Dirty Dozen Day, 5-1-24

The number is twelve – 12.

The color suggestion is red, white, and blue.

With the patriotic holidays coming up, I’m posting an easy red, white, and blue quilt to hang through Fourth of July. It’s a folk art flag hanging vertically so the blue field in the upper left corner. This is important! This flag has been made to hang on my outside hanger. If you want to hang it horizontally, please make the necessary changes.

Not quilted yet –

My hanger measures 27” across so this fits perfectly and is big enough to be seen from the road going by my house.

More pets on quilts:

Yard “pets”

A reader requested the angel food cake recipe.

Tiny dog in lower right
Dog on left matches horse on right

Connie Lutz recently sent me the two dogs for my menagerie. The white dog trimmed in gold matches the horse I have obviously from the same company. I love these two new additions to my collection! Thank you for thinking of me, Connie!

30 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen Day, 5-1-24

  1. Paula

    Mary, thanks so much for the angel food recipe! You sent it to me years ago and I have baked it many times! It is SOOO good and people love it! I serve with homemade lemon curd (made with the yolks from the eggs that I got the whites from) and real whipped cream. It is awesome. The cake is so much better than a box mix or a ready made from the grocery store. And I bought a square angel food pan like yours on eBay. So fun! One question though. On the picture of your recipe, what is written in on the right side? Can’t quite make it out!

    Thanks Mary for your wonderful blog and making a difference for all of us readers!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula – Emma added burnt sugar flavoring – that’s what it says but I never did add that. You could try it sometime – but really, could it be any better? Why mess with a good thing? Ha!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    The pet parade is such fun. Inside and outside pets.
    Thanks for the cake recipe, I’ll have to try it. And the flag pattern.
    It’s windy again today. I hope our friends in tornado alley are ok.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary, another fabulous show of pets, can’t choose a favorite! Jo Kramer had a good post about all the rescue dogs lately, there were some precious pups ! Bella had a hair cut yesterday, l think l am improving, no bald spots! Today bath and trim toe nails for her!Went and saw Mad about the boy yesterday, the Noel coward story, he certainly was talented! Rain today, we need it. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Cindy Sabinske

      First time I’ve seen the Angel Food Recipe! I will try this!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Cindy – this is my neighbor Emma’s recipe and she made it for me every year for my birthday. It melts in your mouth! Kind of a pain to make but worth it.

  4. patti

    hi. thanks for the pet/quilt photos. also the angel fluff cake.
    i like the flag pattern. thanks. will need to look for a blue with white stars.
    today is the day they took away the liquid oxygen tanks. no longer issuing for patients. i have been on liquid oxygen for 21 years. now i am on an oxygen concentrator that makes oxygen from the local air. we will see how well i do. the doctors never wanted me on this but i can no longer get it in florida. this has been my major concern over the last month. we will see how well i do. i have a major lung scan coming in june, any and all prayers are appreciated, even good thoughts are welcomed, thanks. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – oh no! I have no idea what an oxygen concentrator is but I’m wishing you all the best! And any blue will do for the flag

      1. patti

        thanks mary. a large oxygen concentrator makes oxygen from the air around us, then i get it through a nasal cannula. truly hard to subscribe. once dh got home from work i had him take the unit upstairs. the noise is so bad that i couldn’t concentrate. now i can’t hear it. yeah! God has gotten me this far and i obviously still have things to accomplish. thanks again. patti in florida

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Patti – your great attitude will take you far – I admire that!

    2. Vicki Ibarra

      Patti, I have been using an oxygen concentrator since 2000. I have a large room concentrator for sleep at night and for exercise. When I travel on a plane, I get a smaller portable oxygen concentrator that fits under the seat in front of me. When my lung problem flares, I am on oxygen 24/7. Otherwise, just for sleep and heavy exercise. I do without for all my house and yard work and feel fortunate I can do so. 24 years ago, we didn’t know where my lung problem was heading. It is scary, but I find my blessings in the simple things of life, including quilting. Blessings to you and I am thinking of you as you face the lung scan. Let the group know what you learn.

