sqyeak is happy to see Millie. She is beautiful😺.
    A little tiny snow, some sprinkles, then rain, then a little heavier snow. Ahhh, Ohio weather!
    Would someone share the cat quilt pattern in tiday’s post? Buddy thinks he needs a kitty quilt😺

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – is the cat quilt the gray one with different hats? I could have screwed up the download of your tree picture – very possible since I was doing so many of them so PLEASE resend it and accept my apologies.

  2. brendalynne1

    the crochetted tree really caught my attention. Gmother was a prolific crocheter but she never ventured into that.
    one reader commented smaller trees this year. Did she see the reason on tv recently on the prices of trees this year ? 200 to 300 dollars for 6 ft and less…. good old inflation and where are those crazy silver trees of the 70s??
    thanks for showcasing these beauties

  3. Betty Klosterman

    The Christmas trees are wonderful. The 2 hunter’s trees with their trophies, the ceramic tree with the miniature stuffed critters waiting for Christmas morning. And peeks at people’s homes.
    Springerli cookies. I loved taking old clocks apart, but Mom always took the biggest cog to “cut” her cookies – she never gave it back to me. The raw cookie dough was delicious and I’d eat the ones around the edges. Wonder why the edges were closer to the center? That’s been a long time ago.
    The foggy picture of your barn was on Facebook. I recognized your barn, the east side of your yard and the curvey railing from the house. It was beautiful. Especially with the yard light and the geese. It all looked so peaceful. Like all’s right with the world.
    And the duet, too. We have to watch and listen to the kids practice. Thank you and please keep the Christmas trees and memories coming.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

  4. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

    Oh Mary!!
    That video made my day!! 😄 My Oskar – the German Shepherd- is SUCH a ham just up until I grab my camera!!! He refuses to look at it and always looks like I’ve just beaten him with a stick! [Which i would never do, of course!!]

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patricia – that sounds like Hazel – if I try to put a coat on her you’d think I was going to beat her, too! Any other time she’d beg to sit with me at the piano – we’ll try again.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – go to Facebook and look up “owner tells dog he gave the treats to the cat” or go to my Facebook page to watch my favorite video of all times!

  5. Sandra Hicks

    I loved your performance with Hazel. Perhaps there will be a repeat in the future?!?

    I love reading your blog about nothing. It really gives me inspiration to keep sewing on those days I am not in the mood to.
    I also like to hear your farm adventures. I grew up on a farm where we had a little bit of everything for animals. Keep up the good work!

  6. Darlynn Venne

    Yes, I do follow Casper and his side kick! My dogs would do the same as Hazel.
    That crochet Christmas tree was amazing~

  7. Joy in NW Iowa

    Loved your little video and the music! Sometimes when I’m sewing I listen to restful Christmas music on
    Utube. I really like that. It doesn’t put me to sleep.
    No fog this morning! That’s good as I am headed to town for a massage. I have one every three weeks. It really helps my hips and back muscles. Then after lunch our mission group that makes ‘dignity kits’ gets together to sew and cut and chat.
    Mary, did you stitch all those pictures in your office yourself? I really like that arrangement.
    Have a good day. Love all the pictures.

  8. Patricia Bradford

    Love the video. You definitely need to do more of those. Maybe Hazel will
    cooperate a little better next time. They’re just like children.
    Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas. Blessings for a wonderful New Year.

  9. Mary Etherington Post author

    Deb – that’s so sweet of you to offer but I think she’ll probably just stay home – maybe you’d like to come and be a house sitter some time? I’m not sure where I’d go but I like thinking about it

  10. Sally J. Mi.

    Loved the video!! Beautiful piano!!
    I never saw my Christmas tree so I will resend.
    Love seeing everyone’s unique trees!! Lovely quilts too!

  11. Marie Fibelstad

    Sorry forgot to say I wanted a Cat Pattern, that is what happens when you get in a hurry.
    From Marie F of Storm Lake, IA. 50588

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie – I still don’t understand – what cat pattern? I haven’t posted a cat pattern.

  12. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I love all the trees; I’ll decorate our Chrismon tree today and the bigger tree in our family room on Sunday. Starting on the 1st Sunday in Advent we decorate one thing a day: window candles and wreath one day, changing out to our Christmas dishes another day, trees, etc., etc. I really enjoy each step of getting our home and hearts ready for Christmas! Hazel is camera shy 🤣; your playing is just lovely!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mrs. G – I think I’ll try to play again but I think anything will be too long for the blog – then I’d have to figure out YouTube – ugh

  13. Marcia-Ohio

    Thanks for the cookie recipe. A dear friend of mine makes these and won’t share how she makes them. I so want to try these as I love a mild anise flavor.

  14. Laurie in NC

    I am enjoying all the trees! That crocheted tree is really amazing. I can’t imagine how much work that was to finish it.

