Didn’t I tell you? 2-7-24

Didn’t I tell you you’d love this post from Twyla? It is mind boggling and I, too, want to go back and study the pictures again. Thank you, Twyla! I sorta laughed when someone asked if you had more or seasonal collections. Haha! Well, of course you do! I hope you continue to answer the questions from the readers.

Oh my, this is such fun! I have other friends with lovely collections and I will ask them from time to time to share with us. The next one will be on Valentines Day – I already have the pictures downloaded.

Now I’m going back to the iron discussion. Today I bought this iron at the Dollar Store for $16.00 – it is not auto shut off but I will use it here in the house. Sometimes an iron shuts off too soon and then I have to wait for it to heat again. I’ll let you know about this new iron.

Sounds like Ken and Zuby at Crafty Corner already have a new location – wow! That was fast – I just don’t know how a quilt shop gets inventory quickly again. We were ordering a whole season ahead when we had the shop.

If you had told me in 2014 when we closed that I’d still be shuffling quilts around 10 years later, I wouldn’t have believed you. I display quilts at Concord Care and I thought I’d take Big Harvey. I looked and searched and then I remembered that my friend Kathy had mentioned she bought Big Harvey at our sale. Ugh. So I’m remaking him to take to Concord. I got this much done today.

I’ll add the borders and quilt him and then I’ll add the embroidery and appliqué details. What were we thinking when we sold hundreds of quilts? I’ll tell you what we thought! We thought that was the end of Country Threads! I’d hate to tell you how many quilts I’ve searched for over the years for one reason or another only to come to the conclusion that we sold it.

Here’s a mystery – we don’t have a single blue jay this winter. Where did they go? Anybody else missing bluejays at their feeders?

We traveled the wilderness trail several times today – in the wind – here’s the view from the steps. It’s not pretty.

Here’s just one of my stacks of quilts to search.

Last night I said I was starting this book. Last night I closed this book. Tonight I’m starting a different book. This one is a romance novel – this is not for me. Give me a serial killer mystery any day but not a sappy sweet love story.

Reader photos:

Sweet Biscuit
Ursula sent this magnetic saucer to me – so true! Haha!
From a reader – also true.

This is the background I’m using for Harvey – think I’ve kept it long enough?

Someone asked about kettle corn. Popcorn is popped with equal amounts of oil and white sugar in the kettle which puts a thin coating of melted sugar on the popped kernel. When it’s tipped out of the kettle, it’s hot and sticky and then it’s salted. It’s really delicious!

65 thoughts on “Didn’t I tell you? 2-7-24

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    This is a fun way to end the day. Love the star quilts…stars are my favorite pattern.
    Was it last year you put a fabric flag showing how high the snow was in the wilderness trail? This year…nothing.
    Love the burro joke. I heard a good one the other day. More like a riddle.
    What is made round.
    Delivered in a square.
    Cut in a triangle?


    1. Judy

      I sent Jo’s riddle question to my daughters to see what the granddaughters would come up with for an answer. The twelve year old answered with pizza. The 7 and 9 year olds answered with cake or some kind of pastry and cheese or pie.

  2. Gail in Ohio

    I laughed over the magnetic saucer and then laughed more over the “burro vs. burrow” meme… too funny!
    LOVE those quits – quite spectacular!
    I have nothing to contribute on the iron discussion – mine shuts off, but not too quickly. It’s not fancy, but it does the job – but I am thinking it’s old enough that it will quit one of these days!
    Good luck on getting Harvey ready – I have seen photos of a finished one, too cute!
    It was sunny here in east central OH today and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny again with temperatures close to 60 degrees. It must be our February thaw and I’m sure we’ll be back into winter soon. I’ll go check the hellebore and witch hazel this week to see if they are budding or blooming.

