Digging Out

I know I said I was going to stand on that snow pile yesterday and take the same picture but this is what it looked like out the front door during a lull in the storm when I could actually see the barn.  The wind was so fierce I could not have stood up out there much less on top of that pile!

I am thankful Rick was home during the storm so he can dig us out today.  He loves moving snow where I would just stay home and shovel enough to get me to the barn and to the shop and call it good.


Schools are closed again today and roads are treacherous.  Guess I’ll go sew and watch a movie.  I have been working on my rug for the past 2 days so I deserve a break today.  Here is Liz’s finished rug.

And here is Rhonda’s daughter Aimee’s finished rug – very contemporary, don’t you think?  Which just goes to show that an old technique can be made to look new and very modern.  Aimee – I just love it!

I am going to have a very busy weekend and coming week.  I will be boarding 3 golden doodles, all from one family and over the weekend I get to keep 2 bottle baby goats for my friend Betsy.  I will post lots of pictures – I don’t want you to miss this!  The kids will stay in one of the dog kennels and the dogs will get the run of the entire shop building so they’ll all be able to keep each other company and I won’t have anybody in the house.  I spend much of my free time in the shop so this is going to work great!  The goats are on a 4-6 hour feeding schedule so my only tricky time will be Sunday morning when I have 2 churches to play for.  Oh, won’t this be fun?


18 thoughts on “Digging Out

  1. Angie Rowland

    The rugs have come out WONDERFUL. Hope the organ is in a loft so they won’t see kid drool on your clothes. I used to buy my clothes when the boys were young to see if drool or wiped upchuck could be camo. Couldn’t wait to buy a solid color blouse. Now that they are in their 40’s and I in my 60’s I buy blouses that camo the spills I make when I am eating. I guess what goes around comes around. Stay warm. Hot chocolate and a good movie or book are in order.

  2. Rhonda D

    Wow, you sure did get snow! We’ve had very little snow in our part of Illinois this year, but lots of flooding not long ago. My husband loves getting the tractor out and pushing snow around, too- he just hasn’t had a chance this year.
    Sounds like you be busy with the dogs and the goatie kids (I do love bottle babies) I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.
    Liz’s rug turned out beautifully, I am just crazy for the colors she used 🙂
    Stay snug & toasty!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda Scott-do you mean other than Rugs From Rags which we are doing here on the blog? There are many.

  3. Kathy

    I just got chill bumps when I saw your photos of the snow scene where you live! I hope you enjoy the time to just sew and view videos. Sometimes we need the slower pace of life to remind us that life needs to be savored and moments can expand to give the relaxation and rest we need.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, what fun for Rick. The difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys? During the storm we stay warm and cozy inside, watch movies and eat popcorn. If the power goes off, we just get out the blankets, read a book or take a nice nap. Then when the storm moves on everybody shovels their way OUT of their homes and surveys the height of the drifts and we all get out the shovels and snow blowers and start shoveling. This is when the neighbors all get to visit during rest periods and the kids and dogs have a ball sliding all over. The giggles and laughs are so much fun to hear. I really feel sorry for kids that never had the wonderful experience of snow. It can do a lot of damage and we need to do a lot of shoveling, but it can be pure joy and so much fun and it is moisture.
    When the east coast has a mega blizzard, all we have here is a snow storm and the world doesn’t come to an end. Happy Winter everybody.

  5. Cindy

    I have always loved pictures of snow having lived in Florida for the past 42 years. I have retired to SA, Tx.,so I doubt that I will be seeing any here as well! I wonder how many folks are making your rugs? Male vs female? Sizes? Estimates of amount of fabric or t-shirts used? What is the largest size of frame you sell? I am waiting for my cabinets to be installed and shelving and then I will have a new sewing studio. I have so much cotton fabric that surely I could get a few rugs out of it. Which type of rug, slips the least, cotton or the t-shirts?

  6. IBrenda

    Mary My daughter has had bottle sheep. One got to spend Christmas with us. They are so cute. Have fun.

  7. Liz

    WOW…just looking at your pictures I am missing the snow! Still trying to get use to having warm weather in the winter! Enjoy your time indoors sewing and staying warm.
    I LOVE Rhonda’s rug. Turned out beautiful!!!

  8. Launa

    Mary, Gave away the snow shovels when we moved from Sandy Hook so don’t envy a nasty winter, but had a bottle lamb and enjoyed all the darling antics. Know you are so looking forward to the weekend with the bottle baby goats and the trio of doodles. Sounds like you are finally over “IT”.
    The rug pictures are awesome; thanks for sharing.

  9. Kay Fielder

    Wow, the snow !!!!! and, I still miss Ohio !!!! Have fun with the critters this weekend, and, please be careful on the roads from one church to the other !!!! I love the rugs….even the modern one, which I usually do not care for contemporary, but that is really pretty. …..stay warm….Kay in Texas

  10. Leslie

    LOVE Aimee’s rug! It’d go great in our bedroom! Wish I could say I’ve been working on mine, but not so…will get there tho!
    can’t wait to see the goat pics, Mary. Oh my….have fun with them 😉

  11. Carol

    The rugs are lovely! I hope you are feeling better! Never a dull moment in the house/barn/shop! Looking forward to photos of the bottle babies!

  12. Tanya Tullos

    Your house in the snow is beautiful! I love how those windows and the brick look! Good job with all that remodel last year as it certainly paid off in beauty!

  13. Linda

    Mary, enjoy all your posts! Looking forward to the kid pics. The rugs are all beautiful. Thanks everyone for sharing. Mary when you cut strips from t-shirts, how do you do it? I have lots of child size tshirs, and was wondering if there is anyway to cut them to get the longest strips?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – for child size shirts, I’d say around the body of the shirt will probably give you the longest strip. Any strip shorter than about 12″ is not worth it.

  14. Felicia Hamlin

    Quite a storm, wasn’t it? The picture of your barn looks so pretty and those rugs are really nice.

    I am glad that you weren’t all by yourself during the storm and that your hubby could move the snow.

    Don’t work so hard, Felicia

  15. Diane

    Wow! Lots of cold and snow. Yes, please send pics of the doodles and kids. I’m in FL. Temp 77. Love the rugs. I’ll get back to mine soon. Missing Squeak! Note to Linda Scott, the nook and DVD from Mary will help you. I read the book and watched the DVD and mine is looking great.

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