Dirty Dozen – 4-1-22

The dirty dozen number for April is 7 –



Today is SALE DAY and when I get to Connie’s I will take lots of pictures . But first let me tell you about our weather. On Wednesday night we got a dusting of snow making roads slick early on. It was very cold as we worked all day setting up.

And our temp this morning 20 degrees!!!!!

I’ll be dressing warm including boots – maybe if there are enough bodies it won’t be so cold in the garage.

Wish us luck! Pictures coming.

28 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen – 4-1-22

  1. Joy in NW iowa

    It’s frosty here also this morning! Brrrr! Get out your insulated coveral! Have a super sale. Wish I lived closer!

  2. Diane in Maryland

    Good luck to you and Connie! That’s very cold! Hopefully hot coffee, hot tea and/or hot chocolate will warm your body and the many friends warm your heart! Hugs! We really wish we were there and can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. Sandra Goddard

    Best wishes on a successful sale.. Would love to come but I think Western New York might be a long drive.

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

      HI Sandra, Where are you from in Western NY? I grew up in Cuba:)
      Too long a driver from Central Ohio, too. Wish I could be there.

  4. Angie from Baltimore

    We that are far away are so envious of the lucky ones that can go. Hope the crowd is big with deep pockets.
    Good luck

  5. Ginger

    Best wishes for a great sale. I sure wish I lived close enough to attend. it sounds like a wonderful event. Keep warm!!!

  6. Bonnie McKee

    Connie and Mary,
    I know you will have a successful sale! Wishing I could be there! ❤️
    Bonnie in Oregon

  7. Marilyn Miller

    I wish I was at the sale. I’m certain there are treasure’s galore! I live in west central Illinois, about a half mile from the great ol’ Mississippi, across from the southeastern most tip of Iowa, the city of Keokuk. Today, a group of us, all Friends of the Library in our small community of Hamilton, Illinois, are meeting for lunch and then going to see ‘Church Basement Ladies.’ A 20th anniversary tour for this play/group. It’s supposed to really fun and entertaining. Have successful sale days!

  8. Paula Nordt

    54 last night. Suppose to be 80 by afternoon. It has been an unusually dry March, so fire danger alerts are posted. Spring flowers are late, I guess because of the colder temps and no rain. I’ve learned not to wish for rain, because sometimes it seems like it’s either drought, “monsoon”, or slow moving hurricanes. 🤪

  9. Jan Hebert

    So fun! You’ll need to sit with your feet up tonight, with a cold beer to celebrate! Hope lots of people show up and you have a great time! Jan in MA

  10. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary and Connie, Good luck with the sale. Wish I could be there. It will be great to see the pictures.
    Snowing here this AM in Central Ohio. It was 78 on Wednesday and 61 yesterday so heading DOWN. Hoping for Spring:)

  11. Lorraine

    Good luck on your sale and stay warm. Wish I could be there. It was 26 degrees where I live and we had snow all day on Tuesday.

  12. Kris in WI

    Rx for a cold day: Hot coffee, tea, cider…Boots, hats, mittens…A cup of soup for your tummy…Lots of friendly greetings and laughter to warm your heart…Maybe some dancing in the driveway to keep the energy flowing (and keep the neighbors guessing)…And from afar, cheers and good wishes that all goes well.

  13. Rita in Iowa

    Cant be at the sale but will be spending the day with my quilting buddy next door.

  14. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Good luck Mary and Connie. It would be so fun to go and see all your treasures. Distance does not permit attendance. Looking forward to viewing your photos.

    Mid 60s here this morning with highs in the mid 80s this afternoon. Wish I could send this weather to you.

  15. Tina in Oregon

    How I envy all those who can attend your and Connie’s sale! The silly thing is that I won’t live long enough to use all the fabric, etc that I already have! And I can’t fit one more “thing” in our house. But it would be fun to go anyway! It’s 34 degrees here in eastern Oregon this morning. Glad I didn’t move the potted plants out of the garage yet. It’s been tempting though! Hoping your sale does well and will look forward to seeing the pictures.

  16. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thanks for the number.
    March left here like a lion; we had rain and sleet yesterday. We have sunshine today and 40’s. I think warm days are a long ways off.
    Good luck at the sale.

  17. Kathy Hanson

    It was fun to see all the people that were there for the sale – I got fabrics for my daughter that is doing “Dear Jane quilt” Lots of nice fabrics that will be perfect for that. How heartwarming to see all the folks were there when it opened – I am sure that many more will come. Everything so well put together and labeled, I hope that everything goes. Mary, your popcorn was such a hit, Jerry and I enjoyed ours a lot. What a nice addition! Chilly weather but fun folks and great items for sale!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle- we wore warm clothes but after so many hours standing on cold concrete in a garage, we were chilled to the bone! So glad to go in the house!

  18. Sandy

    Hi Mary, wish l could be at your sale,still working on downsizing and hoping to sell my house soon,unsettled times, but positive for progress. We had a young couple take away a trailer load today, their dog lifted his leg on my sheet on the clothes line! Fortunately l am a dog lover!Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – oh my! I would have forgiven the dog, too! I’d just wash the sheet again – haha!

  19. Mary M Rhodes

    Good luck on sale. If have heaters of any kind might help. Here is cold too suppose rain! Estates sale n sale here in Southern Ohio. Take care

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