Twyla’s Post #2

Wasn’t that fun? I myself loved it – Twyla, like so many of us, wonders what will happen to her stuff when we die. Has anyone figured this out or don’t you care or even think about it? I am trying to give things to younger friends now – I gave away many bowls a couple years ago.

A sad note to end on – Crafty Corner in Worthington, MN experienced much smoke and water damage after an adjoining business caught fire yesterday morning. All the Bernina machines still in crates were lost. A new location has already be secured. Owners Ken and Zuby Jansen are friends from many years ago and I wish them the very best. Do you remember I even named one of my favorite goats Zuby?

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  1. Jill Klop

    I didn’t have to wait long for that second installment of Twyla’s house! Such beautiful collections! I only have one son and he is not married. I don’t think he’ll want too many of my things. It’s my hope that the important things God will find the right home for when the time comes.

  2. Linda in Michigan

    The photos of Twyla’s collections are just jaw-dropping! But it brings up a lot of questions in my mind. Did Twyla herself make all of those quilts, and the embroidery, did she do all of those? Who has the unpleasant job of dusting (the dreaded dusting) all of that stuff? Does Twyla live alone, or is there a man somewhere in the background. And, finally, how old is Twyla? Thank you, thank you, Mary, for a fabulous post.

    1. Twyla

      Yes, I’ve made all the quilts!! I owned a quilt shop for 15 years so some were samples. There are many more cupboards full of quilts! The samplers in the long hallway are antique, the ones close up are cross stitch I’ve done. Yes, there’s a hubby (he has a man cave with classic cars). The dusting/cleaning isn’t bad!! We have 4 adult children and 5 granddaughters and a bonus grandson, I’m hoping the girls will want my “stuff”!!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Twyla – thank you answering and I’m with everybody else -jaw dropping collections!!! This was so fun – thank you, Twyla!

      2. Carolyn of Ohio

        I thought you might have been an antique dealer. My husband and I used to tramp through antique malls in the dreary winter months. Loved all the displays. Been years since I’ve done anything like that. He’s been gone since 2019. Love your displays.

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! What a beautiful collection. So much to enjoy. So much to look for when shopping nooks and crannies at thrift shops and antique stores.
    Thank you Twila for sharing.

  4. Sheila from MA

    Oh My Goodness!! What a great collections! The first of every year I think about decluttering. Seriously who needs 3 kitchen scales? That whole plan lasts a about a month and then I go on to something fun.
    Sorry about your hip, hopefully the injection will give you some relief. Aches and pains come with age doesn’t mean we have to like it.
    We have 3 straight days on sun here in MA, it sure feels good. According to the weather folks January was 71% cloudy.

    Have a good day everyone!
    Sheila in MA

    1. Suzanne in Massachusetts

      Sheila in MA. I’m in MA too. Hasn’t the sun been great. We had 23 days in a row with no sun.

    2. Ginger S

      Sheila, you are a girl after my own heart. I also have big “purge”plans and get my Swedish Death Cleaning Mojo on. That lasts about 2 weeks ,mostly thinking about it. This year a cleaned out a small 3 drawer night stand and 2 kitchen drawers. Then I figure there’s always next week and move on to more fun things.

  5. Patty T.

    Wow! Love Twila’s collections. Can she adopt me?? Beautiful! I do worry about who will appreciate my cross stitch, quilts, antiques, etc. . There’s hope that my daughter will want them. Sorry about your hip Mary. It’s amazing how uncomfortable that can be.

  6. Cheryl

    Okay you had me at the wisk brooms, then the purses, then the hymn number board, and then the Chinese checkers!…….!!!!!!

  7. Cindy K

    What a lot of eye candy! Twila sure has the decorators touch. I’m lucky that all 3 of my daughters and several granddaughters quilt so know where my fabric and sewing supplies will go. As for the rest?
    No fun to have pain in the hip-been there, done that-hope you’re better soon.

  8. Marsha in Michigan

    I do wonder what will happen to my stuff when I’m gone. Most will mean nothing to my kids. I have been cleaning out drawers and donating boxes full of stuff.

