Tuesday, 4-30-24

This was earlier this evening.

Thankfully there were no tornadoes dropping down out of the clouds.

A reader asked about the Viking quilt shown yesterday – is there a pattern?

More dogs, cats, and quilts :

Watch for a Dirty Dozen Special post tomorrow morning.

42 thoughts on “Tuesday, 4-30-24

  1. Martha W in WY

    Cats, dogs, and quilts oh my!!! They’re all so sensational.
    The piano quilt is very unique.

  2. patti

    more great pets and quilts and even an overnite with kids. the yellow kitty becoming one with the elna quilting queen reminds me of a couple of my past cats. the coloring of the cat posing next to the alphabet type folder is great. so unique. the pattern of the quilt on the floor that the kitty is rearranging is wonderful. would like to know the pattern name. btw, vicki i left you a note on yesterday’s letter. each picture is great and i can’t pick a favorite because they are all wonderful. scary sky – glad no bad storm came from it. hope you get more relief from you pain. patti in florida

    1. Sally

      Patti, that is Zoe posing next to the alphabet fabric. She is a tortoiseshell or tortie. Quite the personality, high energy and a talker. She loves to jump on the kitchen countertop to the top of cabinets and run along the living room pot shelves, her own personal catwalk. She is very entertaining. On a side note, your 64 patch quilt on 4/23 and four patch on 4/11 are beautiful! I love the darker color combinations. They colors look so great together. Sally

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sally – I’m wondering how you can remember the dates the quilts were shown! Did you write them down? I can’t even remember what I posted last night!

        1. Sally

          Mary, I can only imagine trying to remember dates when blogging every day!! Patti’s pictures were pretty recent, so I scrolled back to find them. But your search bar does come in handy at times!

      2. Hank's Mom-Michele

        Sally, Zoe is precious, but I was even more attracted to your pile of fabrics in front of Zoe. Some prints I recognized as Zen Chic which is my absolute favorite designer. Please tell me or show us what you are going to make with those beautiful fabrics.

        1. Sally

          Michelle, thank you,I love Zen Chic too! These fabrics were a combination of Kismet by Sharon Holland for AGF, Ballerina Fusion AGF, Bonnie Christine AGF, and Luna Laurel Collection AGF. Very similar to Zen Chic. I made this quilt for my nephew and will send a picture to Mary.

  3. Sue in PA

    So many adorable dogs and cats! The first pup looks so much like our Charlie who we had for seventeen years. We were a military family and he even travelled to Kuwait with us where we lived for two years right after the Kuwait-Iraq war. He was a good traveler.

  4. Kris in WI

    Kids, dogs, cats on quilts! What a fun picture of the kids. And even a cat on a cat quilt! Loved the stack of quilts/cat/quilts picture! Did I miss a pet in the sewing room picture? Love it all and thanks to everyone for the pix and to Mary for making it possible to see them. Kris

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – I couldn’t find a pet either but I loved the messy room!

  5. Barbara Yarnell

    What a great idea this was for pictures of pets on quilts! Each photo is so entertaining and shares a bit of personality. Love the cat who was “helping” to arrange the quilt pieces. The tuxedo cat looks so much like our Bubbers, a cat with personality plus. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary, I was happy to read no tornadoes. Our weather map on TV looked ominous for your area.
    Have you ever seen any sweeter faces than those cats, dogs, and kids on the quilts? Adorable! I love the cat “helpers” in, on, through the machines and blocks being laid out!
    Off to the retreat soon. I will send photos😀

  7. Linda in Michigan

    Those clouds look scary! Cats and dogs, dogs and cats-they all love quilts, don’t they? My Sassy sits on whatever I’m sewing, and tries to bite me if I move him. (He’s usually the winner in those battles.)
    It makes me happy to see another’s messy sewing area. Makes me think I’m not alone with my messiness.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – yes, I included that picture so we could all relate.

  8. RuthW in MD

    I loved the picture of the cat lying on the quilting magazine instructions! “You don’t need these, you can wing it, I’ll see the words don’t fly off the page.” I couldn’t see any animals or humans in the messy sewing room, either. But the light is on on the serger, so someone has been there!
    I love to look at the patterns in the fabric to see if I recognize any. The white dog is lying on top of a Bullseye quilt!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      RuthW – the white dog IS laying on a Bullseye quilt! She is a golden retriever named Akira owned by our friend Diane in Colorado. Akira died recently and is missed by her heartbroken mom.

    2. Diane in Colorado

      Hi Ruth–
      Yes, that white faced pup on the Bullseye is a Golden Retrieve, my beloved Akira. My favorite quilt and my favorite pup together in a favorite photo. I have a copy framed in my living room. I made the quilt several years ago when Mary did a quilt-along for us. It was so much fun and resulted in a much-loved and oft-used quilt!

  9. Marsha in MI

    The picture from MaryBeth in MO is about the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while!

  10. Carmen M.

    Wow, what an ominous sky, so glad no tornadoes touched down, so happy you are safe!
    Love all the pet pics today, especially the Tortie kitty with the alphabet picture. I have 2 torties one of them is a dilute, meaning she is grey instead of black and has peach color instead of orange. They were feral sisters and have come a long way, and still learning to trust!
    The quilts were a joy to see, love the kitty quilt with it’s own kitty! And the ginger kitty sleeping on the job, prescious! Thanks Mary for all these fun pictures!

