Iowa Women led by Caitlin Clark are headed to the Final Four! If you love college basketball then you know how excited I am – it’s been a great month of basketball games and I always wonder what I’ll watch when it’s all over. I decided to bind a quilt during the game so I wouldn’t be so anxious about the score – tv is just in front of me and half the cats I own had to take their turn laying on the quilt – here are two of them, Deano and Heidi.

I’ll take a picture of the quilt tomorrow but since the pattern is not available and Martingale is ending all their e editions the end of March maybe you can just use it as a guide for color or even pattern. It wouldn’t be too difficult to piece on your own,

The little kids from church brought me a thank you today for the snacks I delivered to them last month. I got a kick out of their note.

Can you tell I brought them Doritos, goldfish and gummy bears? Haha!

Such a sweet picture from a reader!

Could they crowd me any more? This is JB and Three.


Guess who wants my sandwich!

So glad you liked the tutorial about putting your name on your photo!

This is how Finn and Keeper like to play.

And if you’re a cat owner then this will look familiar – right on my book!!!

And then there’s Deano on the island……..I’ll say no more.

Congratulations to the Iowa Women’s Basketball team – it’s been so much fun watching you all season! I’ll be cheering on Friday night.

29 thoughts on “TO THE FINAL FOUR!! 3-26-23

  1. Jeanne in Colorado

    Wasn’t that an exciting game of basketball tonight as Iowa girls won their game and made it to the Final Four. Even though I now live in Co., I rooted for Iowa during the earlier game against the Co. girls. Lisa grew up in Marion, Iowa, just a few blocks from our home. In fact she played basketball for. Linn Mar, the same school that our children attended. Our daughter was just finishing her basketball career there, as Lisa was beginning her high school basketball career as a player there. She was best friends with the girl who lived across the street from us. What a wonderful 24 years of coaching Iowa it has been. Go hawks! We’ll be cheering for “our” team on Friday night and praying for a win then and later in the finals. PS. Her Dad also worked for the same Ins. Company that I did; another connection to her in her earlier years. It’s great to see a hometown gal, make such a great success in her career. Jeanne in Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – loved hearing Bluder’s background story. The scene last night of her hugging Caitlin was a touching glimpse of their relationship, wasn’t it? I dreamed of basketball last night – I’m still thinking a out it this morning!

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, glad you are enjoying your basketball games! Love the cat in the pottery bowl , all the other pets too! Hope you got some good advise on the book from the cats,another great quilt show today! Terrible to see the damage after three tornadoes in the South, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  3. Jean Elliott

    That was a great game!, I didn’t work on anything as it seems if I look away from the TV I miss something. Can’t wait for the next round!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – and I have to have something else to do so I’m not so nervous. Sometimes I have to close my eyes!!

  4. Sharon Eshlaman

    It’s 5AM, coffee in hand, sitting in my easy chair reading your blog post…. Once again, your “blog about nothing” made my day! Thank you, thank you!

  5. Susan Sundermeyer

    Congratulations to your Iowa ladies for their win, Mary! Here in Ohio we are thrilled that the Ohio State ladies beat UConn. Good luck to both teams!

    1. Brenda A in Ct.

      Enjoy the victory. I cheered for Uconn although I had a sinking feeling right at the end of the first quarter. We’ll, there’s always the Uconn boys!

  6. Gloria from CC

    I haven’t watched basketball since I was a high school cheerleader but I have been watching the Iowa girls. Caitlin Clark is phenomenal! The whole team is a joy to watch.
    Love the quilt show and pictures of your menagerie! I don’t know how you get anything done. Ha!
    Have a great week everyone. Go Hawks!

  7. Jane from St Marys IA

    Those Iowa gals sure make watching basketball fun! We don’t normally follow the girls teams that much but after the disappointment of the men’s teams….this is so fun to watch! They are making Iowa proud of them!
    And don’t you just love the notes little kids provide us?! I treasure each & every one that my grands send me! Those can turn a bad day into a great day! I have a few on my fridge that I recently got & I marvel at how they have progressed as they have gotten older. Kids are a blessing to enjoy!

  8. Debbie R.

    Congratulations to the Iowa Hawkeye women on their win last night. What an awesome game!! I’m excited to watch their game on Friday and hope they keep their momentum going.

