Ernie Joe Maurer

Last Saturday Sam brought her friend, Kelly, out to the farm and as we were sitting at the table Ernie boldly jumped in Kelly’s lap. And Kelly is not a big cat lover — how do cats always know this?

8 thoughts on “Ernie Joe Maurer

  1. Debbie Rogowski

    They ALWAYS want attention, and they are just saying ‘hey! I’m loveable, give me a chance!’

  2. mary rhodes

    That mustbeen so funny!! Yes they do that why I don’t know. I’m cat and dog lover! I have cat!

  3. Winona in Missouri

    I think they sense that you aren’t a fan and want to change your mind. LOL I love Ernie. He is so handsome. I would love for him to jump on my lap, but I am a cat lover, also a dog lover. (grin)

  4. lynn

    usually people who don’t like cats avoid looking at them. eye contact can show aggression, so they go to the person NOT showing aggression.

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