  3. Cheryl

    All the blue jays are in Arkansas at our feeders! Big fat blue jays chasing all the other birds away. What we haven’t had this year that is so odd is cardinals. We’ve lived here 17 years and every winter the woods were glorious with their red color. They loved the feeders! This year we have seen 1 female. ???

  4. Sue in Oregon

    HaHaHa…Love the donkey joke.
    I’m with you about the sappy romance books. From the cover, I would have been fooled too.
    I hope your new iron is the best yet. It’s really hard to find a good one. Mine is okay, but I don’t use the steam. I have a wool pad and I use Mary Ellens spray when needed. Also, a wood block to flatten. I don’t press until a block is finished because I use a roller.

  5. Dee from Shell Rock

    In 08, we were flooded. I had 3.5 ft on my first floor. I can’t tell you how many times I have went to a cupboard expecting to find something that was lost in the flood. Hunting hunting is the name of the game. It was ugly today, but tomorrow is to be uglier. But at least it’s not white coming down. The iron issue is so hard. Seems like you find one you like and then it dies right away. Or it leaks. I have MIL’s rowenta, works well, but no water in it. And no romances, no Danielle Steele for me either. Give me a good mystery cozy and I’m good.

  6. Deb

    We get lots of blue jays & occasionally stellar jays here in Northern California. I see them more when I put out shelled, unsalted peanuts for the squirrels. Had one gray squirrel fall off a branch last spring & she’s lost use of that leg, so I put those out on 2 short shelves I’ve put at the top of the fence. We often have blue jays stop by when there are peanuts put out for the injured squirrel….and have noticed we have some baby red squirrels, too, so we budget more for the peanuts now (and the bird seed, sugar for the hummingbirds, etc). Yes, the shut off feature is good for safety but I also get aggravated at how long it takes the iron to heat back up again.

  7. Beth T.

    Mary, here in NW Oregon we have blue jays and scrub jays keeping us busy and entertained like crazy! Ours live in our grove of cedar trees out behind our house and then swoop down or up to our deck to eat the peanuts and bird seed (and goat food and chicken feed) that John leaves out for them every day. Who needs tv?

  8. Martha W in WY

    Jeanne’s quilt are so amazing. Yup Mary, tis the season…mud, mud everywhere.

  9. Cindy K

    Have only seen a few Bluebirds this winter and a few Cardinals-I thought it was odd too. Good burro joke-husband will get a kick out of it. He really liked the two kids in the snow from a previous post-that was hilarious!

  10. Beth Laverty

    I love kettle corn. I attend a flea market where they offer it and it is the first place I head when we arrive!!! Love it…. shouldn’t have it too often but it is SO GOOD.

  11. Barbara Yarnell

    Such beautiful Feathered Star quilts! Wow! Loving this weather here in Missouri, mainly the sunshine. Too many grey, dreary days get me down but having a sunshiny day (or week) makes it all bearable.
    The birds are our entertainment too. Lots of blue jays and cardinals at the feeders every day. Even a robin came to peck on the suet just to see what all the excitement was about. We have several different kinds of woodpeckers come and different birds pass through. All are fun to watch.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – and we have no birds this winter and it’s warm! Only sparrows – where are all the birds?

  12. Pattie from PA (currently GA]

    I haven’t commented for a long time but finally am still enough to do so. BTW, I still can find some Debbie Mumm fabric in my stash. Was all the rage for me when I started quilting in 2000.
    I left CA on New Year’s Day and landed in Arizona for the month of January. Had a wonderful time in the desert catching up with friends and making new ones.
    I recently completed 8 days of consecutive driving across country to land in a campground just outside of Savannah, GA. I am touring the city with close friends who are on their way to FL to meet their cruise ship.
    Tomorrow I will head up to SC to volunteer at Carolina Poodle Rescue for several weeks.
    My time working as a florist decorating Rose Bowl Parade floats was amazing. To see the amount of flowers that were delivered to the float barn every day was overwhelming. The days were long, generally 7:30 am to 11pm and even longer the night of the 30th. The floats had to be completed by 10 the next morning for final judging. That afternoon the floats begin to leave the barn on their slow trek to Pasadena and people gather on the sidewalk across the road to watch the procession. It was like you got your own private, up close parade preview.
    The next morning I watched the parade with 2 other florists on the big screen TV in my motorhome. So glad I didn’t try to get tickets to the parade as I was too exhausted to move but what a fantastic opportunity. I look forward to doing it again next year.