    Great quilt show and cat show too. Enjoyed both!!

  9. Marie C

    Great post. The game was fun to watch. You’re eating my favorite sandwich . The bread is so good. I buy a loaf to have at home. I remember all about those cat accidents. They seem to happen wherever it is hardest to clean up

  10. Martha

    Caitlin Clark is SO fun to watch!!!
    And, she made history with a 40 point triple double. Her energy and intensity are a sight to behold.
    My family here in Maine is rooting for the Iowa women, given that UConn is out.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – thank you for rooting for Iowa – let’s hope we can still be watching them next Sunday!

  11. Sue in Marion, IN

    Cat gack …it’s everywhere! Before my DH and I got married, he was at my house sitting on the couch in front of an open window with a cat laying in it. Bill, not being a cat person at the time, was horrified when said cat hacked up a huge hairball in the windowsill behind him. He’s a dedicated cat person now! Cheerfully cleans up after them😁

  12. Linda in Michigan

    I thought I was the only one with a cat that pukes! We’re not basketball watchers here, but congrats to the Iowa team-saw them on the morning news.

  13. Sue H

    I have tto say your enthusiasm is contagious! Maybe I’ll tune in Friday night as well to root on Iowa Girls! Love all the quilts and pet pics. Those quilts are stunning!

  14. Jeanine from Iowa

    We watched all the games the Iowa women have played in the tournament. Some of them were nail biters, but the one last night was the greatest! Caitlyn Clark is an amazing basketball player. She is so intense, and sees so much on the court as she plays. We in Iowa are so proud of her, and she is not a selfish player…..she assists so many of her players. That’s one thing we really like about her. Go Hawks!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – you’re right – she has such vision of the whole court!!

  15. Diane Deibler

    Bob and I are enjoying watching the Hawkeyes play. Very balanced team although you hear so much about Clark. They are a class act.

  16. Kathy in western NY

    Such nice quilts to see this morning. Thank you!
    Might have to watch Fri nite and cheer your team on. I loved basketball in my youth but got away from watching it.
    Have some twigs and branches to pick up today from the wind but nothing what the south is dealing with. I can’t fathom the work those poor folks go through rebuilding after hauling away all that debris.
    Nothing like cats and quilts and sewing around them. Cleaned up barf this morning so life goes on. I am wondering if Carol in Buffalo has found a new kitty to sew with yet.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I hope Carol is reading this – I think the last I heard was that her husband had relented somewhat so maybe getting a cat is just on hold right now.

  17. Beamer's Mom

    Mary, I think you made a mistake in your last post. When I read your words………..
    “half the cats I own” ………I thought, What?? No one ‘owns’ cats. They “own” you!! LOL.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beamer’s mom – well, you got that right! They do own me – haha!

  18. Denise

    That pleading look on Hazel made me laugh. She is fun to read about. I have a cat and they sure know just where to puke. lol Here it’s usually just on the edge of a rug. I sometimes manage to be fast enough to move her over and save the rug.
    Happy for your Iowa girls team. Our Ct gals didn’t make it. Tough year with so many injuries and still some good players recouping. Will see how next year goes.
    Our men’s team did make it to the Final Four. Will see how they make out.
    Love that quilt cats were sleeping on.

  19. Jeanne in Colorado

    To Deb in Mn., What is the name of that wonderful scrap quilt you made? It is such a bright quilt and would be a wonderful way to use up calico scraps from previous quilts. I’d also like the name of Teresa’s scrappy quilt that was shown in the woodsy setting. Gorgeous quilts. Jeanne

  20. Marian Stever

    Mary, I love all your pictures. So entertaining. I love all your cats and dogs. I always yearn for pictures when you don’t send any for a while. Now, the outside critters are next, eh?
    Those IOWA GIRLS are fantastic. I think they can win the whole tournament. Wouldn’t that be wonderful for the Iowa girls basketball programs. And, Caitlin Clark is going to be a supergirl in the WNBA.
    The sun is shining but it is still a little chilly and cold. Thanks for your blog as all your people wait for the next addition!!!!!

  21. Jan Smith

    Did you share your sandwich with Hazel? I always say if you get a dog, you’ll never finished another sandwich!
    Hasn’t basketball been so exciting? There are always upsets, and stunning finishes aren’t there?

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