    Thanks to Twila for letting you share her collections. Got some ideas for quilt displays among other things!

    That is sad indeed about the store in MN. I hope they have good insurance. Those machines alone are quite a loss.

  9. Gail in Ohio

    Wishing your friends all the best after the fire-related damage – what a mess!! I hope they can fully recover!!!

  10. Diane in Maryland

    I imagine a lot of our stuff will be tossed out every by grandson Trice. He loves antiques and has an incredible memory about them, their value, how old, where they were made, etc. It really is amazing.
    Twyla your home could be a museum! I’ve thought that about Mary’s too!

    That’s awful about your friends’ quilt shop! So sorry this happened to them!

    Good luck with getting rid of the bursitis. It is very painful!

  11. Karen

    Thanks to Twila for sharing her wonderful collections. So much thought has gone into her displays that make them so appealing. I forwarded the photos to a friend who was asking for ideas on how to display her quilts. I’ve been trying to give the quilts and items I care most about to friends who I know will appreciate them. The rest will just have to be part of the estate sale!

    Karen in MD

  12. Diane in Colorado

    Oh no!! I visited Crafty Corner often as my grandparents lived in Worthington. I’m sorry to hear of the loss and the hassle they are now dealing with, but glad to hear they have already secured a new location!

  13. Linda in North Carolina

    Love Twila’s collections! Yes I agree, can’t imagine what happens to our “stuff” when we’re gone. Our children and grandchildren these days don’t want any of it. For one thing they have no appreciation of Americas history. If they did they might put some value in preserving it. So sorry to hear about the fire. Prayers for them and for your pain Mary. Forgot to say I have some mini white pitchers like Twila’s and the thing our grandmothers used for darning socks. My mother used them to. Do they have a name?

    1. Janet S

      Linda, The darning tool is called a ‘darning egg’. If you didn’t own a real darning egg, you would use a light bulb.

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the bobbins on top of one of the cupboards! Yes, l wondered who did all the dusting, not a cobw3b in sight! Twyla certainly has a good eye for collectable and display.
    My fabric etc will go to our quilt guild, they can sell some ,or l suspect as it is mainly smaller bits, into the free bin we have each meeting. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  15. Karla T

    Twyla, I agree with Cindy K. ! I love looking at your eye candy! A few things took me back to being a kid!
    The school alphabet boards and the metal toy barn like my sister and I both got for Christmas one year.
    Love all the quilts, and notice you have a 30 stars quilt of Mary and Connie’s design. 😉

    I, too, am so sad to hear about the Crafty Corner fire– I was there in October– such nice folks! I will
    have to stop at their new location next time out that way.

    Hope your hip gets better fast, Mary– you don’t have time for that!

    1. Kris in WI

      Sandy, I’ve never heard them called mushrooms before! Here in Wisconsin we call them darning eggs. Some have handles, others were just a wooden egg shape that were put in the toe or heel of a sock, or under a tear in a sweater, to give a firm surface to support the hole in whatever you were mending. I learned to darn using a lightbulb instead! I didn’t own a darning egg until 3rd grade when I joined the Girl Scouts and I had to have one…how’s that for old? Both for dating back to the days when you could earn a GS award patch for mending and knowing how to darn before 3rd grade. Yikes, I am old. I need a Luis! Kris

          1. Kris in WI

            Thanks, Dot. I guess I’ve seen the half round ones, but I believe I thought they were potato mashers or to be used to squeeze juice through a sieve. I stand corrected and more than a little embarrassed, but at least I’m not too old to learn! Kris

  16. Martha W in WY

    I stopped at Crafty Corner this past summer while on my way home from visiting my MN family. It was a wonderful, jam packed shop. I wish the owners the best as they reorganize their business. Thanks Mary for posting Twyla’s photos. I’ve gotten lots of decorating and display ideas from the photos. I have even spotted some of my treasures in the pictures.