  13. Vicki Ibarra

    I, too, still have some Debbie Mumm fabric. I have a few of Debbie Mumm’s books and the leaf quilt that Sunflower shared recently reminded me of one I made from a pattern in one of those books.
    Travels had me on a lake yesterday, enjoying the sun and gentle breezes as the boat cut through the water. Ah, such peace! Back to piecing quilt tops soon. Mine won’t be as detailed as the beautiful feathered star quilts. I smiled at Oliver’s Farm quilts. I don’t applique like I once did, but still admire the work.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – where were you on a lake with a gentle breeze? The wind is roaring here in North Iowa.

      1. Vicki Ibarra

        I am in Florida. To be 75-85 degrees the next 5 days. I can’t complain about that. I brought quilting stuff with me, including sewing machine. But when the weather is nice, I am outside.

  14. Lynette in Orlando

    Great blog today!!!! Jeanne – your feathered star quilts are beautiful!!! I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and Mary, your blog really brightens my day. Thank you!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynette – let’s get you out of that funk – why not start a new small quilt today? Make a small one that you can finish quickly so you get that I feel good vibe … and then show it to us! Or, as Connie would advise – RETAIL THERAPY! Go shopping!

    2. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Hey, Lynette, How about a small kit? Sometimes they are easier because most everything is in the kit.
      Good luck, I know it can be hard to get started.

  15. Laura VS

    We did the same thing when we closed our shop. I, too, have looked for a particular quilt and found I don’t have it anymore. I guess I need to just make more!

  16. Connie R. in Wis

    Twyla’s collection was so inspiring. It’s made me rethink some of the items I had earmarked for the thrift store — “Twyla includes so many things I love in her collections so, maybe I could just keep my stuff.”Thanks, Twyla, for sharing.

    Mary, glad to see that you also kept a lot of the quilts from your quilt shop days. Looks like a fun pile to look through.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie R – none of the quilts in that pile are from Country Threads – I’ve made all of those since we closed but I looked there anyway.

  17. Sandra Pierson

    Mary, you like serial killer mysteries? Well, this book is just that. I had to skip some of the descriptive murders but the author, Erik Larson weaves a lot of history of the Chicago Worlds fair into this story. Very good read. It is called Devil in the White City.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandra p – I’ve seen this book but never read it so…. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

    2. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Sandra, That book just came into my Little Free Library. Thanks for the recommendation. My favorite show was Criminal Minds so I will probably enjoy Devil in the White City:)

  18. Helen

    Oh Mary, I was at both of your quilt sales and they were so much fun. My friend and I came from Illinois. It was a lovely road trip. Yes I have many of your quilts here in my home and I love them all. However I do not have Harvey but wish I did. Thanks for the memories of such fun times at your farm.

  19. Frances E

    I knew I liked you. Don’t give me a romance story. I can’t get through them. I’d much rather have a murder mystery! 😂

  20. Sheryl Harrison

    I love Debbie Mumm and still have pieces I bought years ago when Tailored Threads was in Lamoni.

    I went back to Twyla’s photos several times. What treasures! Items like the church registry reminded me of my childhood. The registry numbers were similar to the church I attended as a child and the church where my kids grew up. The wooden highchair reminded me of the one my boys used. I passed it on to my sister when my niece was born. When I bought a highchair when my grandkids were born, I thought of the wooden chair and wish it was still in our family. Thank you, Twyla, for sharing your collections with us!

    Thanks for the lovely quilt show!