  15. Bridget

    Love the trees. We do not have ours up yet. I am going to try this Springerle recipe. When I make Springerles I usually butter the cookie sheet and sprinkle whole anise seeds (not a lot!) in the butter before setting the cookies on the sheet. The seeds stick and give a little extra kick. My biggest joy this season is listening to my girls practice Christmas music on the piano while I get dinner made. The cat is usually curled up in her bed by the fireplace. It is so cozy!!

  16. Carmen M.

    Thank You Mary and Hazel for your performance, what a cutie she is! The Christmas trees are so fun to see, great idea you had!

  17. Lynette in Orlando

    I love the trees and the quilts! So Christmassy!!! The video — made me laugh and warmed my heart….. the piano music was so lovely, and then Hazel made me laugh – my pup would have done the exact same thing! Ok mom, I’ve had enough……. lol. DEFINITELY make a video – would love to hear the beautiful piano……

  18. Kris in WI

    I’m enjoying all three posts of the different Christmas trees and holiday quilts. That was a great idea, Mary. I really had to search for the tree pictures made with white buttons. Totally missed them the first few times through. Robert will like the pheasant tree, but I hope he doesn’t want to resurrect the taxidermy critters in his shop to replicate it!
    Many thanks to all and to all a good night. Kris

    1. Candy

      I also like the pheasant tree … it would look great along with our taxidermy pheasant hanging over our computer … LOL! We used to live in pheasant country, but not anymore. We also have a taxidermy owl, but he lives in a closet … I can only deal with one bird on my walls! Really enjoying the Christmas tree parade!

  19. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Hazel is a real beauty, l love the tan spots on her ear! I got the video on the 2nd try, like your red jersey matching Hazels collar too.Everyones trees are so well done,mine is a bit slap dash as
    Luna plays hide and seek with various baubles! I’m trying to finish a couple of cushion covers for the girls and put their spare quilts in them. Take care everyone, wrap up warm , best wishes from Sandy

  20. Sue in Oregon

    Your video made me giggle out loud. I think the camera made her suspicious. She minds about the same as my dogs did. HaHa
    Beautiful Christmas trees tonight.
    Almost all of our bottom ground is flooded tonight. We have had so much rain and we are also having King tides, so the water can’t drain out like it normally does. At least it’s not very cold. Soon the wild ducks will be sailing in to enjoy all the water. I love to watch them and hear them. The frogs are very noisy tonight too. There are, all of a sudden, so many of them.

  21. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Oh my gosh, Mary, that video? So funny!
    I loved today’s quilts, fantastic, so many I would have loved to make. All the Christmas trees, what fun! Thanks for thinking up that idea!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – I agree that it was a good idea! I have loved it! And if Hazel had just sat there beside me it would have been so good.

  22. Ginger S

    Loved your video. I have been enjoying the Christmas trees and all of the quilts. I noticed that several people are putting up smaller trees and I think seems like a good idea. We are having a very foggy night here in NH.

  23. Kim from Wi

    Love your playing and Hazel being rude by leaving you all alone, lol. The Christmas trees have been just stunning to see and I do hope it puts me in the mood to get mine up this year. I did get the cookies made and put away for the holiday gathering. Woke to a few inches of snow here in central Wisconsin and its cold so it here to stay awhile.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – well, my playing would be lots better without Hazel! I may try it again without her.

  24. Jan P from Cosby, TN

    Love your video, Mary! Hazel is such a typical terrier. I think they’re almost cat-like in their behavior!!
    I’m also enjoying all the tree pics! Ours isn’t up yet and I may not put it up this year. No one is coming and I have smaller trees that are much easier, although not as pretty!! Oh well!!!

  25. Amy F

    Oh Mary, I got a chuckle from your performance with Hazel! Your playing is wonderful, but I think Hazel is bored. Maybe put some peanut butter on the keys? Ha! I do follow Casper & Pam and they always make me laugh.
    I so enjoy seeing the photos of everyone’s decorating talents. I’m amazed by it really. The crocheted tree is just incredible! I wish I had my grandmother’s silver tinsel tree. Those were popular in the late 70s I think. My grandma was always on the cutting edge of fashion! *sarcasm*
    We had foggy mornings/nights this past week too. But no geese in the yard!

  26. Martha W in WY

    Awesome trees again. The fog photo reminds me of my Minnesota heritage. Unfortunately, the video didn’t play good for me.

      1. Kris in WI

        Nothing wrong, Mary. It just took a while to load. Now I’m humming “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and wishing that Hazel would sing along! Kris

  27. Katie in Gilbert,Az.

    Thank u for sharing the wonderful 🎄, I am loving the sharing,
    The Christmas quilts are n
    Stay warm & cozy

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