      1. patti

        thanks for sharing your story, vicki. i’ve been on oxygen 24/7 since may 3, 2003. i had been back from paducah for a little over a week. i am down to 30% use of my lungs. i have recently gotten a portable concentrator – it lasts me 2.5 hours. am learning how to use it. unfortunately the copd has gone on long enough that the heart is really suffering. they can do more medically to help the heart than the lungs. i do feel so much better when i am quilting. it don’t aways get to do the quilting part now, but i can provide tops/backs/binding to my charity group and they will finish. i can make bloks forever. thanks again. patti in florida

      2. patti

        vicki, i totally forgot to say i hope your lungs continue to improve and you don’t become dependent on the oxygen. thanks again. patti in florida

  5. Wendy Wylie

    I would love to know what Jordy and Payton from oak creek MI used for their tread holder in the background of her picture.

  6. Kris in WI

    Once again pictures of total cuteness! However, the HST inspector doesn’t look too pleased. On the other hand, who could resist Eddy’s brown eyes and Zoey is so patient. Those deer remind me of the day my MIL had two does and a fawn spend some time in her back yard. She lived about four blocks from the edge of town and fed the birds…and the deer! Keep a weather eye out and stay safe everyone. Kris

    1. Kris in WI

      I forgot to say Happy May Day! Did anyone else make paper cones to stick a bouquet of dandelions and a few candies into for the neighbors? A sad day here. My” dande’s” got mowed today. Husband felt the pressure from the Neighbor with the Golf Course Perfect, Mowed Diagonally Every Other Day, Weeded and Feeded, and Pest Controlled Lawn. Sigh. It’s a good thing the wind blew dandelion umbrellas in all directions yesterday! We should have a good crop next year. Sorry, I know serious gardeners don’t appreciate dandelions, but after a dreary, gray winter their sunny faces make me smile when I look outside in early spring. Kris

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Kris – the dandelions don’t last long really – I don’t mind them at all. I took the pretend grandchildren red cups of candy and popcorn instead of cones which always tip over! May Day is an old tradition, isn’t it? Todays young people haven’t even heard of it.

  7. Sharon F

    I’m sending prayers and good thoughts to Patti, hoping that she will adjust well to the change in her oxygen system. My father had COPD, and I understand how difficult it is and how much it impacts your daily life. Hoping for the best for Patti.

  8. Doris Gann

    Thank you for the angel fluff cake recipe and the flag pattern! You do sew much to help us! Thank you for your kindness! Love your blog!
    Doris in Alabama

  9. Kim from Wi

    I can’t wait to try this recipe for angel food cake, and I like the idea of lemon curd to add is anyone should want. Patti, I hope the lung scan goes well and that the new oxygen system is working. It’s always unsettling to change meds or medical care. When its working, why change. Love all those adorable pets on today’s posting, thanks to all who sent in pictures. My kids did the May basket thing with 2 of our country neighbors, such a fun memory. We have lots of dandelions right now but our city has a No Mow May program, so we just let thing be for the Bees.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim from WI – the other night on the news, there was a report from a Major League Baseball game – a cluster of bees was on a fence by home base and they called an exterminator who fogged them and vacuumed them up! Does that mean he killed them or transported them? I kind of hated to hear that if he killed them.

      1. Cindy Sabinske

        No the bees were probably removed by collected by a bee keeper, no doubt he put them in hives so they are safe. There would be a big public outcry if not done correctly. 🐝🐝 My cousin in Wisconsin had this happen to their house and a bee keeper came and collected them. He is a very busy her-keeper

    2. patti

      thanks, kim. i don’t know why companies have to change things either, though i do believe alot of it comes down to the almighty dollar. lots of insurance companies won’t pay for liquid oxygen and it does cost the companies more, in drivers for weekly delivery and the drivers must be certified. just seems a shame to me. now if i need more of those large green tanks, i have to call them. otherwise no one will come weekly. i have had multiple scans. just hoping this one doesn’t show anything new. thanks for the kind thoughts. patti in florida

  10. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Jordy and Payton are just precious 😻😻🥰🥰🥰

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