  21. Jeanne in Co.

    I’m hoping the feathered star quilts will convince some of you that are afraid of feathers to make one. Although the blue and white quilt top was not foundation pieced, the other two were. It makes the feathers fairly easy to sew. The quilted one with appliqued cherries was made and hand quilted back in 2008 and 2009. The blue one was pieced during the isolation of covid. And the mauve top with appliqued plums was just finished last week. I’m nearing 92 and can no longer hand quilt because of my hands cramping, but I’m thankful I can still piece and applique. Try foundation piecing if you haven’t already done it. It’s easy and accurate. Jeanne in Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – you give me hope that I can still do what I love when I’m 90! I can’t even hold a needle at age 75 however. Some time I’ll take a picture of my crooked hands.

  22. Sally J. Mi.

    Jeanne your quilts are just amazing and such beautiful workmanship. Twyla your collections just blew me away. Warm weather here in Michigan today and tomorrow and then back to reality more winter.

  23. Kathy in western NY

    These were wonderful pictures of collections. I don’t worry about where items go when I’m gone as I enjoy seeing them and do like giving away now to people quilts I do not need to fold up and store and treasures I want them to have while I can do it. Even a “burly outdoorsy only drive a truck or Harley” coworker of my husbands who lost his only sister who was in a nursing home with dementia brought me 4 of her beautiful needlepoint and cross stitch professionally framed pictures. They are large and I do not know where yet I will hang them but I will as he knew I would love looking at them and appreciating them. He knew no one else in his family would understand the work she put into them by the comments when cleaning out her room. When he handed me also a bag of her threads, I couldn’t help but think of her shopping to get just the right ones.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – oh, that is so sweet that he gave them to someone who understood what went into creating them!!

  24. Diane in Colorado

    Beautiful quilts!! I have always loved feathered star quilts but have never made one—or not yet!

    I love kettle corn! My Dad used to make it in a Whirly Pot (I think that’s what they are called) and it was such a treat! Now I think they buy it in a bag at Sam’s!!

  25. Teresa in Indiana

    Today’s quilt show was amazing! Jeanne your feathered stars are beautiful. I’ve only made a wallhanging size and none of my 5 stars matched – and not by choice if you know what I mean. LOL! The fussy cut stars are so impressive too. I love stars too. It’s warmer here today, nearing 60 degrees. We’ve had several grey days lately that this is a welcomed change. Have a great day everyone.

  26. Margaret

    First of all , I appreciate all your post and always cheer me. I love seeing all the quilts and am totally amazed each and every time. We have some extremely talented people out there..loved seeing all the home displays of stitchery. I will never be a cross stitcher, but do love the finish.
    Love to start my day with your post, the parking jerks make no sense to me but totally thoughtless.

  27. Mareen

    Oh Mary I had a blue jay yesterday at my feeder! Hope your hip is doing better. Take care

    1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Our bluejays are still here, too, Mary, but I don’t think as many. We do have lots of wood peckers of all kinds and of course, the beautiful Pileated.

  28. Launa Peters

    Hip, hip hurray Mary! Shots do work!
    Great quilt pictures this morning…nice to view my friend’s stars blocks!
    No new snow last night, but our temperatures certainly dropped.
    Guess I’d better get the tall snowman down n get Your bunny hung…
    Perhaps tomorrow? Both are still handy!

  29. Brenda Ks.

    Love the Oliver’s farm quilt. Have a one year old great grandson that goes with his mother to feed cows every day. He loves to talk to the cows. Not sure they understand him but he smiles a lot.
    Would love to know the name of the pattern.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – maybe the maker will see your comment – if not, I’ll ask in a post.

