Duesey Day In Garner

After a heavy rain Saturday morning which postponed the parade 30 minutes, it got underway at 10:30. It’s a fantastic parade if you’re a kid who loves candy! Many high school classes hold their reunions over the weekend and many ride in floats in the parade. It’s just a fun weekend in a small Midwest community!

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Here’s a few typical parade entries in a small town.


Cheryl, Reed’s Grandma, would not turn around so I could take her picture!

2019 marks 40 years as a dentist in Garner for Roy, Connie’s husband, and his staff went all out for the parade! Here’s Connie and Roy in their orange VW bug.

And here’s Roy 40 years ago – this was a very clever show of “support” from his staff! They even gave me one! Ha!

A new family practice clinic is opening Monday and the open house tour took place after the parade. Dr. Renee Diamond is heading up this clinic. Here she is walking with her son Dawson – Dawson and Ella are the kids who helped plant the garden.

By the end of the parade it was hot and steamy.

Our cousins from Illinois met us for the parade in their way to Yellowstone. Bruce and Cassie were traveling with 2 granddaughters and their little dog, Chauncey. Chauncey is a little dog who goes everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE with Cassie! He is happy in his little carrier bag and never makes a peep.

About 10 years ago someone called me about seeing a little black dog on the gravel road just across from us by the highway. I immediately went there with a carrier and found this little dog – I followed him into Emma’s yard and enticed him with food into the carrier and took him home. In the garage I discovered him to be one big matted mess and had no idea if he would bite me if I cut them out. He was just scared to death and I cleaned him up as best I could, fed him and took him to the vet. I called Cassie who had just lost her little Yorkie and made arrangements to meet her half way to give her the little dog. Fast forward about 10 years and here’s Chauncey today.

My most successful rescue!

And there’s just another glimpse of life in the Midwest.

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  1. gayle

    Mary— the Chauncey story brought a tear or two… Mary you are a dear heart and must live the BEST Karma life ever! and from reading your posts most everyday, I think you do! Happy Summering, g

  2. Diane from TN

    Don’t you just love small town parades. Such civic pride. Chauncey was so lucky to find you and then such a loving home. I certainly wish there were more people like you in the world. What a better place it would be.

  3. Pat Smith

    I loved the parade pictures. We never miss the Sat. parade in Forest City while at GNR. We’re missing both the parade and GNR this year due to an impending move. It makes me sad, but seeing your parade pictures are a pretty good replacement. Chauncey has lived a great life due to your commitment to abandoned or lost animals. One year when I was teaching, I dropped my husband off at the airport and started to head to a teacher workshop when I heard the worst screaming. It was a kitten lost at the airport , so I scooped him up and put him in my car for the day during my workshop knowing I was flying to Denver that evening to join my husband. I bought a cat carrier and flew with this kitten to Denver not knowing what I was going to do when I arrived to stay the weekend with friends. As luck would have it, my hosts had teenage daughters and the kitten issue was solved! But, thereafter, I had the reputation of showing up at people’s houses with homeless animals. Sometimes these things work out, sometimes not, but you do what you can.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I KNEW there was a reason I liked you! Thank God you didn’t walk away from that poor kitten! My letter to you was to be in the mail yesterday but I see it’s still here on the counter. I’m so sorry you aren’t coming to the GNR – I was thinking of you just a couple weeks ago and was looking forward to meeting Sonny!

    2. Lois Ann Johnson

      This sounds like my cousin, Patty. I think I had heard that story about the cat on the plane. Would your mom have known about it? I remember her telling us about that adventure. Have Terry show you the photos of my newest adoption, Bailey. I put photos on Facebook.

      1. Pat Smith

        Yes, Lois Ann, it’s Patty, and I’m sure my mother probably told that story. Terry’s already showed me a picture of your new Bailey. Bless you for giving these animals a home and a chance.

  4. Janet Baer

    Mary, I love things like this little parade! I love living in a small town. I lived for over 30 years in a town that had around 300,000 residents. I just love my little town in WV!!
    And I love reading your blog.

  5. Marian Stever

    I feel like I was at the parade but I didn’t get any candy!! Great day in small town America. Chauncey is one lucky pup. I hope he lives a long time. Good ol’ Hot summertime today…what we wished for last winter. Have a wonderful week to Mary and her blog friends.

  6. Donna Jean

    What does Duesey Day stand for? Like “that one’s a Duesey”? Cool parade and community!!!
    Bless you for saving Chauncey! You gave him a second chaunce! LOL
    I loved small town Iowa when we lived in rural Waverly.
    Some of my pics didn’t come thru either. But the one of Chauncey in the carrier did. He’s so adorably cute!!!! I would’ve named him Toto or Freddie Mercury. But Chauncey is very fitting for that little Prince of a Pup!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Jean – and actually we call him Toto! When the Duesenburg Rotherham we’re young boys, they had a bicycle shop on Main Street Garner. Later they designed the Duesenburg car – I swear it’s the only noted thing Garner could claim! I think it is so lame but the celebration is good!

      1. Janice B.

        Mary– my son Jack thinks it should be called Henschen Days because of all the good Mr. Henschen has done with the money he left for scholarships . I think that would be a great idea!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Janice B – I would second that motion! Mr. Henschen is Garner’s hero – what did the Duesenburg brothers do for the youth going to GHV? Nothing that I know of. Way to go, Jack!

