Enthusiasm! 3-27-23

I am so pumped about the Iowa women I dreamed about basketball last night. The game was so fun to watch and Caitlin is such a phenomenal player even the analysts are out of superlatives.

Even if you’ve never followed women’s basketball you’ll find the Iowa Hawks very fun to watch – just almost unbelievable and records are being broken in every single game. Do you know what a Logo 3 is? Caitlin shoots from the logo in the middle of the floor and usual makes it.

Would it be too much to consider that they could win it all? I hardly dare think about it so I’ll just look forward to the game on Friday night. Sorry to go on and on about this game but I’ve always said this is a blog about nothing except what’s on my mind which is never earth shattering, controversial or serious! Just everyday life as we all live it and I’m guessing we all can identify with ordinary days.


43 thoughts on “Enthusiasm! 3-27-23

  1. Diane in Colorado

    How fun that your “hometown team” is going to the Final Four!!! Of course you’re excited!!!

    We had 50’s yesterday and the snow was finally all gone. I woke up to almost 9” of fresh snow (biggest storm of the season) and it’s still coming down heavily. Tomorrow’s forecast? 50’s again. We will necessarily be shoveling today as that is what’s required. Shoveling will be interspersed with reading West With Giraffes which I’m loving!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – let’s talk about West With Giraffes when you’re done

  2. Karen Cyr

    Go Hawks! Its great to see the women shining and being celebrated. I watched as all the Iowa men’s teams fell in the tournaments. I resorted to cheering for Creighton as a close to Iowa team. But Caitlan and the Lady Hawks have come through every time. A record setting triple double. I’ll be keeping a close watch from Maryland this weekend and cheering as loud as I can.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen – we, too, then cheered for Creighton until they got beat, too.

  3. Ellen Franzen

    I am right there with you. GO HAWKS!
    Fun to watch a team that plays so well together.

  4. Pamela Dempsey

    I hope they win and keep going! Loved all the sweet kitty pictures in your last post. Do you have 5or6? 😻
    The spca has adult cats but also a mama FIV positive with 5nursing babies. From what I read, the FIV is like our HIV and not as bad as FELV. I will keep them inside 100% and will be getting 2! So excited 😆! I realize they will catch things easier and can’t have other cats around. I hope the others will also get homes. Will send pictures when we get them home but it may still be a few weeks. Thanks so much for your kindness and prayers 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – oh, I’m so glad for you! Have you thought about names yet? Can’t wait to see a picture of your new babies!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Thank you Pamela for adopting these kittens and keeping them safe inside. Yes we are excited to see pictures and very happy for you to have some antics to amuse us with!

  5. Laura Eldridge-Bender

    Was a very fun game to watch! Congrats to a great bunch of young women. Hope they go all the way.
    Will be rooting for them.

  6. MN Jo

    We are so pumped as well. We started watching them in January. The whole team is incredible. Can’t wait until Friday!

  7. Karen Gaither

    So exciting for all the Iowa Fans. I wish you could go to the Final Four game. I was so glad I was able to attend when my Red Raiders play in Minneapolis!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen – well, that would be fabulous, wouldn’t it? I’ll come and stay with you! Haha!

  8. Marilyn Cook

    The women’s basketball has been very exciting this year. And look at where our Buckeyes have gone at the end of the season! Go Buckeyes! 😁🏀

  9. Janet S

    This is what life is all about. A bunch of little things that bring you joy all add up to a happy, satisfying life. What more do we need?

  10. Barbk

    I loved watching the game also. I got to see Caitlin play in person last year when they met the UNI Panther women’s team in Cedar Falls. Regardless of our allegiance throughout the year, we are all Iowa fans this week!

  11. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – my Gonzaga team lost the other night so I’m out of teams to root for in the men’s tournament. I don’t really follow Womens basketball, but that’s very exciting for all of you Iowa fans!!!

  12. Patty Rhoades

    Love to watch those Iowa Girls play ball. C Clark is such a good player. I love to watch basketball. Both men and women.

  13. Julie B from CF

    Go Hawks…they are so fun to watch. Will be Arizona visiting my sister for Friday’s game..so we will have a Hawkeye party!

  14. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

    My sweet Momma, who passed away 2 years ago in May, had an equal love for the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team! She was not a sports person AT ALL, in fact, she thought it was all nonsense EXCEPT for those UK Cats!! 🤣🤣🤣 Made zero sense!!

  15. Marcia Livingston

    Happy for Iowa. My Buckeyes play tonight and beat UConn. It makes it fun to see newbies in the winner’s circle both men & women.

  16. Donna Sproston

    Caitlyn Clark is the best woman basketball player of all time. She set a record last night, the first triple double in tournament history. Sue Bird showed up at their shoot around yesterday and Caitlyn stood in the background smiling shyly at her. I hope she stays at Iowa for two more years and continues to show what women are capable of. I am the proud mom of two Division 3 athletes and one is a world class ultra runner at age 48. When I was in high school, we could only play 3 on.3 basketball…with two dribbles.

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      I remember well the 3 on 3 basketball with 2 dribbles. I played guard. I was fortunate to be at a small Iowa school as some of the big Iowa schools did not really have girls’ sports. But basketball has certainly changed since I was in school. I am glad.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – I also played 6 girl basketball – 2 dribbles!! As you can probably tell, I loved the game!

  17. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary, I could hear you cheering in Ohio—lol. CC was awesome! She is an excellent player. Like a couple others, I will be cheering for Ohio State tonight. It would be interesting if Iowa and OSU ended up playing in the final. Title IX certainly was a good thing. Our daughter was actually able to play real bball. Funny though, my mom and aunt played other high schools in the 30’s.
    It was 55* here today😺

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – we will be watching to see who Iowa will be playing. Our high today was 39! Brrrr..

      1. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

        Thanks, Mary😺 The Iowa vs SC match up is going to be a great game. OSU is doing pretty well. Hope they can win. You are colder than we are, but cold weather is coming this way. Of course, fuzzy Buddy is on the porch. Mr. furball😹

          1. Joy in NW iowa

            Wow! I thought 10 degrees was bad! (3-28). It looks like we could get snow on Friday…54 next Sunday and then down in the 30s.
            We aren’t sports people so I really know nothing about what is going on with that.
            We had grandparents day in Sioux Falls Christian yesterday and then took him out to lunch. Nice time!
            Have a good night!

  18. Vicki Ibarra

    It will be a tough game against South Carolina, but Iowa has a well balanced team so I am hopeful.

  19. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, I will root for Iowa since Miami and Ohio State are out of the tourney. I won’t know what to do after basketball is over! Guess I will get more sewing done. Working on charity projects right now.

  20. Linda in Estherville

    Mary, the game was so awesome, I think we will be following the Iowa Hawks Women next year on TV. If for no other reason that Caitlyn’s appeals to the crowd! Amazing young lady.

  21. Pat Baker

    I totally agree with you , Mary, about the Iowa Hawkeye women’s team! It also helps being from & living in Iowa. They’ve put us on the map in such a positive way. They are such fun to watch. They play as such an awesome team & support & care for each other. And they’re having such fun! Go Hawks!

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