    2. Deb

      Brenda, I bet he would love this quilt. Animals in Oliver’s quilt were inspired by Animal Whimsy by Amy Bradley. The barn part I design. Boy, did that tax my brain. But I figure out the math. I can’t wait to give it to the little guy. He is about 2 months old. I put pig fabric on the back. His Dad will appreciate that. He showed pigs in 4 -H with my son. I have no grandchildren just grandcats. So I just borrow other people’s to gift quilts. No one complains. Haha

  30. Marsha in Michigan

    So many quilts, so little time! So much fabric, too.

    I love kettle corn!

    Today will be fun. We’re picking up our granddaughter from school this afternoon to take her to her dentist appointment for clean & check. I’m sure she will want Panda Express afterward! That’s her favorite restaurant.

  31. Heather k

    Thank you for pulling out Harvey- I always forget to hang him up until the last minute! My Harvey also came from one of your “rummage “ sales as well as a quilt that sits on my couch most of the time- its asimple and timeless fence rail. I have have a big and small Oliso- just because I like the colors. I did have an issue with the large one when I got it not resetting – I had dropped it and was asking if they repair- they sent me a new one and now I have to support them 😉

    Jeanne- your star quilts are beautiful!

  32. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Well, I’ve only been back to the two posts of Twyla’s collections three times!! What fun:) I love everything and will go back again. I like the quilts in the wooden box. I have one like that, but it’s an end table–for now.
    Our local auction house had a sewing notions etc auction yesterday. I had a meeting so arrived after it was over, but I looked at everything (212) items on line. There were 6 or 8 toy sewing machines. The last bid I saw was $110.00 for three. I am sure they went higher. There were SEVERAL Featherweights. The one like mine was over $350.00. One of them was $550.00 and most of the others were over $200.00 One of our Guild members used to buy them at yard sales for $7.00 or $10.00. $15.00 was her limit!!
    The quilts today are stunning. At first I thought, the feathered star was in twice, but then I realized there were three–wow.
    Nice here today–56* so far. I am taking my husband for a haircut today. He is thrilled. Maybe only 8 more weeks of the brace and no driving.

  33. Jeanne in Co.

    Twyla, your collections are absolutely wonderful. You have a real talent for displaying them. I’m interested in finding out where all of the framed samplers in the hallway came from, or gave you sewn them yourself? Can you please send full pictures of some of your favorite ones so we can enjoy them too? Your beautiful wood cabinets and thread drawers are just amazing. I’ve looked at your photos several times and find something new every time I’ve looked. Loved all of them. Funny that you had a bowl of darning eggs. I had just finished darning holes in several of my compression socks (using a light bulb to hold the toe in place). My daughter came into my sewing room with two darning eggs in her hand that she found in her mother-in-laws sewing kit after she died. I wonder if Joann’s still sell them?
    These two blogs of Twyla’s have been such fun. Jeanne in Co.

    1. Twyla

      Jeanne, I bought the samplers in the long hallway on my outings to antique, thrifting, flea markets, barn sales etc. Some were in bad shape, I’d soak or clean them and then frame them. It truly is a lost art of days past. I love some many fiber arts and collect many!! I’m glad everyone has enjoyed my collections!! Thank you everyone for all the comments, it means so much!!

  34. Janet Easley

    I’m tardy to the party regarding the iron discussion – life happened. Anyway, I use a travel size Rowenta for ironing as I’m piecing, with no steam, because it heats up as soon as it’s plugged in and is small in size and weighs less, which is better for my small hand as “Arthur” has begun to set in. For larger pieces or to smooth out wrinkles with steam/Best Press I use a cheap iron from Walmart.
    The tour of Twyla’s collection was wonderful. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing, Twyla! Inspiration abounds. So many ideas, so little time.
    It’s pouring rain here right now – storm heading your direction. Today is the third round that started earlier in the week. Two quilting project tops to finish. Once that’s done, it’s time to start on Harvey.
    Jan in Arizona

  35. li

    At this moment all the blue jays are in my backyard for a week now. None of the trees and birds know that it is winter out there. A forsythia across the way is budding.