      2. Christina

        Auburn Indiana has a Duesenburg museum. I was at a wedding there once and it was cool seeing all the cars restored to their glory days !

      3. CountryThreads Post author

        Donna Jean – auto correct! Should read Duesenburg BROTHERS were young boys

  7. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Your parade pictures remind me of Scandinavian Days parade in Story City, Ia. They had firetrucks and tractors and the same sort of wonderful small town things that these parades should have. I really miss the small town warmth of the people. You are so lucky to be getting a clinic. This is something small towns need so much. Love Chauncey, your friend is so lucky to have such a sweet dog friend.

  8. Brenda archambault

    The parade reminds me of the small town parades of my childhood. They had a150th year (I think) celebration 3 years ago and my then “class of ’56” participated in the parade. Each current class had their own float and of course the marching bands, farm equipment, fire trucks, horses and so forth which are all the meat of the small towns. Quite a remembrance. Thanks for sharing another slice of rural USA.

  9. Nikki M in Tx

    Love small towns !!! The parades always reflect the community . Graham has a parade on prom night around the town square so all can see the attendees in their “fancy” dress…great for the kids & kids at heart.. plus the weekly paper does a special edition with parade photos & a photo of each graduating senior with a short bio. KUDO’s for ALL the rescues you do & if truth be told I bet is more than the four legged variety.

  10. Dee Winter

    I too didn’t get some of the pictures. Reed’s grandma, Chauncey’s beauty shot. One right after the shriner with the big wheel. We just had Shell Rock’s 4th of July parade. Always a fun time. I try to get out there even though I usually don’t have anyone along. This time it was daughter and great grandkids. And the 2 year old made w friend who shared candy if Virginia missed getting some. It was so cute. They hugged when the parade was over. Good memories.

  11. Launa

    Great parade! Enjoyed the pictures, Mary. I hope the horrible electrical storms and horrendous downpours calm down before Cassie arrives at Yellowstone! We awakened twice to the worst electrical storms, hail and rain that reduced a special mineral block by half! Can’t remember a storm so bad since moving up here! 20% chance again this late !afternoon.
    My grad class of over 600 is having a reunion in Aug. I believe the theme is,,,WE ARE All 80 THIS YEAR! 😃

  12. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thanks for sharing the hometown parade pictures. It brought back memories of when our 2 boys were growing up in Vermont. Those days were the best days of my life.
    We are hot and humid today at 91 degrees here in the Shenandoah Valley VA.
    Carolyn B

  13. Patti in W Barnstable

    Hi Mary, I think if you swapped out the riders on horseback for children on decorated bicycles, we had the same parade on 4th of July in West Barnstable! I enjoyed all your pictures and especially Connie in the orange bug! Great to meet Chauncey and Cassie.

  14. Beryl Hoff Montans

    Small town parades are the best!! Thanks for sharing Garner’s parade! County Fairs are the same. Growing up around Minneapolis we didn’t have the parades…Excelsior and Hopkins probably did but we didn’t get to them. I am moving to Owatonna, MN in a month, just in time for the only Free County fair in Minnesota! It is always a fun time.
    We have had storms here…many beautiful could formations and lots of lightening, and heavy rain and wind. I think our winds were higher than Barry’s yesterday!! Many trees uprooted all over the area. BUT it is so green it is unbelievable. Some ranchers are starting their haying. Last week we had close to freezing a couple of nights and now it is 80!! That is Montana!
    Three pictures didn’t download on my computer also.

  15. Margie

    I was at a parade about 2 weeks ago in Indiana. My grandson and son in law marched with the Boy Scouts. Was nice seeing all the smiling faces. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Jan B. from TN

    Love Connie & Roy’s VW Bug! You know, they stopped making them I think this past week. No more VW Bugs (but that happened once before many years ago I think).
    The small town I grew up in had only a Memorial Day parade. The school bands, the police cars & fire trucks, the American Legion, etc thru the “downtown” section of town (about 2 whole blocks-lol!). Then the parade would go to the park (Memorial Park-the only park in the town when I was growing up) where after a memorial service & a gun salute, everyone got free hotdogs, potato chips & a drink! Good times! Your annual parade looks fun!

  17. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, we had our Giant Days parade yesterday, it begins real close to us, but we decided not to go this year. The little dog Chauncey is so cute with the button nose and button eyes. He is so lucky to have been rescued by you and given to the right person. I am glad that you shared his pictures and the parade pictures. Have a nice week.

  18. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Great pictures of the parade and the little dog!!! At our parade in Slayton, they always start with the fire trucks so if there is a fire, they can go to the fire. They have one “vintage fire truck” also. It is all impressive; little kids just love it. Murray County Fair (in Slayton) is also a free fair. We call it the Murray County State Fair!! This year we are having “Old Coots Tent.” The older generation can sit in there and give advice to younger people; the only thing that is guaranteed is that the advice is free.

  19. MartyCae

    Love, love all the parade pictures. And the picture of Connie and Roy. Also the rescue stories. Makes my heart happy.
    My dad always said I was going to meet my Waterloo (get run over) rescuing an animal. Well I am happy to report that I am 60 strong and still at it! I cannot stand an abandoned/suffering animal. If left to my own devices I would have 50 cats!

  20. Jane Clinton

    I am sure my son-in-law Luke Crotty was there at the parade somewhere with my grandson Izaiah! I love Garner it’s just you sweet little ole mid western town where you can see soy, corn and windmills for miles!

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