    1. Sally

      Carmen, I love torties too! Their coloring is so pretty. I adopted Zoe from petsmart. She is very affectionate. Hopefully your kitties will continue to warm up to you.

  11. Cindy Sabinske

    Today’s picture show was fun to see! I wonder if the person who sent the first photo with the setter on the quilts could send a photo of her two quilts, and same with the very colorful piano quilt and what the names of the patterns are! I am going to take a photo of my sewing area as I stack things and keep sewing as well! It is a breezy and sunny morning here in SW Minnesota, and I hope to spend some productive sewing time in much sewing space today! Working on a quilt that I found fabric for on the Crossing Borders Quilt Shop Hop it is amazing how many people travel to do this from far away. I really enjoyed visiting every store, hopefully I shall visit them again soon. Glad the weather is calmer as those tornadoes in Nebraska and Iowa were shocking to see.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy – good luck with getting your questions answered since 90% of my readers must ignore the comments. I respond to so many comments with questions of my own and never get an answer. It’s very demoralizing and disappointing.

      1. Martha W in WY

        Mary, I usually go back and read the comments and questions. I also turn on “notifications” if I ask a question or expect a comment. For instance, in the comments here so many people commented on various things that I didn’t see in the photos. So now, I’ll go back and scrutinize the photos.

        1. Martha W in WY

          I meant not notifications but I see it is called “follow up comments. “

    2. Sheryl K Harrison

      My niece lives near Hardwick MN in SW MN. She started quilting a few years ago. Last year I wanted more Christmas Eve Lella Boutique yardage and all of the bigger on-line stores were out. My niece gave me a link to the Dutch Rose and they had it! The checkout was easy and I was able to pay and have them hold it for my niece to pick up so I didn’t pay shipping. She was planning a trip to southern Iowa. So I’ve been following the Dutch Rose and the Quilt Shop Hop. That sounds like fun!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sheryl – I’ll give it a try. I can’t believe that I won’t get any Caitlin Clark fabric!

      2. Cindy Sabinske

        Sheryl! Yes, we enjoyed the quilt shops! I liked Dutch Rose and bought a couple additional projects there…my dear husband accompanied me, and he found me two projects as well, he has a keen eye and was amazed at the stores. Little quilt shops love it when they get additional business from people looking hard for fabric, they appreciate the referrals! Out here in the hinterlands, all little shops owned mostly by women, a few shops where it’s spouses, but all mom and pop stores. They work so hard and are very dedicated! I plan to visit a few after I get my two new projects done. Nice drive.

  12. Fran

    Great bunch of photos! Wonderful. I see the different personalities in the eyes!

  13. NancyTD

    Great quilts and pets. What fun-a sleep over snuggled under quilts!
    The skies looked like your second picture here too. We had 3/4 of an inch of rain. Sunny today and more rain tomorrow’.
    Enjoy the day!

    1. Diane in Colorado

      I love your little quilt!! My quilt group made one like it for my daughter when she was born in 1998!! It hung in her room for many years! What a fun reminder for me!

      1. NancyTD

        Thanks, Diane. I guess I had that pattern al long time. I always bought patterns when I went on shop hops. Thank goodness rotary cutters took over templates.

  14. Teresa in Indiana

    Love love love all the pets and quilts. They made me smile. Thanks Mary.

  15. Mareen

    I was right in the middle of all of the storm going over to see a friends and got hit by the brunt of it all!! Rain, hail and could not see anything – lucky I stopped but was headed for the ditch!! All good tho! That’s how it is in Iowa.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mareen – oh my, I know the feeling! And if you were on 18 with all the construction west of here, it I had to be terrifying. It was scary just being at home much less driving in it.

  16. Diane in Colorado

    Oh, Nancy!! I love your little quilt!! My quilting group made one like that for my daughter when she was born back in 1998!! What a fun reminder for me!

    Mary, I am loving these pets on quilts photos–as well as the cats on sewing machines photos!! I chuckle every time I see one of the kitties! Gizmo was a menace whenever I was sewing! He would bat at the thread going across the top of my machine and pull it clear across the living room if I didn’t catch it in time! Cats are so funny! I love the etagere full of quilts with the cat on the bottom shelf–perfect!

  17. Charlotte in No. California

    What a scary sky!!! I love all the quilts, kids and pets pictures. 🧡

  18. Sunflower🌻 from michigan

    Great post today! Wow. I love the pets on quilts idea. I hope the piano quilt maker will share the pattern name. All quilts shown today are lovely and the cats are fun! We are having great gardening weather.
    I agree that the comments add to the blog! And i like it even better when people respond to questions!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – yes, I don’t want to be the only one talking – how boring and if that’s what this blog turns into, I don’t want to do it. I can talk to the readers who have become friends on email without doing all the posting.

  19. Jackie in NY

    Love all the cute pets on quilts ❤️. Keep showing us those messy sewing rooms, lol!!

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