  36. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    As always your blog is enjoyable and the quilts are stunning. I would love to know the name of the quilt right after Oliver’s farm. If the maker wouldn’t mind sharing the pattern name. So many quilts to make. I’m working on an easy quilt I will be donating to our guilds Preemie quilts for the hospital. A friend of mine put together a top for me, she can’t cut fabric right now with a shoulder injury but if I cut she will sew. A fantastic twosome we make. I will be able to hand in two at our next meeting. In the third week of March I will be going to a quilt retreat so I need to prepare for that.

  37. Betty Klosterman

    Fun. You don’t look at Twyla’s pictures just once. We enlarge them and keep looking at the memories. I didn’t keep a lot of Mom’s things, but I did keep a little ash tray Dad used. It looks like a miniature coal pail about 3″ high. Can’t explain why we do things.

    Jeanne in Co, I wondered if you paper pieced the feathered star quilts when I first saw them. You must have really liked that pattern and the challenge to make 3 of them. Paper piecing is really meant for that type of quilts. Makes life so much easier, with just a bit of practice. Years ago my friend introduced me to paper piecing. Then I looked at everything to see if it could be paper pieced. I took a mariners compass class and thought paper piecing could work….. guess what they came out with that method a bit later!!

    Where else could we go to the Rose Bowl to decorate a float? Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. And all this on your blog about nothing?

    I’ve always had blue jays to eat peanuts in the shell, but not this winter. Had a bunch of black birds. They are like a vacuum and eat everything. Along with the pigeons and doves. At least they have to eat the seed off the ground. The classy birds must go to the better side of town?

    Thank you for all the pictures of the quilt rooms. Good ideas if you’ve got the space, money and motivation. My thoughts are my piles are neater!! And I’ve got a lot of piles.

    Take care, everybody. Betty in Rapid City

  38. Polly Perkins

    I bought a Simple Touch automatic timer that Bonnie Hunter talked about and it is on her Amazon list. You plug it in and set it for hold, 1 hour, 2 hours , 4 hours or 8 hours to automatically shut off. I love it for my iron that has no automatic shut off. My Black and Decker cheap iron does shut off but only takes a few seconds to reheat. Both are cheap solutions for cheap irons that work a long time. I do not use steam in these irons. I use my expensive iron for steam === ususally only when I am done with a block or done with a quilt.

  39. San

    Hi Mary

    Awhile back, I bought the basic Black and Decker iron from the local Wal-Mart. Sadly, it is no longer carried in that store. However, The Vermont Country Store has it on their web site for just $34.95. I’m going to order one as a back up. Black and Decker used to make one that did not have vent holes in the sole plate. I’d love to find another one of those. Has anyone seen them?

  40. Debra L Reber

    I am in South-Central Kentucky, and have had Blue Jays at my feeder all winter long. Hope your Blue Jays come back, they are such a beautiful bird! I had always heard they were “mean” birds & would chase other birds away, but the blue jays here don’t bother the other birds. Loved all the pictures!

  41. Alice in SW Ohio

    Twyla, thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us! Love all your collections! 6 yrs ago I had to downsize due to my husband’s health. I did keep my blue & white dish collection, quilts, baskets, antique irons & Angels. Everything else had to go. Just no room in a smaller home for all those antiques. I still have a very large selection of fabric, but did weed out some lesser loved & donated to a group who makes donation quilts. Irons…I’ve owned several Rowena irons, some have simply stopped working, but all leaked eventually. I confess I like steam when I sew & also when ironing my clothes. Like many of you I don’t buy the expensive irons anymore. I bought a Sunbeam at Costco on sale & loved it so much I bought another one to have as a backup.This one has been going strong for almost 4 yrs & I do put water in it. I also clean it regularly. So far no leaking. I think I paid around $20! I won’t buy another Rowena, they aren’t worth the $$! Jeanne in Co, your feathered quilts are truly gorgeous! You did such a lovely job on them!

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