  17. Tina W in Oregon

    What an incredible collection and love the way everything is displayed in Twyla’s home. With many of the same types of collections, I see new ways to display mine. Thanks for the inspiration Twyla!
    Mary I hope your hip problem is resolved soon. And I hope your friends can get into their new location soon. Have a great day everyone!

  18. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary and Twyla, thanks for sharing the collections! WOW, WOW, WOW! Wonderful way to start the day! Loved the way you displayed the quilts. The little antique wagon is precious.
    To have the 30 Stars quilt displayed in the last photo was so time relevant. Was that an original kit from Mary and Connie? I noticed several school related collections. Are you a teacher?

    Thanks again!

  19. Judy

    That barn with the blue roof was a fixture in our home growing up. I had two younger brothers and we played with it often.

  20. Roxanne

    Twyla, your eye for display is so engaging! Like someone else said, I’m forwarding it to a family member who will also love it!

  21. Joy in NW Iowa

    Beautiful collection.
    That is so sad about Crafty Corner in Worthington. I have been to many of their shop hops.
    The iron discussion was interesting. I think the cheap ones last the longest!

  22. Cindy from NOVA

    Wow! What an amazing collection!
    A quilter/needle art dream, for sure.
    Just wow…..

  23. Connie R. in Wis.

    Such beautiful collections. I especially loved that red barn with the cardboard animals. So unusual. I don’t worry about what will happen to my collection when I’m gone . I just enjoy everything I have.

    So sorry about your friend’s shop. With all the work that goes into running a small business, I’m glad they are resilient enough to start in a new location. Best wishes to them.

      1. Connie R.

        Oh my! Doubly impressive to continue the business after such a set back. Praying for their continued success in the new location.

  24. Sharon G.

    Mary – What wonderful collections Twyla has. Saw the 30 Stars quilt peeking out. Love it! Thank you Mary and thank you, Twyla, for sharing.
    Sorry to hear about your friend’s loss to their business Crafty Corner.

  25. Chris in Alaska

    Wow! What an incredible collection of many treasures , all beautifully displayed ! I could spend a week there and still not see everything !

  26. Sue Smith

    Absolutely Amazing!! I have looked at it three times now and see something different each time. Thank you Twila and Mary. Such a fun post. Very sad about the quilt shop.

  27. Mary Johnston

    What a question…what to do with all our collections and “stuff”. My “darling daughter” said “she is going to have one he$$ of a garage sale”. Breaks my heart, I was speaker of my small guild a year ago, and the members that day got one of my quilts. (40 were there). Did not make a dent. If someone went to the trouble to put everything on e-Bay they would make lots of $$$$. There is another guild in town that has a rummage sale at there quilt show…books for a dollar I must have over 500 books, a Bernina, Featherweight, Elna, fabric, patterns, and all the bells & whistles. I hope someone will have a great idea on this dilemma. I ❤️ the photos today!!!!

  28. Rosalie

    Mary, I have been going to physical therapy for hip bursitis for 6 weeks. It has helped so much! I refused an injection and opted for physical therapy first and while I don’t know how long it will help, it is rarely painful as long as I do my exercises.

  29. Carmen M.

    Such Awesomeness! Twyla you sure have a knack for displaying!
    So sad about the fire I hope they are able to get back on track as soon as possible!
    Good Luck with your hip Mary, I hope it helps!

  30. San

    My first thought was, “dang, I’d better finish some of my quilts so I can catch up”!!!
    My second thought was “dang, I’d better finish some of my counted cross stitch so I can catch up”!!!
    My third thought was, “well maybe after she goes, we can all just move in and enjoy everything. How much dusting could there be?” LOL

    Twyla, your gift of display is amazing. I’m patently envious. But also truly inspired to start my spring cleaning and rearrange my earthly treasures. It’s past time to make some small pin cushions and put them in a tray or large pottery bowl. One thing I didn’t see was a cookie cutter collection. Sometimes mine comes out and goes in a blue pottery bowl.

    As far as dispersing goes, I began when I moved in to my house. Sadly, this was right after my father passed and I watched how my siblings simply took most everything in that house to Goodwill. The house was cleaned out in 4 days. When I have my will done, it will be very specific, as I know certain relatives will enjoy certain items, especially the furniture that my dad built.

    Mary, I sure hope you get to feeling better. Sorry to hear about the nearby quilt shop.

    San / Murphy, NC

  31. Helen Jane (Tx)

    Mary and Twyla…Thank You for showing your many collections and displays. My first thought was Wow! This is the most “extensive” and “varied” collections I have seen. I do have questions such as (1) have you always been a collector? (2) is there more that you bring out on occasion? I must look at your displays several times…again a real treat with inspiring ideas.

    1. Twyla

      Yes, I’ve collected for 30 years or more…I started too late. Yes, I have huge holiday decorations, mostly Christmas.

  32. Jane from St Marys IA

    So many treasures in both of these posts. My 2 1/2 year old grandson sat on my lap as I looked at the pictures & we discussed quite a few items as we scrolled thru them. He is a farm boy so he spotted the barn…the tractor…the books with a tractor & wagon & then the best was the truck with the letters in. He described the cow on the trailer to me…perfectly! He would ask a question & I explained the item to him. What a great learning opportunity for both of us! Thank you Twyla for sharing a fun post!

  33. Pat Smith

    What a collection of beautiful and interesting things! Tomorrow I plan to go through it all again—I’m too tied tonight to be able to take it all in. So saddened to hear about the quilt shop damage especially to the Berninas. Hope their insurance will be helpful in getting them back on their feet.

  34. patti

    WOW. what a fantastic two posts. thanks so much to mary and twyla. so much eye candy. so well displayed. that is truly an art and a talent – just beautiful. i wonder where my quilts, machines and fabric will end up, my husband and daughter don’t really understand. dh tries to be supportive and does not complain. in fact just recently he offered to give up his computer room to bring my longarm downstairs (since i’ve been unable to get to it). then i wonder where he will put his computer? i’d so much rather be able to go upstairs like i used to do. i worry about bringing things from my parents home. it’s not like i’m twenty (more like 73) so there isn’t a ton of time left. keep hearing that antiques are not selling but maybe that is sour grapes. i know lots of my things will be donated, both to my charity and to many others. i want my dh to keep quite a bit for my dd, son will want lots of the quilts. for now i’m going to enjoy using my things, the quilting process is what thrills me and i like to donate things. just realized i’m starting to run on so better quit and get ready for bed. hugs to all. thanks again for the great eye candy. hope you feel better soon mary. patti in florida

  35. patti

    forgot to mention. i loved seeing the church placard with the attendance and the collection $$. reminded me of my home church from my childhood. thanks again. patti in florida

  36. Lollie

    Stuff – it’s hard, especially a collection as beautiful as this. It should be in a publication or holiday tour. I can’t get the kids and grands to take it even when they express an interest. Sometimes they get surprises in the mail. As long as they get it to a second hand location and not a dumpster, I will be happy that it will find someone to love it. In the meantime, I love it.

  37. Bonny

    Check with your County Extension office for handouts and possibly workshops that may help with planning to transfer personal possessions. Locally one workshop was called “Who gets Grandma’s yellow pie plate?”

  38. Pat in Michigan

    Twyla, wow what a fabulous collection and display. We are all in awe. Your decorating is fantastic. . A. joy for all of us needleworks to drool over. Just great eye candy.
    I wonder if you would know the name of the quilt in the first part of your post, it is a green and red plaid quilt on the door of a cabinet. Stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  39. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Twyla’s collections are great! Thanks to her for sharing; thanks to you, Mary, for posting.
    The readers’ quilts are beautiful!

  40. Sherry Whalen

    Thank you for sharing Twyla! You have your house decorated so perfectly – I have stuff, but when I put stuff out, it looks like I just forgot to put things away!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – oh, you kill me! I sort of feel the same way – my stuff is there on a table and it does look like I just didn’t put it away! Hahaha!!!!!

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